The woman is still wearing pajamas with a face of heart "I said what are you doing?

July 9, 2024

Say what you’re doing. Don’t make it so loud. Our children are still working. I heard it’s so noisy here … It’s like no one lives here at ordinary times. It’s so noisy when someone lives today. I don’t know if it’s smaller. "
The middle-aged woman accused Lengli in one bite, and Lengli’s expression immediately turned cold.
But instead of being angry, she said, "I’m sorry … I’ll pay attention."
"Are you watching a horror movie? I hear people calling for help. It’s strange that a girl watches a horror movie so hard at night." The woman continued to accuse "Don’t put it so big later."
Lengli immediately answered "no"
"Hum, it’s good to know. If there’s any more noise, I’ll come and find you."
Lengli nodded and watched the woman enter the next room.
The door is cold and chestnut shrugs. She shouldn’t have thought about who else would come to her just now, but it was just that the parrot was noisy just now.
Section 7
When someone knocked at the door, the parrot was already very silent and didn’t call for help. When Lengli came in, he stopped talking and just stared at Lengli.
He probably also saw something from Lengli’s expression.
Lengli sat back on the sofa and looked at it and said, "Look, it’s because of you that I was complained."
The parrot seemed to know that it had done something wrong, and shrank its head and buried its beak in its feathers.
The bird, which was full of energy when calling for help just now, faded at this moment, and it was somewhat pitiful to look unhappy after being criticized.
Lengli couldn’t help but soften her heart when she looked at it like this. "Hey … it’s okay. I didn’t scold you either. I just wanted you to pay attention to it. Although the door is closed, the sound insulation here is not very good, so you should speak a little less."
Lengli said it as if she was suddenly hit by a voice. The door felt that this parrot was kept by that annoying person, but it was not bad, but she listened to her.
She stays at home on weekends and often can’t talk for a day. Even if she wants to talk, she can’t find anyone to talk to.
She always hangs around quietly, even if she goes to the team after the weekend, she will have a brief aphasia and forget how to speak.
In fact, I have lived like that for many years, and I should have been used to it long ago, so I won’t feel lonely.
But I don’t know why, over the years, she has become more and more interested in being alone, but the habit is not so easy to get rid of things. She still doesn’t like to associate with people. Qingchen picked up the bag class after Lu Jinian hung up. She thought about Lu Jinian’s words and said that things were suddenly curious.
Lu Ji-nian actually has someone he likes, which will be great news if he goes into their circle of nobles. I wonder how many women who are looking at him will be disappointed.
Today, Chenchi didn’t come to meet Qingchen. Recently, there are too many things in the school, and he needs to deal with them as soon as possible, thus sacrificing the opportunity to meet Qingchen one day.
Qingchen didn’t feel sorry, and she didn’t go home and went directly to her father.
Unfortunately, Qing Chen just went back and once again met the aunt Li who introduced Fei Song to her blind date.
Aunt Li was so excited to see Qingchen that she blamed her for not keeping in touch with such a good boy as Fei Song.
Qing Chen casually found a reason to cope with it, but he was relieved. Fortunately, Fei Song didn’t tell him that he was a college classmate. Otherwise, Aunt Li wouldn’t blame her for seeing her fear today, but directly asked them to get married.
Qingchen knows that it’s nothing important at aunt Li’s age. Only by worrying about other people’s things in life will she always actively help others arrange blind dates.
Qingchen can understand that she has no dissatisfaction with Aunt Li.
However, when she got home, she told her father not to tell Aunt Li that she and Fei Song were college classmates.
Green father did agree, but he promised Yu and asked Qing Chen, "What are you going to do now?"
"I don’t have any plans," said Qingchen. "I just have to work hard and then what should I do? Anyway, things will work out when we cross the bridge …"
She meant the boyfriend thing.
Now Qing’s father doesn’t even ask Qing Chen to get married quickly. He wants her to find a boyfriend to talk about love first
He’ll be relieved if he falls in love less.
"Hey, you … you had to marry Chenchi before, but then you got divorced somehow. I don’t think Chenchi is that irresponsible. I really don’t know what you young people think. After I married your mother, I never thought about it. If she didn’t get sick and left first, we would all be very loving now."
Qingchen’s mother died when she was in middle school, and these young fathers never thought about their own lives again.
On this morning, I immediately said, "Dad, don’t just talk about me. You have lost my mother for so many years. Should you find another suitable person?" I can’t be alone, so neither can you. "
Green father suddenly felt a little embarrassed to say, "How old am I to be alone? Besides, I have been used to coming here alone for so many years."
Qingchen smiled, "In fact, I am used to being alone."
Father Qing said, "Can we be the same in this situation?"
"Okay, but I’m serious, Dad. If you really meet the right person, you can look around with others."
Green father gave a "know I know"
Qingchen is also
Qingchen is just one. She also hopes that her father will not be so lonely. Living alone is always a little lonely. Worse, she doesn’t live with him now, even if she will come back on weekends to see him, she can’t take care of him on weekdays.
After spending the weekend with my father, I returned to my normal work in the morning, and I will re-record the new program this Monday.
Qingchen told minister Wang that she had invited the guests, so other colleagues didn’t know that she would record the revised program today except the person in charge of the program.
However, Chai Weiwei didn’t know where she heard the news. When Qing Chen was preparing, she came over with several other hosts to pretend to ridicule.
"Oh, green morning is going to record the program today. How have you invited people? Does anyone want to come? How can you record the program if no one comes? " Chai Weiwei said everything from her heart, but in fact, every sentence was stinging.
Make friends with Chai Weiwei next to her, and those hosts also echo her.