In this place, there is no way to land warships on a large scale, and there is no way to get too close. At a considerable distance, a demonstration round of artillery shells was fired at the towers standing on the cliff. Most of them fell into the sea, and few of them fell on the cliff and smashed a large piece of stone. Rain fell into the sea.

July 7, 2024

Just as the sentries in the sentry tower were attracted by the firing warships, two figures swam as fast as fish in the water, dodging rocks in the sea and preying on fierce fish and swimming towards the coast.
The fleet continued south along the coastline.
The long and huge fleet still firmly attract that attention of the sentries.
I didn’t notice that the two’ big fish’ had touched the cliff and emerged from the sea. They dragged their wet bodies along the steep cliff of almost 120 degrees without saying a word, and they looked as agile and quick as reptiles such as geckos.
It didn’t take them long to climb the cliff of more than 50 meters.
Grabbing a raised rock, the dark figure tiptoes gently on the rock wall and flies like a black waterfowl. The first one climbed the cliff, and his companions followed, but this man wearing a pair of ultra-short swimming trunks showed a lean white flesh and landed firmly.
"hands are so fast!"
The man wearing a swimming trunks went to the door of this stone sentry tower and took a look at the probe. Sure enough, it was scarlet and broken bones. It was like a hundred elephants had finished a tap dance in the sentry tower. It was like erosion and flesh everywhere, which made it impossible to identify the outline of the human figure. I don’t know how many people died in it.
We can’t find even a slightly intact body here.
Gently stir up the tip of the nose
Strong and fresh blood smell permeates the face, and a touch of disgust can emerge.
"The beast is a beast after all!" He looked at his companion, who was also wearing a black swimming suit, coming from the stairs and stone steps, with a bloody footprint step by step. His dark body was covered with blood, and his shoulders were covered with a small intestine. It looked as if he had just climbed out of the blood pool to fix the evil spirits.
He didn’t hold back a taunt.
"Do you want to be my food, too?"
The dark man opened his mouth to reveal two rows of shark-like bloody fangs and dark eyes full of tyranny, greed and malice.
"Get away from me and I’ll wring your neck."
Swimming trunks man disgusted and waved and went out from the gate of the sentry tower for five or six meters, watching that disgusting guy walk out of the sentry tower and leave a bloody path behind him.
He hates this guy from the bottom of his heart. This ugly fighting method like a beast is really disgusting, but it’s a pity that everyone is an adult of Umit. If you don’t like it, you have to act with this disgusting beast
"I will eat you sooner or later."
The dark man said this with a smile and then turned to look south before the swimming trunks man got angry.
"There’s food delivered to the door again."
Swimsuit man recorded an account at the bottom of his heart and then looked at the southern foot stone road, which extended from the sentry tower to the depths of the southern island, and at the end of this stone road, there were two figures, one high and one low.
Jingwei port
"More than fifty warships … it’s really scary!"
When he received the news, Alves was having a cold drink and sneered at a spoon. He looked at the attendant standing by and asked, "Where are Dick and Eschbach?
"I contacted them three minutes ago, and there are still four kilometers away from the northernmost outpost. Now I should have seen the fleet of the kingdom of Amento." The speaker is Dylan, who has a big enough body, 252 centimeters in head and arm muscles, as hard as steel, and his black hair is combed neatly like a brush without the slightest confusion.
He belongs to the kind of person who is stubborn, reliable and loyal to his duties.
He is convinced of the importance of rules and order in this world, so he loves the iron fist of rules and order to greet the criminals’ heads. He believes that if they don’t do this, they will realize the importance of rules and order to this world.
By the way, although his name and Dick sound like twins, they are actually not related.
"Tell them I don’t want to see the islanders harassed!"
Before the fall of Whale Head Island and Whale Belly Island, I came back with a lot of information. Among them, there were strong people who avoided the supervision of the sentries. They boarded the islands that were never suitable for landing, and stationed troops on the islands. They were unprepared and easily defeated the islands and built a good defense line.
It’s a simple trick
It is naturally limited that an island is suitable for landing on the beach on a large scale, but a small number of people are more capable than ordinary people. If you are strong, you must be close to the coast. No matter whether you are cliffs or reefs, undercurrents and eddies can’t stop the pace of the strong.
This seemingly simple trick is actually a very practical trick.
In order to prevent such a thing from happening on Whale Tail Island, Erus has sent two of his attendants to the island to stare at the fleet of the kingdom of South Amento. If you find that there are claws sneaking out of the island, you don’t need to kill one alive.
"It’s a temple"
Dylan stepped aside and took out his companion on the island.
But the worm got through the opposite side, but no one answered.
He didn’t dial the second time, but returned to Elus to report the situation.
"Didn’t answer? It seems that I caught the smuggling mouse. "
Al uz chuckled.
Green eyes are clear like the purest gem, reflecting the dim afterglow of the sunset. "Dylan, get ready!" Now that Dick and Eschbach have done it, we guess it won’t be long before it becomes lively here. Don’t go into a hurry at the last moment … "
"By the way, don’t forget that lazy guy Kappas. He should exercise, too."
"Cappas will fight hard," Dylan said seriously. His fist, which is bigger than a casserole after being clenched, is obviously ready to be an educator. I’m afraid Cappas will fight hard whether he wants to take it or not
Chapter 8 black beast and strangulation ghost
"Are you late?"