Some people can win the team battle but lose the front row, so there is no problem. Then he naturally knows the strength of ADC.

June 30, 2024

"Will it be better if you run in for a while?" It’s a little cautious to talk to the strong, especially after he almost replaced Dong Rui, so he cherished the opportunity to become a professional player. He felt that Li Xuri should be given a period of time to run in.
"What about you, Ye Feng?" Dong Rui glanced at the left and right sides, and all the people had night maple without opening their mouths.
Dong Rui this question three other people look naturally will see come over.
"well! Li Xuri has been in the team for a while, but after all, it is the first time to play a formal training match with us. Try it a little more when you run in. "Night maple looked at Dong Rui and said.
Compared with other players, Ye Feng is naturally much more mature in his heart. When he called them in Dong Rui, he already knew about Dong Rui’s thoughts and didn’t express his opinions too much, because he knew that even if they didn’t talk about Dong Rui, they must have made a decision themselves.
"hmm!" Dong Rui saw that Ye Feng didn’t seem to go on to say that he was going to do it after saying one sentence, so he said, "What you said is reasonable. I decided to go two ways together. Let the rising sun continue to run in with you on the other side and look for more potential ADC at the same time!" To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-one United now
Looking for a new ADC!
If everyone present heard this sentence, who reacted the most, then there is no doubt that it is night maple!
In fact, when he joined the GG team, he always had a little regret in his heart.
Because he got to know the ADC that will be recognized as the world’s number one by the world’s major professional players in the near future, there is no doubt that this is an unspeakable regret and will remain in his heart for a long time.
But it is impossible for him to tell the coach after he joined the team, Dong Ge, I have a friend who plays ADC very well. Let him be our team ADC.
Even though Ye Feng thinks he was not a good student to help the old lady cross the street and wash the old man’s feet since childhood, he still can’t do such a thing.
However, after the operation, there was no doubt that the idea that he had been buried in his heart for a long time floated again!
However, he still didn’t speak to Dong Rui at that time because the team had ADC replacement theory. Anyway, he should give others a chance. If Li Xuri is also strong enough to replace Shan in the competition, this opportunity should be left to others.
Perhaps this is not the best choice for the team, but Ye Feng will at least feel at ease because the GG team will become a professional player because of the earthquake, but Li Xuri may retire once his contract expires.
But now it is obvious that Li Xuri has always been a substitute for the team, and the giving ceremony has its own reasons, not that the mountain blocks his way in front.
"I asked you to come here to listen to your views on the rising sun, and I also want to tell you that if you see the potential and don’t sign ADC during the ranking, you will bring him over for an interview." Dong Rui said again when Ye Feng was thinking alone.
Obviously, Dong Rui has made a decision to keep both ends together, on the one hand, let the rising sun continue to train with them, on the other hand, it is necessary to start looking for a new ADC for trial training
"I think it’s best for both sides to act together and leave a hand." Xiang Qiang immediately took the baggage and take the journey
"well! If you give Li Xuri enough, you can try to find a more suitable ADC. "Huang Zeming also raised his hands in favor after thinking slightly.
"That’s it, then." Fu Weibo actually wanted to find a new ADC directly because of an assistant. Although he played a few games with Li Xuri in training, he already had a very accurate judgment on Li Xuri’s technology.
But he also knows that it is not so simple to find a new ADC, not to mention how many ADCs there are among the king players in advance, and most of them are already professional players with potential, but they have not signed up for top ADCs, and even fewer ADC’s are urgent.
"Dong Ge actually, I know an ADC that plays very well." Ye Feng suddenly said after everyone made a statement.
This is a very simple sentence, but Ye Feng has been brewing in his mind for a while. He is thinking about how to introduce the earthquake to everyone, and many gorgeous words have emerged in his mind.
But in the end, Yefeng decided to play simply, and the words ADC were enough.
"Have a good time?" Sure enough, Dong Rui and three other people also looked at him. Dong Rui was even more stunned. Then some serious eyes looked at the night maple and seemed to repeat.
"Well, play well!" Ye Feng and Dong Rui’s eyes met, but they were not staggered, but very dignified and serious. This is an exchange of affirmation.
"So be it, you go back to practice and I’ll talk to Xiaofeng again." Dong Rui paused and touched the bar and then said to them.
Although Huang Zeming is also very curious about who is the good ADC in Ye Feng’s mouth, I don’t want to say much about going back to training when I think that if I can become their teammates.
"Tell me about the specific situation, know as much as you can" and other conference room doors. Dong Ruicai revealed a great interest from a serious face.
Let’s not specify the strength of night maple, but it is definitely not weak to make top professional players admire players!
In the case that the team urgently needs a powerful ADC now, he can’t be impatient.
"Say as much as you know." Night Maple heard Dong Rui’s words, and he knew a lot of words in his heart, but he said it out for fear that he would be treated as a paranoid patient. After finishing it alone in his heart for a moment, soon night Maple would say it from the beginning of understanding.
In fact, if we just say that he really knows something about the earthquake, it is definitely impossible to judge that the earthquake is a’ very strong ADC’. Ye Feng himself invented a lot of double-row plots, and soon an ADC that seems to be able to play five times a day took shape in Ye Feng’s narrative.
"Did I blow too much? But the earthquake is really a genius. If ADC can be pulled in to blow a little, it should be called "Ye Feng found that Dong Rui, some Mu Na were watching him and some drums were playing in his heart. When I thought about it again, I found that I seemed to have gone too far.
But he doesn’t know that Dong Rui is more restless in his heart. According to Ye Feng’s description, it seems that this person in his mouth is definitely a strong ADC, but the top ADC in the alliance is higher!
Is there any exaggeration in Yu Yefeng’s words? He didn’t think much about it, because it’s not cheating money. It’s for real people to come over and try out a few training matches, and it’s natural to know at a glance what technical level they have.
After ZZ returned to the royal family from MG, it was definitely necessary to temporarily play in the LSPL of the secondary league for a while. When China’s top ADC was almost stunted in LPL, the most active exception was Han Yuan!
If the GG team can really recruit a top ADC, it is a great achievement!
"Do you have his words? Immediately United oh don’t give me the words I’ll personally United "thought of here, Dong Rui immediately that is some urgent way.
Ye Feng didn’t expect that Dong Rui’s reaction would be so similar. He was also worried that he had not been in touch with the earthquake for some time. According to historical development, the earthquake should be excavated into a professional player by a new team in the first half of this year. Now, what about the earthquake technology? He still has no confidence. Don’t dig it up then. Will the earthquake be a diamond? Then I’m afraid he will make a fool of himself.
"Dong Ge, don’t worry. People can’t run. Let me talk to him. Besides, it’s too late now. Let’s talk about it later." Night maple glanced at it and it was already past nine o’clock. I shook my head and wry smile …
Chapter three hundred and twenty-two A promise