As soon as a small handleless wine cup was put cold, the old man grunted coldly, as if he were depressed.

July 6, 2024

"Ah, when on earth who knows him? Yesterday, if it weren’t for being blocked in the room by his eldest sister-in-law, I guess I’m not going to tell Lao Min. No wonder he didn’t agree with Xiao Jing before … Ah, if I had known this, I would have … "
Cold old man suspected to be a wise man.
Of course, he didn’t just talk nonsense. The main meaning of his words was actually to completely break the idea of Min’s marriage. If he thought Min Jing was a good woman, knowledgeable, good-looking and good-tempered, he could not allow Leng Xiao to marry such a woman with a criminal record, no matter whether Min Jing can be released as a normal father or not.
He is responsible for both the cold family and the cold owl at this point.
Min Jing also completely lost this qualification.
Section 16
So he actually deliberately singled it out and said
Of course, the old man who has been immersed in officialdom for decades can not only understand the superficial meaning of his words, but also understand the potential things.
One step has been blocked, and he will naturally not give up another step. It is neither rude nor can he refuse to follow the cold old saying.
"Old cold, don’t say that. Our little Jing didn’t have the luck to follow the owl, but then again, we two brothers can’t be broken for decades, no matter what, right? Haha, your eldest granddaughter, I think the girl is nice, but I must keep it for our old min family. I like this child! "
"This ….." The eyes flashed, and the old man took a sip of his wine with a serious attitude. "Old Min, the times are different now. I don’t object to the arrangement of parents, but I mainly have to look at the children’s own meaning. Can I be a grandfather and suggest that I can’t force it?"
"That is, that depends on their fate and nature, but you don’t mind letting my nephew come to the cold house more often, do you?"
At this point, he is properly balanced.
Cold old man ha ha laugh "old min you say this but treat me like an outsider? What are our brothers? "
The two old men laughed at each other, while maintaining friendship and reserving things, while everyone else in the restaurant had different faces, different ideas and different guesses.
But it’s hard to interrupt
Complex mind, eating rice, listening to others talk about her lifelong events, and smiling at her face.
Shallow actually don’t care.
And on the other side of the table, the eyes of thick glasses with mosquito blood have been staring at her with malicious eyes.
next day
New Year’s Eve Festival in China on New Year’s Eve
freezing cold
In this winter, it seems to be particularly cold and snowy, and a vast expanse of white falls over the bustling imperial city.
Cold house courtyard is deep
Yesterday, the Min family came to make noise for a while, which didn’t affect Bao Niu’s mood at all.
Because of the New Year!
It has been twelve years since she left Beijing at the age of six, and now she has left her hometown. This is her first New Year with her family. Her heart is full of excitement and joy. French language describes the feeling that this joy has faded away from the cold all winter, especially with the man who can give her warm arms. Now where can she have other emotions in her little heart besides happiness?
Beauty is so beautiful that she can’t find the north.
Get up early in the morning and follow the routine. The man has disappeared, humming a ditty and washing up. When I got to the entrance of Loudaokou, I saw you Nianxi coming in from the door. She was greeted with a happy face and a brown paper bag envelope in her hand.
"Get up, Xiaoqi. There’s a letter from abroad for you."
Live footsteps treasure and pure leng leng
In the 21st century, this kind of thing is almost extinct.
Yo, hey, who will write to her? Still from abroad?
Thinking about this in my heart, she smiled with a crooked eyebrow, grinned and said to herself in a narrow way, "Hehe, I didn’t expect that there would be international friends writing love to me?"
Standing in the same place, I smiled and handed the letter to her with a smile when she came near.
"Take it and have a look."
"Well which thank you aunt-"
Her voice is long, crisp and soft, which is unique to girls.
Although she doesn’t like wandering in the sun, since people are so friendly, it’s naturally not good for her to pull a black face and be annoying. What’s worse, it’s still New Year’s Day.
Eyebrows flicked as she looked at the envelope over and over again. There was nothing strange about the letter. The envelope did not fill in the other party’s address. Judging from the postmark address and time, the mail came from Japan. It was today when the letter arrived in Kyoto.
Instead of looking for a scissors, she tore the edge of the envelope and pulled it out-
Eyes a clot.
Yo, it turned out to be a postcard.
This letter is printed with a line of words "Dear Bao sister, it’s been a long time since the Spring Festival. Send me a small gift. Don’t forget that I’m destined to meet you again-I’m thinking of you."
Thinking about you?
The hair on my body stood up and made a treasure, and the words made my skin crawl all over the floor.
Almost as soon as the word "seek" entered her eyes, her mind immediately reflected the evil spirit handsome man and his face with a big frog mirror, which always made her laugh.
Gifts. Small gifts? !