Cloud chasing the moon autumn waters ying ying looked at Ouyang Tianyi how did he come over?

June 29, 2024

"Yi son, you’re here, mother princess. Isn’t this worrying about Yi son and the princess? This just to see the princess here, after all, we women accommodating "
Muqin immediately turned hostile and looked at Ouyang Tianyi with a face of love.
Ouyang Tianyi lowered his eyes with a disgust.
"The world and the princess live in the Yi Kun Palace. Is it necessary to inform others when the world and the princess share the same room?" Ouyang Tianyi’s face is getting more and more ugly, and his dark eyes are full of thunder and anger. When he knew that this woman was really not his mother princess, he wouldn’t call this woman a mother princess. Every time he saw her, he wanted to take this woman who took away her life to pieces.
"Yi son see you say mother princess this is not your heart? You can only have grandchildren early if you share a room with the princess! Of course, we hope that you will be blessed! "
Muqin said every sentence with a smile in his eyes, but in his heart he suspected that they were really sharing a room. Yeah! The two of them live under the same roof. No, no, Ouyang Tianyi hates women to such an extent that they didn’t go through the house.
Cloud chasing the moon has despised Muqin for dozens of times in my heart. It’s ridiculous that a woman with bad intentions like her should still have a big dream of holding Sun Chunqiu.
"That’s inevitable. My heart is deep. If there is nothing else, please go home! It’s getting late, Shifei is weak and we should go to bed. "
Ouyang Tianyi’s body exudes a cold and violent atmosphere, which makes people shudder from the bottom of their hearts.
"Very good! If only Yi ‘er and Shi Fei had such an idea, your father and your great-grandmother would have wanted to hold their grandchildren for a long time, so I won’t bother you, and you should rest early! "
Mu Qin stood up with a pleasant face. "Let’s go in the autumn rain!"
Watching Muqin and Qiuyu go out, chasing the moon, clutching his chest, tottering and sitting on the cushion.
"Ahem …!"
The painful cough made Ouyang Tianyi feel heartbroken.
"Moon, how are you?"
Seeing that she can’t do anything, Ouyang Tianyi is so upset that he can’t do anything.
"If you have nothing to do, just rest. Master Shi, go home!"
Yun Zhuiyue refused Ouyang Tianyi. She survived the most painful time. This minor injury is nothing.
"Can you go back with peace of mind when you are like this?"
Ouyang Tianyi refused to pick up the cloud and chase the moon and walked to the bed.
Cloud chasing the moon has no extra strength to struggle with Ouyang Tianyi.
Put the cloud chasing the moon on the bed Ouyang Tianyi carefully helped the cloud chasing the moon to be tucked.
Looking at Ouyang Tianyi’s serious appearance, Yun Zhuiyue smiled.
"What are you laughing at?" Ouyang Tianyi blushed a little and was embarrassed to look at the clouds chasing the moon. It was the first time for him to do such a thing, but he didn’t hate it at all, but he liked it very much.
"Aunt Qin said that when you were a child, you were very naughty and always let her not know what to do with you. I can’t bear to scold or let you have sex! She threatened that you ate so much candy when you were a child, and when you grow up, your mouth is not as sweet as when you were a child, but cold. "
Ouyang Tianyi heard her say that when she was a child, things overflowed in her heart and she was so happy that she knew a lot about herself.
"Aren’t you the same? On the surface, I don’t care about anything. In fact, I don’t think my mother princess would say these things to you. "
Ouyang Tianyi is a little shy and I don’t know how many things the mother princess told Yun about chasing the moon. Will she tell her what to say and what not to say?
"So you also pretty careful? It is said that it is sometimes a kind of happiness to judge a person by his heart, not by the surface. "
The cloud chasing the moon smiled and her eyelids fought straight. She was really tired and wanted to have a good sleep. Her eyes slowly closed and she saw two rows of curled long eyelashes and soon snored slightly.
Ouyang Tianyi smiled, her eyes were spoiled, and she didn’t think of herself as a man. Seeing him as a dangerous man sitting on the bed, she suddenly fell asleep. Is this a letter? Ouyang Tianyi is happier than ever at the moment …
As soon as Muqin and Qiuyu entered the Qinyang Palace, they hurriedly asked, "How about chasing the moon and Ouyang Tianyi?"
"There is no cloud chasing the moon and Ouyang Tianyi is not hurt. I have spied on the princess. It seems that we are going to implement the second plan ordered by the palace Lord to steal the military symbol."
Qiuyu decisively said that she now wants to finish the princess’s mission and return to the palace master.
"Autumn rain steal the military symbol and it is a joke that stealing can steal? This Yi Kun Palace is the most heavily guarded place in Anping Wangfu. Don’t look at it. There are usually Fan Ran and Li Yi, and there are several guards guarding around in the dark. There are also many dark guards staring at people who are going to be discovered by them. Don’t come up with Yi Kun Palace. "
Muqin didn’t scare Qiuyu. She knew everything about Anping Wangfu except Ouyang Tianyi, who was rigorous.
"Princess, you didn’t listen to Bai Qiuyu’s meaning. There is no need to disturb people’s identity. It is human nature for a mother princess to arrange the room and replace the furniture."
Muqin certainly knows the meaning of autumn rain.
Oblique at the autumn rain, he said, "You didn’t go to Anping Wangfu for a long time. You don’t know that Ouyang Tianyi doesn’t allow people to go in and out of his room except Fan Ran and Glass Wounds. I also dare to go to Yi Kun Palace when I have something to do. Generally, he doesn’t even see his father. Think about it and want to get the military code."
Muqin doesn’t want to finish it, but stealing military symbols is beyond her ability.
"No matter what, it is best for us to think of a plan to get the military symbol."
Qiuyu insists that if she can get the military symbol, she will make a great contribution. Then the palace master will definitely sit up and take notice of her. Qiuyu turned and walked to her house.
When I returned to Fang Qiuyu, I immediately wrote a note and tied it to the homing pigeon’s foot to let the homing pigeon fly away.
Atractylodes macrocephala hid around the autumn rain room according to Ouyang Tianyi’s instructions. When he saw a homing pigeon flying out, he immediately robbed the homing pigeon, took the homing pigeon note, and tied Ouyang Tianyi’s note to his homing pigeon leg to let the homing pigeon fly away.
One night’s dream, the next morning, it was slightly bright, and the white clouds chased the moon and woke up.
The sudden appearance of shadows in front of her startled her. Ouyang Tianyi, why is he still here?
Ouyang Tianyi woke up with a start, and the slight noise made him wake up immediately. Looking at the clouds chasing the moon, he opened his eyes and immediately asked excitedly, "Moon, are you awake?"
"well! Have you been here all night? "
Cloud asked after the moon, feeling a little touched. She was so tired last night that she fell asleep as she spoke.
"well! It’s good to see you awake! " Ouyang Tianyi’s voice is soft and elegant, and her face is a little more gentle than usual.
"Why are you so tired of yourself? I’ll be fine when I sleep." Yun Zhuiyue got up from the bed and walked around in the spirit.
"well! I feel in good condition, "said the cloud chasing the moon, and my eyes were full of incomprehension.
"intact?" Ouyang Tianyi is unbelievable. Looking at the cloud chasing the moon is no matter how good it is, it won’t recover so fast!
"The master is crying. Of course, the body recovered quickly when the master was injured!"
Cloud chasing the moon suddenly reminds me of weeping and crying. Cloud chasing the moon has a happy face.