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Chapter 256: Ask yourself to lock Lingfeng.
Chapter 256: Ask yourself to lock Lingfeng.
Big five elements gathering spirit array method.
Bao Puzi’s Five Elements Gathering Array has the same name, but its power is a world of difference compared with the Five Elements Arrays arranged by Yueer.
According to his description, Tang Qing soon understood the reason.
According to Bao Puzi’s original words: "If you want to find out this place, you will sit and watch it for more than ten years, but it will come to nothing. I regret it."
The old man observed for more than ten years, but the aura of this place is so thin that even the practice meditation of ordinary monks can’t be satisfied, which is naturally unbearable for him.
Therefore, Bao Puzi, with his profound attainments in re-array method, created this set of gathering spirit array method, and at the same time gave consideration to the effect of concealment and prevention, and arranged it at the gate of the abode of fairies and immortals.
Gathering spirits, which is easy to understand, is nothing more than keeping the aura in the abode of fairies and immortals from overflowing and maintaining a certain concentration to facilitate the cultivation of monks.
As for concealment, it is camouflage. This abode of fairies and immortals is built on a cliff. If a monk explores it, what he sees is a bare stone wall, and it is impossible to explore the existence of the abode of fairies and immortals.
After thousands of years, the lingshi used to maintain the array method has long been exhausted, but the whole structure of the array method is still intact, and the array plate and flag can still be used. The old man’s own estimate is: "it will not rot for ten thousand years."
On the contrary, the set of low-grade products of Yueer is not as good as the function, and the quality is even worse than that of Wan Li. Not to mention ten thousand years, it is estimated that a hundred years will turn to ashes.
"Is he really high-end? It is estimated that the girl is a small five elements, and the old man is called a big five elements." Tang Qing stared at the central array placed at the ceiling, and wowed and bobbed to give a conclusion.
The gate of the abode of fairies and immortals is not an ordinary thing, and I don’t know what material it is made of. It seems to blend in with the surrounding environment. If you don’t look carefully, you can hardly see the difference.
Although the five-element array has long ceased to operate, this abode of fairies and immortals has not been discovered so far, on the one hand, it is certainly because it is inaccessible here. In addition, this gate should also make great contributions.
There are many Lingshi Tangqing. If the Five Elements Array is not used against the enemy, the Lingshi consumed is almost negligible. Tang Qing’s fingers flicked, a few pieces of Lingshi were accurately scored into the array, and then several spiritual decisions were made according to the specified routine. The five elements of the large array crashed and the door of the abode of fairies and immortals suddenly opened.
The radiant rays of sunlight shot into the tunnel of the abode of fairies and immortals, followed by a fresh breeze, which made Tang Qing feel cool and refreshing all over, even refreshing in spirit.
The abode of fairies and immortals is located at the half waist of Suoling Peak, and the scenery of the whole island is unobstructed. The lake at the foot is full of light, and birds are heard in the ears; Looking up, I can see Wan Li, the sea and the sky are the same, and I can’t tell you the meaning of dust.
Even if it is vulgar, it can’t help but rise away from the hustle and bustle of the flashy world and step into some ethereal realm. Close your eyes slightly, Tang Qing casually sitting in the mouth of the cave, facing this quiet and peaceful piece, I feel a little smoked.
However, laity is laity, and it is impossible to pretend to be a bald donkey who sees through the world of mortals.
After half a ring, Tang Qing jumped up: "The place next to Spicy, this broken place, has demons."
Without saying anything, he turned around and entered like a bum.
In the face of the array, Tang Qing raised her hand and made several spiritual decisions. The five-line array was running again, and the door of the abode of fairies and immortals was closed. In a blink of an eye, it was pure and fresh and closed in another world.
No matter how you decorate the abode of fairies and immortals, it always seems a little deep. At this moment, Tang Qing, like just taking part in a marathon, is panting and sweating.
After a while, he calmed down and thought for half a ring. Muttered to himself: "It’s not a demon … it’s also a demon, but it’s good. It’s probably good for Qian Yu."
After inexplicably shaking his head and sighing, Tang Qing turned around and returned to a quiet room, that is, the room where Bao Puzi meditated daily, and began to think about his own plans.
The reason why there is such a sigh is that Tang Qing only felt a feeling after pondering for a moment at the mouth of the cave.
It seems that all my previous events are completely meaningless, and all people and things are as far away from me as passing clouds. Thought enters a state of mind without desire or desire. It seems that all pursuits are unimportant, and all efforts are importuned and completely unnecessary.
