"Yes, auntie, we have public security friends. Please ask the best lawyer to rest assured."

July 10, 2024

Just then, a young woman suddenly appeared in the office hall, panting and asking, "I’m a reporter from the new newspaper looking for your boss!" "
"We don’t accept interviews," Yan Dong said with a cold face when he heard something.
"It’s not an interview. I have something important to say."
Yan Dong let people into the old couple’s office "Go ahead"
"Who are these two?"
"We are Song Shifeng’s parents."
"Ah, uncle is good, aunt is good." A strong woman instantly turned into a sweet girl. "I am a friend of Song Shifeng."
Liu Er absently promised "Hello"
"Is there anything I can say now?"
"Song Shifeng is likely to be designed!" The woman primly said, "Song Shifeng’s report was that someone specially called the newspaper office to ask people to wait for you, and so was your report."
Chapter 11. Chapter 11
Whose grave did he dig?
"I told you that my second child can’t do this!" Liu Erhua was delighted, and when he grasped the woman’s hand, he was full of excitement and asked, "Girl, where is that man?" Let’s go find him! "
"He speaks in public, and my friend has never seen anyone." Seeing the light in Liu Erhua’s eyes disappear a little, the woman quickly said, "But he remembers that the accent of that person is very strange, and there is a kind of forced Beijing film."
"Reporter Wu, I have something to say directly. How do you know this?" Yan Dong twist eyebrow asked
"Are you doubting me?"
"I thank you for coming. I just want to know. After all, this news should not be known all over the newspaper."
Reporter Wu glanced at him. "The two reports were all done by the same intern. He just followed the old reporter to do odd jobs and run errands. It was reported that he finally caught the big fish that escaped from the net and almost signed the contract. But your newspaper refused to publish it. I thought it was a black-box operation, but I sent it to another newspaper, so I was fired because he was my classmate. Today, we had dinner together and he said this."
"Where is he?" Yan dongwen
"I’ll catch the train after dinner." She hasn’t felt anything yet.
Yan Dong didn’t say anything about directly snoring and paying Pengcheng. He said the situation and drove Song Shifeng’s car to address unknown to stop people. Of course, he took reporter Wu.
"I’ll go too," the old couple trotted out. "I’ll get people back even if I beg."
Yan Dong didn’t say much, just pulling people away.
There are still many people on the train who are carrying big bags and small bags to see them off. Fortunately, there are no more places in a county, and it doesn’t take long to block people.
"Senior, are you here to see me off?" The tender face was hesitant and flattered, and then I saw Yan Dong, who looked serious and severe next to her, suddenly face a change. "What are you doing here? I just report it truthfully. Do you still want to retaliate against me? "
"Don’t be afraid that no one will retaliate against you, son." Liu Erhua looked at him eagerly before he hurried. "We just want to ask you a favor to make a statement."
"What card? Perjury I don’t do "guys see Liu Erhua look a little relaxed but eyes still with vigilance.
"What do you think is to let you talk about the clues?" Reporter Wu didn’t good the spirit to interrupt his paranoia of being killed
The young man is obviously relaxed and reluctant to say, "What else can I say? Didn’t I tell my senior sister everything?"
"Tell me what you have to tell the police!"
"Then I can come without taking care of horses and chariots," said the lad, picking up his luggage and going forward.
Yan Dong grabbed his suitcase and said, "I’ll pay for the change or any loss."
"Why? Money is amazing. "
"With your report distorted the facts with your report to destroy a person! Just because you still want to be a real reporter and want to know the truth! "
"Don’t tell a lie. I reported everything I saw and heard!"
"So the whole thing is a conspiracy?" Yan Dong stared at him. "Then you are the knife that killed people. Can you still sleep in this life?"
The guy’s face is red, and his hand is not tight.
Just then pay the captain to catch up.
"Please assist the public security in handling the case."
Through the testimony of Yan Dong, a teenager, Captain Fu realized that Song Shifeng was set up by someone, otherwise it would be impossible for someone to know that there would be a fight in the billiard hall and it would develop into an evil thing. This set is that Wu Jiaxing set people up behind the scenes and stared at it step by step. From Song Shifeng being taken to Yan Dong to find someone to reconcile and send money, it was in the other party’s hands, but what would kill this set and throw Yan Dong’s purse to frame him and pay the captain for a while.
After finishing the case, pay the captain to apply for two cases directly and intensify the investigation of one case! If it is really a transnational murder case caused by commercial competition, they must bring people to justice, and no one can harm the Chinese people and trample on Chinese laws!
The police officers acted quickly. Is the man with an awkward accent still there? Did you kill someone and run away? In this case where there is no eye, no witness, no physical evidence and almost nothing, the case has become extremely difficult, but no one has said give up.
What happens to the public security naturally won’t talk to Song Shifeng, but since it is found out that they were framed, naturally they won’t let people continue with Yang Jiabao’s flat jump for two days and were released on the same day. Song Shifeng was also being interviewed by the captain.
"We need your help," Fu Pengcheng explained. "It may be dangerous."
"Want me to fish? No problem "Song Shifeng word should come immediately.
"We will have someone to protect you at any time."
"Even if you don’t protect me, you can’t let go of my bastard!" Song Shifeng gnashed her teeth and said that the one in her heart who hates not catching that guy is a coward!
When Song Shifeng stepped out of the detention center, a high-spirited editor Song came back.
Chapter 111 Chapter 111
The second brother is worth your friends!
I won’t say much about how to be lively with everyone at night. Anyway, it’s a big morale boost. One by one, I just rushed out of the earth and rushed to the sun
After a busy day, Song Shifeng said that he would not let his parents stay in that hotel again, and directly pulled people back to their yard.