Roma coach Ranieri: "the confrontation on the football field can’t be solved by such a bad practice!" We must strongly condemn this kind of violence! "

July 5, 2024

Inter Milan President Moratti: "I’m sorry to see such a thing … It’s right to always fight against extreme fans for Lazio. If a team wants to make great progress, it has to throw away those bad things. The same league needs such efforts if it wants to develop healthily … "
"I’m shocked! If we tolerate such things, who will dare to say anything about purifying the football environment in the future? This kind of crime must be severely cracked down! "
Even the media is on the winning side this time.
Gazzetta dello Sport is also speaking for the constant victory.
Of course, Pacheco kept silent …
Soon, not only the Italian media, but also the whole European media are paying attention to this matter.
Changsheng is not a nobody, and his influence in European football is increasing day by day, which is very important.
He is a coach who can win the championship, while other football is very good.
Therefore, he is deeply appreciated by UEFA President Platini, which everyone knows.
Nowadays, this promising young head coach almost died on the way to the away game!
This is not bad?
European football is all fried.
The major media articles lashed out at the incorrigible.
At the same time, it also criticized the environment of Italian football while flattening the football hooliganism of the uneducated.
Many authoritative media have expressed why Italy has been unable to get it up for so many years, and the worse it gets?
It is because there are too many such violent incidents that are condoned …
Why is it condoned?
Because the injured and the dead are just fans.
It’s different now. Now the injured and dead people may be the head coaches, general managers and presidents of all Serie A teams!
This is what they planted at the beginning, conniving at the riots of fans and the violent incidents of football hooligans, which led to this incident today.
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) specially made a special program to talk about this matter. They started from the attack on the winning team and talked about the difficulties faced by Italian football now and the solutions.
Of course, in the end, the British didn’t forget to laugh at the Italians.
The guests spread out their hands and said, "We have said so much. In fact, we all know that Italy will definitely not change … If it did, they would have changed long ago! If they can change, they are not Italy … "
Platini also personally expressed concern about this matter, and said in an interview with reporters: "I am very glad that I have not been injured often, otherwise it will not only be the loss of Lazio fans, but also the loss of Italian football and European football! We hope that Italy can investigate this matter … "
This overwhelming public opinion offensive has a feeling that dark clouds are overwhelming the city.
Of course, this feeling belongs to the uneducated school.
In fact, Toflo had heard the news long before the media condemned the incorrigible.
So he called all the managers to the headquarters for a meeting to discuss countermeasures.
The media have begun to condemn them.
However, the media condemned something, and everyone usually saw more and didn’t pay much attention to it.
Only Toflo thought it was not good, because he smelled danger.
Just like when the storm and rain are coming, the air will smell a little earthy.
He asked his assistant, Albiti: "Let’s ignore the reaction of the media. We can go to Senator Alberto, and he should try to help us …"
Just then, another assistant, Pixiteli, came in with his mobile phone in his hand.
Seeing him come in, everyone turned their eyes to him.
Pity terry looked at the people in the room, and his face was a little … Not so good.
"What’s the matter?" Toflo asked.
Pixitri hesitated and said, "General … I just got a call from Congressman Alberto, and he …"
He was suddenly speechless because he didn’t know how to tell the boss …
"Come on, what’s wrong with him?"