Fei Long doesn’t know, Xing Xuan doesn’t know how risky this decision is. The seven monsters in the demon world are not ordinary.

July 1, 2024

Sure enough, when Xing Xuan went into battle, the dog spirit didn’t panic at all. He smiled at Xing Xuan and said, "What would the old man think if the disciple in Xian Weng’s phase fell like this?" Ha ha ha ….. "He said, and burst into laughter.
"Ha ha, dear Mr. Big Dog, don’t bother. The immortal is the original Buddha who drives the immortal. Naturally, he has prepared countless lives for me to be reborn. But you, once killed by me, don’t know where to reincarnate. Ha ha, this is really a headache!" Xing Xuan is not angry at all. Since the other party wants to bicker with him, he will play along to the end.
The dog bickered where Xing Xuan’s opponent was. At that time, he was tongue-tied and angry. When his handprints were pinched, he would release the thunder and fire all over the sky to take Xing Xuan’s life.
"This place is human land. If you two fight, I’m afraid it will hurt the mountain aura. Take another place!" Just then, the masked Mao in the back spoke with his mouth.
Hearing Mao Tong’s words, the dog jumped up and said to Long Xingxuan, "Come on, boy, let’s fight in the atmosphere!" "
"That’s what I’m thinking!" Xing Xuan knows that he and he are fighting this battle. That’s terrible. It’s even more fierce than the fighting between the mountain soldiers and the demon god demon fairy. It’s not impossible to destroy the whole Kunxu Mountain.
Dogs can fly fast. Star Xuan is more rapidly-changing, metamorphoses, chasing up, two people blink of an eye and disappear in the line of sight, looking down on the star practitioners dumbfounded, thinking that these two guys still haven’t been cultivated into immortals to fix the truth, how can this degree be so fast, and can cultivation be cultivated like this?
They don’t know, two people’s practice achievement method is not owned by the fix true world. One is of unknown origin, which seems to be the method of ancient cultivation, and the other is the genetic secret method of the demon world, each of which has its own advantages and is difficult to understand. What these zhenxing practitioners can understand is that the heavenly soldiers and generals don’t know why their level is low and their skill is so high. This is beyond their imagination, which is beyond common sense. I’m afraid they won’t know why until they go back and ask the immortals who have practiced for tens of thousands of years.
Don’t say that everyone is surprised, but say that the stars are mysterious.
The star Xuan degree is much faster than the dog’s precision, and I know that it is better to strike first, and then I will suffer. I haven’t left the atmosphere yet, and I have already caught up with the dog’s essence. The Shenmu sword suddenly flew out. In 7749, the Shenmu sword was winked into a Beidou sword array, and seven deadly lotus flowers flew out. Be careful with the dog and God will surround it.
"ah!" The dog let out a cry, and a knife flew back. The knife was swung out by him, and suddenly the sky was blustery. A thick black awn with thousands of thunder and fire suddenly split up towards the Beidou sword array in Xingxuan.
There was a loud bang. Even though two people have left the distance of 10,000 meters on Kunxu Mountain, when the two swords collided, the mountain boomed and trembled, and the trees on the top of the mountain were hit by two broken swords. Have turned to dust and disappeared.
The dog’s fine flying knife blocked the Shenmu sword, but it didn’t block the seven lotus flowers. When the lotus flower met the dog’s fine body, it immediately infiltrated.
I don’t know that in that dog’s fine body, I suddenly flew to the belly, and the shoes of Fanggu Island Gulan moved, and I was ground by seven lotus flowers shot by wood blade, the star Xuan God. Then, the red ball came towards the star Xuan’s head.
A force of conan the destroyer spread out from the red bead, and the red bead actually had the power to bind the mind, which made Xing Xuan inevitable and could only be hard-wired.
Knowing that other magic weapons couldn’t meet the red ball blow, Xing Xuan quickly called out crescent shovel, and with luck, he hit the red ball against him.
"Bang" a big ring, the space was immediately smashed open a big hole, and a crazy force was sucked up towards the star Xuan, and the space crack actually inhaled the star Xuan body and smashed it into pieces.
