After making a breakthrough feint, Gotze divided the football into the middle.

July 8, 2024

When all people’s attention was attracted by him, no one saw that Gill had appeared in the most deadly position!
In the shout of the commentator, the French high center swung his foot and the instep of his outer foot severely won the football.
This kick was a sharp shot by Gill, sticking to the turf and drilling straight into the lower left corner of the goal!
The goalkeeper of Gamba Osaka couldn’t save the ball, which was really tricky …
Even if he tries his best, he can’t stop the football, and even the skin of the football can’t be rubbed.
The commentator didn’t even expect the ball to be so easy and enjoyable …
He paused for a moment, until the football rolled up the net, and then he suddenly shouted, "Gill! ! ! Dead ends! Nice goal! Lazio led Gamba Osaka in the fourth minute! "
The stands of Tokyo National Arena suddenly became quiet.
Osaka Gamba fans didn’t expect this goal to be lost so easily …
I only saw Lazio pass the ball continuously, and even tore open their defense line and then scored the goal.
Gill didn’t even have a Gamba player in Osaka when he shot.
He can take his feet calmly. Even if he is a center who is better at heading, it doesn’t mean that he has no ability to shoot at his feet-he’s not Chen Yingxiong who just debuted …
It’s like shooting in training. It’s too easy for him.
Perhaps it is too easy, which leads to a lack of sense of accomplishment in scoring goals.
Gill didn’t even rush to celebrate after the goal.
He just waved his fist and then turned and ran back.
The other teammates just came up and patted him, and then went back to their positions.
It’s completely different from scoring goals in the League and the Champions League.
It’s not that they deliberately want to disgust the Japanese fans, but they really don’t think there’s anything to celebrate-they scored four minutes after the start of the game, and this opponent is really weak …
What’s the point of scoring more goals for such a fishbone team?
If we celebrate hard after scoring the goal, doesn’t it seem that we are particularly incompetent?
However, the subconscious actions of Lazio players, in the eyes of Japanese fans, are a provocation to them.
Originally, Japanese fans were very dissatisfied with Lazio after winning things.
They are very sensitive and fragile now, so they regard every move of Lazio as a provocation and insult to them.
Lazio didn’t celebrate, they thought it was to look down on them.
But what if Lazio celebrates crazily? I’m afraid they will also think that Lazio is showing off in front of them.
In short, as long as they don’t sit up straight, no matter what Lazio does, they seem to have problems.
Japanese fans booed, but it didn’t help Osaka Gamba equalize the score at all.
They are eager to attack Lazio and beat Lazio by attacking.
But I didn’t expect that the game had only started for four minutes, and they were scored by Lazio.
What’s the situation?
The players of Gamba Osaka were stunned and somewhat at a loss.
Not to say that they are arrogant and despise their enemies, and will give us an opportunity?
But look at their performance … Is this a sign of pride and underestimation?
Don’t think we are gullible!
We are professionals, too, okay?
Where is this like being proud and underestimating your enemy? !
However, judging from Lazio’s starting lineup and the comments of the head coach before the game, this is the rhythm of being proud and underestimating the enemy!
How can it change as soon as the game comes?
This is not scientific!
There is no objective law!
This is unbelievable!
Lost the ball in four minutes, which made Gamba Osaka think it was a coincidence and an accident.
When the game resumed, they rallied and planned to make a comeback.
As a result, another four minutes passed.
In the eighth minute, Lazio scored another goal!
In the same way, Lazio’s best continuous and quick pass, unconsciously tore open the defense line of Gamba Osaka.
It was another goal that was not even organized in defense.
"Lazio! Ah! Lazio! Two goals in eight minutes! Osaka Gamba was completely beaten! "
"Although this may make Japanese fans feel unhappy, I still want to say … It seems that what is often said is really reasonable. Gamba Osaka and Lazio are really not the same team. He really doesn’t need to take this opponent seriously!"
Changsheng got up from the coach’s bench and stood up and applauded.
This is all his celebration.
No hugs, no fists, no running to celebrate.
There’s nothing.
It was in this plain way that he celebrated his team’s two-goal lead over Gamba Osaka.
Chapter seventy-five World Club Cup champion
Then Lazio scored one goal after another, and Gamba Osaka was completely stunned.
Lazio led 4-0 before the end of the first half!
Japanese commentators have been basically silent.
They don’t know what to say in such a game.
Lazio really played beautifully, but because of the recent public opinion, they can’t praise Lazio yet.
So they can only be silent.
However, the Japanese fans in the stands did not stop, and they were still booing.
They have a bushido spirit, even if they know that they will die if they are defeated, they must persist in fighting.