So; Although Sunday was closed there during that time, it was for Li Yuanba’s sake. Sunday is still out of the customs. After using law to protect the martial arts school, he also led Li Yuanba out of the door.

June 28, 2024

On Sunday, I naturally can’t get out of the following, but Li Yuanba’s words; As a member of the Li family, it is impossible for him to miss his father’s birthday at the moment. Two people are forced to come forward; So this just went out, as for Zhao Hu’s words; Sunday is not going to disturb them, and it is rare to enter the state; On Sunday, I want to see how long they can hold on, except to let them increase some strength to avoid the idea that there will be no self-protection ability when they meet with Lei Jianmen. Sunday also moved to test their mind.
To be honest; Attending the birthday of Li Yuan, the head of the Li family, is the first large-scale celebration that Sunday attended after the Zhou family suffered.
Although Leifengling is not a rich place; The site ruled by the Li family is not a large terran gathering place, but even so; The Li family’s birthday banquet is still grand, which makes Sunday, who has never seen relevant scenes, open his eyes.
In Heifengling; In addition to the forces of the fix true world, a family that rules a gathering place of people like the Li family; It is equivalent to a local tyrant. Even if it is now that the gathering place is broken and small, when the Li family really makes up their minds to do it wantonly; However, it is still very busy to give it to nòng.
Most of the people in the whole gathering place moved; Women are busy at the kitchen table, and men either eat and drink at the table or in front of coolies, anyway, depending on the scale; At present, the Li family took a village chief’s birthday banquet as the emperor’s birthday banquet, and Cao did it there.
I don’t like this kind of behavior of the Li family on Sunday, because Sunday clearly understands how poor this gathering place is now. And this time Tang gaozu’s birthday; On Sunday, I don’t think it’s all the Li family’s own money. Now Li Guzhu has a birthday but many people in the gathering place pay the bill. Although Sunday thinks he is not a good man, he is not ashamed of his current behavior.
But now that the Li family has done so, since Sunday is already promised to come to participate in this birthday party, it is not good to leave now if you don’t like each other’s safety.
It’s just that I don’t know when I’m upset with each other on Sunday; In fact, the Li family will make nòng gaozu’s birthday feast so big at the moment, but the reason is still on him.
Although the Li family did this kind of thing before, it was also a special case, but it was not enough to let the whole gathering place participate together. If you really want to do this; Once or twice, it’s ok. If you do more, then maybe those monsters outside will not attack this gathering place, and the materials in this gathering place will have to be ruined by the Li family.
That is, because of Sunday; The Li family wanted to participate in their Li family’s birthday feast on Sunday to express a close relationship between the Li family and Sunday. Of course; There is also the meaning of showing the Li family’s financial resources and influence in it, but no matter what the initial reason is, nothing is that the Li family would never dream of; They thought they made the right decision, but it attracted Sunday’s dissatisfaction with them.
"Zhou Xianshi is here" With the cries of a famous person outside, the originally bustling Li family immediately quieted down at that time.
Sunday has been very famous recently; XianShi although those families headed by the Li family seldom see, but it is not never seen, in fact, just the words of the Li family; There is no shortage of dealing with those so-called immortals, and even members of the Li family have actually had practice experience.
However, although those families have seen many monks, it is really rare to see monks of this level like Sunday. Originally, in those Li family members’ minds, the monks’ fighting power is a little stronger than those fighters they have raised. The reason why they call each other Xianshi is just that they value the strength of the sects of the Lord, or the magical spells of the other party.
But now there is a monk who can fight against a sect on Sunday, which means something different.
A mobile school of repairing truth; This is the impression left by Sunday to those families. For people like Sunday, those families have made up their minds to make friends with Sunday in addition to awe. With Sunday’s performance; If anyone gets his support, who will be in charge of this gathering place?