Xing Xuan seems to have been injured by the red ball, struggling, and involuntarily drifting towards the space crack.
The dog spirit was overjoyed and flew near Xingxuan. He wanted to take Xingxuan Yuanying and swallow it to increase his skill.
Grabbed Xing Xuan, the dog stretched out his palm and grabbed it at Xing Xuan’s head. He wanted to scratch Xing Xuan’s crown and get Yuan Ying inside.
At this time, the dog essence suddenly found that his palm had been caught by a huge African claw, and then he tightened his body and couldn’t move.
At this time, the star Xuan rolled up from the air, suddenly, away from the cracks in the space.
At this time, the fire dragon also flew up with the dog essence that can’t be moved. Xing Xuan took out the pirated fairy rope and tied it firmly.
"You are despicable!" Dog essence is very unconvinced. Just now, it was clearly Xing Xuan who pretended to be injured and let himself be cheated. Otherwise, where can he perish so quickly?
"All is fair in war. It doesn’t seem mean for me to win by stratagem, Mr. Big Dog!" Star Xuan ha ha a smile, take back the dragon, said to the dog.
"My name is Dedmon. Don’t call me a big dog. There is no coward in Dai’s family. Kill me quickly, or I will break free from your chain and kill you!" The dog Dedmon growled.
With Dedmon’s words, there was a faint fluctuation in the void, and a black stick crept out of the void.
"Ha ha, God has the virtue of living well. Gambling is a skill, not a life. How could I kill you, Brother Dai? You misunderstood!" Xing Xuan’s mind moved, and he didn’t look back. He removed the bundle of fairy ropes and put the dog essence down.
The black club head in the void shrank back quietly, and Xing Xuan secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
Dog essence is a little dumbfounded. This is how to return a responsibility, in his consciousness, gambling is gambling on life, being caught, there is only one end, that is, death, just now his brother also killed three people, without the slightest mercy. How come this Long Xingxuan clearly caught himself, not only didn’t kill him, but also let himself go?
He don’t understand, star xuan can consider clearly, now, can represent zhenxing fix true boundary in "the mountain is one of their own, and the other three people left, appearance order as if also from weak to strong. If you want to win here, you must leave all the games and not lose a game. Regardless of others, that is, the ape essence, he is not necessarily his opponent. If he is defeated, he must be run. At this time, since he saved Fei Long, he should accept it, so as not to put himself in, and even if he claims that he is defeated. In his own capacity, I dare say that Zhang Fang and Qin Jie dare not do anything to themselves. They used to be confused about Xian Weng’s identity, but now it is clear that Xian Weng’s identity in heaven is much higher than that of these heavenly generals. He is a disciple of Xian Weng. Don’t be afraid of them.
Therefore, based on this consideration, Xing Xuan arrested and released the dog essence, and the bread became bigger and bigger. Be sure to convince this guy.
"Brother Dai, just now I, Long Xingxuan, did do some tricks. If Brother Dai refuses to accept it, you can compete again!" Xing Xuan released the dog spirit and said to him again.
Dedmon looked at Xing Xuan, closed his eyes for a while and said, "Brother Long, I’m convinced. I’m no match for your strength alone. You won the bet!"
Star Xuan admire in the heart, this dog essence Dedmon is not importune person, also calculate aboveboard, put himself in his view.
"Brother Dai, I was actually selfish when I let you go just now. I miss your magical powers, Tong Xuan, and the mysterious practice that came back from the dead. It is said that I was killed and reborn once, and my skill went to a higher level. Xing Xuan was afraid that you would get even worse and come back for revenge, so he didn’t dare to start work!" Star xuan eyes at this time, so heart-to-heart said to the Dedmon.
"Ha ha, good boy, it’s real enough and direct enough. I like it in Dedmon, but you overestimate that bastard Xingtian, brother. Although he can regenerate people, he can’t make his skill go further, and he can only be restored by practicing again. Moreover, after his rebirth, Xingtian’s spiritual brand is permanently left in his knowledge, and his reincarnation can’t be erased. He can only be his slave forever, so I have no interest in Lao Dai’s rebirth!" Diamond shook his head and said to Xing Xuan.
