However, when he first approached Zuo Hao and others, the head of the company, Lonely Music, felt a familiar smell from Tianjun, a unique smell belonging to the disciples of Xuantianmen. He quickly waved his hand to stop the impulse of the elders around him and whispered: "People are friends and enemies, so don’t offend!"

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"eh? The head is here. " Jie Jude, who was talking, suddenly didn’t wrinkle, and then he opened the door. It was indeed the head of Xuantianmen.
"See the head!" Including Tianjun Zai, Zuo Hao all respectfully saluted Solitary Music.
"Who is this friend?" Although Lonely Music can confirm that Tianjun is a disciple of Xuantianmen, but with his cultivation in the middle of Tiandi, he can’t see through Tianjun’s strength, so he was shocked and asked.
"Master, this is one of my disciples in the field of repairing truth, named Tianjun." See solitary music mentioned Tianjun, Zuo Hao hurriedly stepped forward to introduce it.
"Your ACTS son? His cultivation is higher than yours, even I can’t see through it. How can he be your apprentice, Zuo Hao? You can’t talk nonsense about these words! " Lonely music threw away his hands and said kindly, "Daoyou hope you don’t mind. How did you come to this mysterious Tianmen through the outside array, and who are you?"
"Master, my master is right. I am really his apprentice, but my cultivation speed is a little fast, and I just got to the top of him." Smiling at the lonely music, Tianjun is supercilious.
Seemed to realize that something was wrong. At this moment, the old man who was originally standing beside Lonely Music hurriedly said to Lonely Music: "Master, the most powerful player in the chaotic world in recent decades is Tianjun. In that year, 42 Tianfengmen were killed by a sword, and then 11 Tiandi masters who were proud of Tianzong’s late peak were killed. Some time ago, when the demon domain was unified, it was that day that you abruptly killed a full fifty Tiandi masters headed by arrogance and ruthlessness.
"Oh?" Lonely music after hearing the words of the elders around him, the whole body hurriedly shocked. When the mysterious old man virtual emperor left, he had already said that there would be a master coming to Xuantianmen tonight. Is it him? After a meaningful look at Tianjun, Lonely Music quickly asked, "Daoyou Tianjun, is it you who has turned the chaotic world upside down recently?"
When this was said, everyone explained that they stared at Tianjun with wide eyes. After all, this is the hope that Xuantianmen can be preserved. If the person in front of them is really that Tianjun, Xuantianmen will be preserved.
"Chaos upside down? I have been closed to the outside world for nearly twenty years. How can I turn the chaotic world upside down? " Tianjun didn’t understand what everyone meant. After all, he was really closed in the past twenty years. Hearing Tianjun say that he is in retreat, people’s eyes are obviously dim. Now, except that Tianjun still has some shock to the proud Tianzong, the rest of the people estimate that the proud Tianzong doesn’t care at all.
"Tianjun, weren’t you the master who killed forty-two emperors with one sword?" Asked ZuoHao some unwilling.
"Well, that was twenty years ago, and it was really me." It took Tianjun a long time to understand that their so-called upside-down was just like what the outside world had spread. Forty-two Tiandi masters were killed with one sword, eleven Tiandi masters were killed with anger, and then fifty Tianzong masters were killed, and the proud and heartless people were defeated without any face. If Tianjun dared to admit that he had killed forty-two Tiandi masters with one sword, none of the following things were done by him.
But gossip is gossip, and it goes around. In the end, everything comes down to Tianjun, and Tianjun is also recognized as the first master of chaos above the five super sects! Originally, everyone thought that this Tianjun was not the other Tianjun. When they were disappointed, they were all overjoyed when they heard that Tianjun had admitted it himself.
Gu Le, the head of Xuantianmen, took Tianjun’s hand and said excitedly, "Tianjun Daoyou, come with me to the Xuantian Hall!" Zuo Hao and Jie Jude look at each other, and they are also excited and hurriedly follow the past.
Above the Xuantian Hall, he sat in the first place, and Tianjun stood looking at Zuo Hao with an apologetic face and said, "Master, I don’t know any of these predecessors at present, so please introduce me to one."
Zuo Hao nodded, walked on the hall and introduced him one by one. "Tianjun, this is the head of my Xuantianmen, who is known as Lonely Joy. This is the big elder, the second elder, the third elder, and the fourth elder. The five of them are the backbone of the Xuantianmen in the chaotic world. Except that the head is the cultivation of the middle-term Emperor of Heaven, the remaining four elders are the cultivation of the early Emperor of Heaven. This is my master who just introduced you. I won’t say more here, Xuantianmen. Zuo Hao generally introduces the general situation of Xuantianmen to Tianjun.