It’s a mysterious feeling, as if as long as you stay here quietly, you can not ask anything, and all people become indifferent and don’t care.
How can it be done? Absolutely not.
If you are a monk or Taoist, you may be happy to get the treasure, and you will sigh that the road is promising; Tang Ye can’t. For him, he should always be full of fighting spirit and nervous at all times.
It may not matter to relax once in a while, but if this place has the effect of killing morale, for him, there is no doubt that it is demons
On the contrary, for those who are desperately looking for a way out, this place is undoubtedly a treasure.
"Tang Ye is a layman. Don’t mess with me." This is some vulgar guy who can’t change and won’t change.
If one day in the future, Tang Qing feels bored or satisfied. It’s a good idea to take seven eight wives and a dozen or twenty children, lead dogs and hold cats, and come here to enjoy petty bourgeoisie life.
Not now.
If you stay here for a long time, Tang Ye will become an empty monk’s mentality. Wouldn’t it be terrible that Tang Jia has no descendants yet?
As a result, Tang Qing was sweating and dying …
This thought of Tang Qing is three days.
In these three days, he didn’t do anything, didn’t practice, didn’t consider Yihua country, didn’t consider Yanlong. Even, I didn’t even think about Xinger’s elder sister and Qian Yu, who were always worried about my heart. I really calmed down and seriously thought about my own cultivation path.
Tang Qing calculated everything about achievement method, cultivation, refining device, Dan medicine, array method, puppet, medicine, etc. one by one. Combined with my own needs and characteristics, I finally made my next detailed plan.
Until I woke up from meditation, I suddenly found myself spending three days and three nights, as free and easy as he was, and I couldn’t help being startled.
"It’s really … there is no time to fix the truth." Looking at the Yuhuan on the wrist, Tang Ye gently twisted his fingers and sighed.
Tang Qing is an activist. For him, it takes such a long time to think about things like this.
It’s a fantasy.
This is just a thought. How long will it take to really do it?
Thinking for a while, Tang Qing shook his head and waved his hand, throwing all kinds of other thoughts behind him.
"True his niang for people, tang ye how to become a sissy"
Despising himself, Tang Qing reopened the abode of fairies and immortals, facing the fascinating and memorable huge landscape. After several deep breaths in succession, I entered my mind with the tragic gesture of Xiao Dong detonating the explosive charge.
An exquisite figure appeared, and Xiao Qianyu appeared in the picture in a meditation posture, adding a touch of popularity to this natural painting.
Since Tang Ye came to this abode of fairies and immortals, Qian Yu girl has been awake. It’s just that the little girl stayed in the space, neither asking for it, nor making any communication with Tang Qing’s incoming spirit, so she didn’t cry or laugh, and frowned solemnly and meditated safely.
At the beginning, Tang Qing felt that it was also a good thing that the little girl was stimulated and stable for a few days, which must be good.
The key point is that if you get her out, Tang Qing consciously can’t find any good way to comfort her. It’s no problem for him to take the lead and kill the enemy, but it’s too scratching his head to let Tang Qinglai consider such a little child.
Tang Qing feels that she is a pure man. She can’t handle this and doesn’t bother to think about it. If it is a man, in the face of this kind of hatred between the country and the family, he has to make a sad and worried look. Tang Qing will definitely slap the pros and cons directly in the past, and then take a few words of crazy scolding next door as a matter of fact.
It is necessary to miss nature, respect, and that is also necessary, but what is most needed is that revenge is a mother’s.
Tang Ye always thinks so, and always does so.
Is worrying useful? It’s still painful. Don’t be ridiculous.
Tang Ye was ashamed to even think about such things as those who loved their relatives and hated their enemies. If anyone around you does this, maybe Tang Ye will wave and turn away without taking away a cloud.
But the problem is, it depends on who is right.
For Qian Yu, nature is no good, unless she suddenly turns into Yun Gu’s provocative, courageous and kind and warm personality. But if that’s the case, why do you need Tang Qing?
I really admire and respect Yungu and Tang Qing. If he were himself, in that situation, he could not do better by asking himself.
A typical heroine among women
What’s more, unscrupulous Tian Xun must have revealed his real intention to Qian Yu, of course, before my girl learned the bad news of her grandfather.
Originally, this is a good thing. Even though my little girl is shy, she is still very happy in her heart. But now, in this situation, the two things are connected together, and how you look at it, there are some diaphragmatic responses.
In fact, Tang Qing understands that Tian Xun can’t help it. The old man himself is dead, where can he manage so much? He himself is not a risk-averse with exquisite thoughts, let alone beat around the bush.