While JuSong is quietly looking at Chu Yifeng situation in the hands of the method of tactic transformation from time to time at the same time has begun to condense true yuan ready to take advantage of Chu Yifeng when the mind is unstable.

July 4, 2024

Chu Yifeng forced himself to be calm, but those sonic attacks made him impossible to prevent. At this time, he really realized that the mind attack was so severe that it was impossible to defend yourself. However, the mind’s cultivation was not as good as the other party’s, and there was no way to deal with it.
Finally, Chu Yifeng suddenly shook his body and was unstable, like he was about to fall down at any time. At this moment, the pair of brass cymbals suddenly separated like a rotating flying saucer, and the cold light flashed around him with an unusually agitated buzz.
Chu Yifeng felt the fierce murderous look of brass cymbals, and his dizzy mind suddenly became a little more awake and shot two fingers with his hand.
The lightning finger is much faster than the brass cymbal, so Jusong’s reaction is a little slow. The brass cymbal was hit by the lightning finger, but the rotating lightning finger of the brass cymbal didn’t shoot it down, but it was thrown out by the centrifugal force of the brass cymbal, and the brass cymbal still rushed towards Chu Yifeng.
However, although the brass cymbals were not shot down, the attack of the lightning finger suddenly changed the frequency of the vibration of the brass cymbals. The original annoying sound waves suddenly became like alarm bells.
Chu Yifeng was shocked by the variation of sound waves, like an awakening, and suddenly woke up from dizziness. Just as the brass cymbals were about to pass him, Chu Yifeng suddenly opened two thunder shields and used them as hammers to directly hit the flying brass cymbals.
JuSong didn’t think there would be such a change. He didn’t hesitate to take advantage of Chu Yifeng’s opportunity to deal with brass cymbals to shake the dust in his hand. Ten million pieces of silver wire suddenly stretched and spread on the top of the whole stone pillar, crossing each other like a bird cage, and then the silver wire suddenly shrunk as if to bind Chu Yifeng in it.
However, Jusong’s eyes suddenly flashed a subtle and cruel color. At the same time, the silver silk threads intertwined with each other flashed glittering and translucent light. The whole space covered by silver silk became the anti-theft laser and infrared ray in the museum, but it was with awe-inspiring dangers in these silver lights!
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123 thunderous 5
As soon as Chu Yifeng stopped the brass cymbals, he suddenly felt his eyes shine and saw thousands of silver silk threads flashing light and wrapped the handle.
Chu Yifeng felt a chill in his heart because he could feel the murderous look contained in the silk thread, and the energy in the silk thread was just like a blade and he began to cut Chu Yifeng’s body.
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
Even Chu Yifeng’s body tempered by lightning can feel the pain of being cut.
Chu Yifeng was angry with Jusong in his heart, but he was passive everywhere after fighting against his mind. At this time, he was in danger of his life and could not help but feel uneasy again.
With a roar, Chu Yifeng took the piece of Leiguangdun in his hand as two pieces of thunder and lightning cymbals and directly bumped into the brass cymbals of Jusong.
"Boom-"Two pieces of Leiguangdun exploded at the same time, and a few thick lightning bolts exploded out, and the brass cymbals that were wrapped in them were also fried in a blackened place. Although the original shape can still be seen, it has also become crooked and there are several broken places on the edge.
"Dang, dang" fell to the ground twice, and there was no more thrilling sound. It seemed like two broken iron pieces were thrown into the corner.
The brass cymbals were destroyed, and Ju Songxin was shocked. Although he was not trying his best to keep his face calm, his mouth could not help but twitch, which made him look very strange, like he had facial paralysis.
The hatred in Jusong’s heart made him work harder to destroy the dust in his hands. The silver silk thread flashed more glittering and translucent light and tightened the encirclement more quickly.
Chu Yifeng’s hands kept shooting several thunderbolts without using lightning fingers, and the thunderbolts with huge momentum exploded one after another, which bombarded Jusong’s mind with some trance and thick thunderbolts on the silver silk thread.
But to Chu Yifeng’s surprise, the silver silk thread that was bombarded was not damaged, but sank backwards and bounced back like a rubber band.
Other thunder fingers were all bounced back by the silver silk thread that touched the dust, and the thunderbolt that bounced back hit another silk thread and was bounced again. Suddenly, surrounded by the silver silk thread, the lightning kept bouncing, not only failing to break the encirclement of the silver silk thread, but in the process of being bounced, the power was gradually reduced and finally disappeared.
Thunder means that it doesn’t work, but the silver silk thread has approached Chu Yifeng, which is a few tens of centimeters away from him. At this moment, the silk thread suddenly bounced up and gave a sound like a piano. Chu Yifeng’s eyes surrounded by silk thread immediately flashed a blurred color, and his eyes suddenly glazed over.
JuSong relaxed a smile, but completely inconsistent with his polite appearance is that his behavior is biting, and the dust handle in his hand shakes all the silver silk threads and wraps ChuYifeng tightly like a big zongzi in an instant.
Jusong thinks that Chu Yifeng has been confused by the blurred voice, and his mind is like a walking corpse at this time. He won’t resist the victory at all, but his men are not merciful and still destroy the silk thread tightly. The silk thread is getting tighter and tighter, and it has reached the muscles of Chu Yifeng. The blood immediately stained the silver silk thread with a layer of red blood and dripped down the silk thread.
However, the silk thread that invaded Chu Yifeng’s body immediately attracted Chu Yifeng’s automatic protector of the fairy armor in the body, and the blue-black fairy armor was dotted with the red light of the flame and instantly emerged, and the silver silk thread was no longer able to move forward.
However, the pain caused by the silk thread awakened Chu Yifeng. I saw Chu Yifeng’s eyes wide open, and a flash of lightning slipped through his eyes. At the same time, a dense piece of lightning exploded in the whole body, and the lightning and flame in Chu Yifeng’s body were unconsciously exploded by him.
Chu Yifeng woke up to see himself in such a state of mind, and when he thought about what had just happened, he seemed to have heard a psychedelic voice, and instantly he knew why he had become like this.
Chu Yifeng didn’t want to use the maximum energy. First, he was unstable and difficult to control. Second, he didn’t want to reveal his own details. In addition, he didn’t want to kill more, but his kindness didn’t make his enemies kind to him. Jusong was such a respectable guy, but that move just now killed Chu Yifeng.
But now that his life is in danger, Chu Yifeng can’t consider hiding anything.
Although Chu Yifeng, the greatest strength in the green thunder period, has not been used, it doesn’t mean that he can’t use it. Chu Yifeng has learned some attack tactics of Lei Xiao Shinto in advance. This is the experience he summed up after the water dungeon star was trapped. Some tactics can be used but can’t be used.
"Thunder is thundering!"
With Chu Yifeng’s voice falling, I saw that all of Chu Yifeng’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth suddenly flashed silver-blue light, and his body wrapped in silver silk thread began to reveal the same silver-blue. His body was like transparent lightning filled with lightning, which reflected all his skin directly through his skin.
"Roar-"Chu Yifeng roared into the sky!
Seven thunderbolts were shot out of the five senses at the same time, and then Chu Yifeng was submerged by the thunderbolts seeping out of his body. At this time, Chu Yifeng’s appearance could not be seen, and there was only a mass of extremely compressed and unstable thunderbolt energy in his place.