Tianjun nodded aside. Seeing that Zuo Hao didn’t speak again, he quickly got up and saluted the six people in the column: "Tianjun, the disciple, met all the grandmasters." Everyone except Zuo Hao is several generations older than him, so he only worships in the name of grandmaster.
"Ha-ha, Tianjun, you don’t have to bother, practice one way, and the first one comes first. What’s more, now you will shoulder the great task of saving my Xuantianmen. From now on, I declare that Tianjun will be directly promoted to the fifth elder of my Xuantianmen!"
"Thank grandmaster, grandmaster, who was the mysterious old man in my mysterious Tianmen before?" Tianjun has always been curious about the mysterious man named Xuhuang. Supposedly, all the experts at the peak of chaos should know him with their knowledge, but he just doesn’t know anything about the mysterious old man. The mysterious old man seems to appear out of thin air.
"Oh, what you ask is the virtual emperor doyen? This time, my Xuantianmen was preserved for so long without being breached by the proud Tianzong, relying on the shock of the old-timers of the virtual emperor. Just with a simple magic circle, the patriarch of the proud Tianzong was ruthless and helpless. This great magical power made me look up! " When it comes to the mysterious old man, even Lonely Music is a face of admiration, and the whole person is even more respectful.
"But virtual emperor predecessors left this morning, but when he left, he once said that the law outside the mountain gate will automatically disappear tomorrow morning, and there will be people to help me in the evening, so don’t worry. I didn’t expect the words of the virtual emperor’s predecessors to come true. The wind will come at night, and you are also a rare J Ρ ng English in Xuantianmen. It seems that the virtual emperor’s predecessors are really ingenious. " Tianjun heard the lonely music say that the whole head is big, on your own?
If one or two masters of the celestial emperor period can be solved well, with their own strength and unparalleled speed, plus the purple wind Excalibur, even if they are proud and ruthless, they will have the strength to fight. However, there are more than 50 masters of the celestial emperor period outside the Xuantianmen, and their fists are hard to compete with four hands. If they rush to pounce, Tianjun doesn’t have any way.
However, I have to send an arrow on the string, looking at the ardent eyes of Lonely Music and others above the main hall. Tianjun knows that this is his family in another plane. When they need it, they can only stand up and protect the Xuantianmen, that is, protect their home! Immediately without hesitation, Tianjun took a confident look at all the people in the column, nodded heavily and said, "Don’t worry, grandmaster, if the array outside the mountain gate is broken tomorrow, leave everything to me!" I have the ability to cope! "
When this was said, Lonely Music and others were all overjoyed, but Zuo Hao frowned when he looked at Tianjun, and the corners of his mouth seemed to want to say something, but he didn’t say it.
"Well, grandmasters, there will be a fierce battle tomorrow, and I need to recuperate. At the same time, there are still some things I want to talk to my master, so I won’t accompany you." After that, Tianjun took a look at the elders such as Lonely Music and waited for their answer.
"Well, TianJun, you can go down and have a good rest. The survival of Xuantianmen tomorrow depends on you! " Solitary music and other elders all got up and watched Tianjun and Zuohao leave.
In Zuo Hao’s room, Tianjun took Zuo Hao’s hand with a look of excitement and said, "Master, when did you rise to the chaos world? How are the grandfathers, uncles and brothers in the fix-up world? Does anyone dare to hit me again? " Tianjun asked four or five questions in one breath, and Xuanhong frowned.
"Ha ha, Tianjun, you don’t have to worry. I’ll give you an answer slowly. It was ten years ago that you became a teacher in the chaotic world. Now you are still teaching in the palm of your hand. His cultivation is even more rapid after your soaring. When I left, I had reached the middle of Du Jie, just for the sake of the future of Tiangu without soaring. Tiangu is now a unique sect in the field of repair, and some small sects have risen in recent years, but it is not worth mentioning compared with my Xuantianmen. " Speaking of the mysterious Tianmen in the fix-true world, Zuo Hao is very proud of himself. After all, Tiangu is carried forward in his generation. The dominance of one family, this achievement is even worse than that of Xuanzizi from its creation to its peak.
However, Zuo Hao seemed to think of something, frowned, stared at Tianjun and said, "Tianjun, there is one thing I have to tell you."
"eh? The master also asks you to say. " Tianjun knew that Xuanzuohao had great things when he got serious, and looked at him curiously.

Chapter three hundred and seventy Analysis
Chapter three hundred and seventy Analysis
"See the holy king.
"Under the eyes of the public, Zuo Hao felt great pressure and hurriedly bowed down to the eagle again.