After hearing what Dedmon said, Xing Xuan decided in his heart that the wild silkworm and Deng Fei didn’t really die, but flew to the demon world to be reborn. Alas, these two guys just came out of Longtan and entered the tiger. Xingtian’s rebirth is white for you. How can I let you go if you don’t let you have enough of his kindness? At this time, Xing Xuan is a little sad for the wild silkworm and Deng Fei. It’s really a waste of time. In the end, it ended with a sieve. Why bother?
It’s just that Xing Xuan is a little dumbfounded: "Do you call your great god an asshole?" It’s those mountain soldiers who are so mean, sinister and shameless. Xing Xuan hasn’t heard that they dare to call their Indra God bastard. Isn’t this Dedmon too courageous?
"Ha ha, I’m Lao Dai, and I’m not a demon god. Why can’t I call him an asshole?" Dademon’s language is amazing, and it’s another foolish thing to say.
"So, brother, you … you exactly … what’s going on? Aren’t you playing on behalf of the demon gods?" Xing Xuan really can’t understand it. After playing for half a day, it turns out that they are not the demon gods. What’s going on here? Zhang Fang and Qin Jie didn’t, and they didn’t even know who their opponents were to let the practitioners die. This is too wide of the mark.
"Ha ha, our seven brothers just had some friendship with Mao Tong, who followed him to visit the star. Our five sisters, Yang Hong, were soft-hearted and couldn’t bear to look at such a beautiful planet because the feud between heaven and the demon gods was ruined, so they came up with an idea of gambling to resolve the feud between the two sides. There were no masters below Dacheng who came here from the demon gods. Anyway, we were fine, so we made a guest appearance!" The dog essence said proudly at this time.
Xing Xuan is such a shame. I wish you this is called settling grievances. It’s all partial to help the demon gods fight heaven. However, you didn’t hit the people in heaven. The practitioners of zhenxing are all moldy, and all of them have become cannon fodder. You bastards, there is no good thing.
Xing Xuan cursed in his heart, but smiled brightly on his face. He asked Dai Demong, "Brother Dai, you are not from the demon world, so where are you from? Are you practitioners in the lower world like me?"
"Ha ha, how do we come from the lower bound? We are from the celestial world. I heard that you have achieved scientific and technological progress in the lower bound in recent years. Come and have a look. Ah, ha ha, that’s all!" The dog essence Dedmon said with a smile.
Xing Xuan also asked a lot of useful information from Dai Demong, and was overjoyed. He immediately said to the dog essence, "Brother Dai, if I have to ascend to Dacheng, please come here to take me. To be honest, I really don’t want to go to that shit heaven!"
Feeling that Xing Xuan didn’t kill him, De Demeng had a speculative chat with Xing Xuan. After listening to Xing Xuan’s words, he immediately patted his chest and said, "Brother, there is no problem. You can leave this matter to me. This is a jade charm with my knowledge in it. If you reach the realm of soaring cultivation, you can crush it. I will naturally know there and I will definitely come to pick you up!" As he spoke, Dedmon gave Xing Xuan a sky-blue Yu Pei. When Xing Xuan saw the jade, he knew that it was Haiyun Dragon King Jade, and he couldn’t help but blurt out, "Is the Dragon Palace in the Four Seas in your fairy world?"
"Ha ha, that’s right, brother, you won this game, and the next one will be terrible. My third brother Jin En’s skill is much deeper than mine. If you want to win him, you have to work hard!" Dedmon and Xing Xuan became good friends at this time, and immediately began to remind Xing Xuan to take the next gamble.
Xing Xuan ha ha smiled and said, "Brother Dai worries too much. Brother Jin En’s skill is profound, and brother Yuan Chenghua is even more powerful. There are two more Xing Xuan, and they are not your brother’s rivals. Why don’t we just go back and say that I have lost this game, and let the people in heaven get out of here and stop harming people with the stars!"
Dedmon was a little dumbfounded and asked Xing Xuan inexplicably, "Brother, you and Heaven …"