Chapter one hundred and forty-seven Response
The reason why Sunday was angry at Tang gaozu’s birthday banquet was that he was influenced by the royal elder sister and became a bit defensive, and he couldn’t hear others say that his own people were not good. After {devouring} killing people; Sunday at that time also regretted it, but Sunday himself probably didn’t think of it. After he finished playing; But the response is somewhat unexpected.
Originally, I thought about it on Sunday, and I beat one of them in front of almost all the top leaders in this gathering place. Even if those people are afraid to take anything with themselves because of their high strength, at least they should also include themselves in the blacklist, and it is unlikely that they will have any dealings with themselves from now on.
But I didn’t expect it on Sunday, but the fact is exactly the opposite. When I went back to practice again the next day on Sunday; Outside the martial arts school on Sunday, a group of visitors came again.
Different from the last time when everyone came to make friends with Sunday; This time, those people came here for only one purpose, asking Sunday to accept their family as an apprentice in the younger generation.
The performance of Sunday at Li Yuanshou’s banquet was seen by everyone. The reason why Sunday was angry was all because the other party spoke ill of Li Yuanba.
Sunday is no ordinary person; The other party is also the head of a large family, although not as powerful as Li Guyou, but the strength is not weak. It is the patriarch of such a family. On Sunday, he said that he would fight. Since its purpose is just to maintain Li Yuanba, the apprentice.
Where can I find a master like Sunday? No matter in the realm of repairing the truth or anywhere else, if you are a teacher for life and a father for life, everyone knows that filial piety to Master has become a rule that almost everyone must abide by. But while the apprentice must be kind to the master, those who are masters may not be very kind to their disciples.
If you want to learn something, you have to suffer first. There are always a lot of reasons, but no matter what the reason is, no matter what you are learning, when you first get started, unless there is any special reason, when an apprentice is in the master’s door, it is almost tantamount to being a slave. You can fight and scold if you want. In this respect, even the people in the apprentice’s family have no right to chā. In such a social environment, Sunday is such a master who justifying a fault; Naturally, it will become a different kind.
However, although Sunday is different from others, parents like this kind of difference the most. If the elders don’t hurt the younger generation, if we can find a teacher to cover one’s faults for our younger generation, I believe no one will have to find fault for their younger generation.
What’s more; Sunday’s strength is quite strong, if it is related to Sunday; No family will miss it. For a while; No matter whether Sunday has that idea or not, all the people who have heard the relevant news; All of them lined up in front of the martial arts school on Sunday with their own juniors.
Both the poor and the rich have only one idea at the moment, and they must let their children go to Sunday’s martial arts school. No matter how much they can learn, they will rely on Sunday’s justifying a fault character as long as they are involved in this relationship with Sunday. Then they are almost equivalent to having an amulet.
Sunday don’t know what those people think outside; At first, I heard that a large number of people came to ask for audience, because on Sunday, I made up my mind to practice well for a period of time, and I wouldn’t go through the customs until I strengthened my own strength. Therefore, knowing that there are a lot of requests outside; In the end, there was no plan to go through the customs on Sunday, but all the people who asked for it were hung outside and closed their own doors inside.
But the situation outside has not changed because of Sunday’s attitude. When all the people came, they never thought that their children could easily worship Sunday’s door. So I don’t see them on Sunday; They have been waiting outside, waiting patiently for three or four days. Although they didn’t do anything like J:, they still attracted the attention of Sunday.
Accept the test before learning from the teacher, and let him kneel for ten days and a half; I’ll put it under the door then …
That kind of thing will only appear in the story, in fact; How many people in the world have that kind of perseverance? If you really want to meet that requirement before you accept people; That is, the number of all sects in the world is hovering in single digits.
And there are so many sects in the world; If you don’t accept it here, you will accept it elsewhere. There are too many places in the world where you are willing to teach people as long as you are willing to pay. And those who haven’t practiced know who is more interested than who. Even if they are influenced by fame, the bridge like the one in the story still rarely appears in this world.
Most of the disciples of the Xiuzhen Sect look at the spiritual roots, and the spiritual roots are good like Lei Meiqin; Even if you don’t want to join other people’s sects, you will take the initiative to ask. If the spirit root is poor, don’t say that you have only been kneeling for ten and a half months, even if you die in front of others; I’m sure those monks won’t blink.
Wulin sect’s words; Choosing disciples will naturally be wider. All those who want to learn will say as long as the conditions are sufficient, whether they are talented or rich. Anyway, as long as they don’t want Hun to join the sect for free, all those who want to learn martial arts are not afraid of not finding a sect to join.
Under such a world; As you can imagine, in fact, it is quite rare to wait outside for a few days. It is precisely because Sunday saw the perseverance of those people; So even if I didn’t want to pay attention to those people’s Sundays before, I finally got ready to meet them after watching their performances.
Of course; Before meeting those people, Sunday was ready to meet all the people in his museum, but a week had passed. At that time, Sunday gave orders to Zhao Hu and Li Yuanba, and a week allowed them to practice Hard Qigong with Thirteen Pacific Insurance. Now that the time has come, it is impossible for Sunday to look at their progress.
Crush the disposable symbol card that you are going to use for communication; Less than half an hour; Ray’s father and daughter, as well as Zhao Hu and Li Yuanba, arrived in front of Sunday on the condition of being notified on Sunday.
"A week’s time has come. I wonder how you are practicing your respective skills?"
"Back to the owner; I’ve learned the martial arts you gave me, and now I can summon some weak lightning. "
"Lei Lao can make such progress; Maybe in the future, it is really expected to become immortal. "
Listen to the words of Sunday; Although Lei Laohu was overjoyed in his heart, he had to pretend to be modest, and frankly said that it was all thanks to Sunday that he had achieved this success.
Subsequently; Then it was Lei Meiqin who stood out from Lei Laohu. I saw that he didn’t know how to suck an iron object in the distance into his hand, so he confidently said to Zhou Tiandao: "Go back to the museum owner; After a week’s experiment, I successfully controlled the electromagnetic force, if you give me a little more time; Maybe I can practice what you call a super electromagnetic gun. "