Tang Qing has a good reason: "The older you get, the more sophisticated you are. What’s worth seeing under the age of 100? Isn’t it thicker and stronger than anyone else? You need to learn skills, of course, depending on how the seniors play! Don’t give reasons, everyone will go to Europe to study, and when they come back, they will have to write a report on their experience, not less than 1000 words! "

July 11, 2024

This unreasonable order made a bunch of boors blindsided, one by one depressed and complaining bitterly. Let them chop down people simply and write a summary with a pen? ohmygod!
Of course there are happy people, and people such as Drogba are very happy. One by one, they grinned and laughed wildly, pretending to comfort a group of brothers and saying that you can rest assured that we will get the photo album ready when we come back and ensure that everyone can see the first-hand recording and broadcasting at such a time.
Not to mention everyone’s different mentality of being happy and frustrated, after the personnel assignment, Tang Qing took Shuang’er Xinger and others to the stadium. Later, the Dragon Beard, who came here specially to explain, took the most favorable position to watch the war and prepared to observe the charm of the northwest elite.
The basic competition system of the two major events is two sessions a day, with monks exercising in the morning and afternoon. Because it’s a knockout, it’s all luck to touch whoever you don’t touch until the top 100 is decided. Every participant has a jade butterfly in his hand, which will tell you the opponent and time of the next game one day in advance, so that you can make targeted preparations.
Many people, especially in the first few days, don’t have the opportunity to play every day. Once the first two rounds are finished and more than half of the personnel are removed, the process will be accelerated. To the disappointment of the monks who were expected by many people, Tang Qing was empty the morning before, and there was no physical exercise competition until the afternoon. Curiously, Tang Qing’s opponent Drogba actually knows him, and his name is Tai Sen. This person once appeared in the monster beast rebellion in Mengcheng, and was later recruited by the chief of Mengcheng. This time, he participated in the Elite Club in the form of recommendation from the government.
"This cargo is really unlucky!" Drogba had a good impression of Tai Sen, and pleaded for him: "Go easy on the boss, don’t be too hard!"
"Good for you! Eat inside and eat outside! " Tang Qing bit by bit, scolded 1 and ignored it again, taking care of himself and talking with the dragon beard.
"I can beat Tai Sen down with my own hands, and Dan Chong’s feeling is not worthy of Tang Ye’s wear!" ……
Originally, Tang Qing didn’t even hope to take it to heart for this preliminaries. Since there was no chance to appear in the morning, Tang Ye intended to hurry up and study the great cause of making people with Xinger. But Xinger, though obedient to him, refused to give in easily on such an important matter, stressing that pride goes before a fall, it is very important to be careful to observe the enemy’s situation without making a big mistake, and so on, so he had to drag Tang Qing to watch the battle. After a big hat was pressed down, although Tang Qing didn’t agree, she couldn’t bear to brush the little wife’s interest, so she came to the scene reluctantly.
Not to mention, I heard the news that excited him as soon as I came.
"Qin Tai heading a? You deliberately hurt others! Is the Dragon Family planning to attack the ghost clan? "
Hearing the inside information revealed by the old beard, Tang Qing’s first reaction was that Long wanted to kill him. In that case, Tang Ye had a chance to make a fortune.
"Conspiracy always begins with public opinion, deliberately tossing the genius of ghosts and spirits. Honestly, what do you mean?"
Theoretically, the ranking is random, of course. However, this sentence is not even as good as a fart when it is put here by Tang Qing. Between words, Yan Long Hou’s tone was unusually firm, and he had seized the handle of Long Shi’s manipulation of the inside story, quite indignant.
"Look at what you have said, although the ghost spirit is not a pillar of the empire, it is also a big door. Let’s name is dragon, how can we be so shameless! "
The dragon beard looked puzzled, and when Tang Qing was really hysterical, he said in a serious tone, "It’s true that Qin Tai suffered setbacks and lost face, but it’s every cloud has a silver lining! The day before yesterday, the elders of the Ghost Sect released news, and Qin Tai learned from this painful experience. Instead of being decadent and depressed, he also stabilized his mind and made progress. Now, according to themselves, Qin Tai has great hope to win the top three of Elite Club and get the chance to bathe in Tianchi water! I can’t believe it! "
"No! So embarrassed? "
Tang Qingzhen was frightened by him, and wait for a while wanted to refute it, but he couldn’t begin. What’s the word for this? Can’t you break it with others and get a big idea? I’m afraid I’ll be jealous of the reputation of an outstanding person if I refute it rashly.
"I can’t believe it!"
Long Beard was quite satisfied with Tang Qing’s reaction and said proudly, "Speaking of it, the handling of this matter that day was very particular, which not only taught Qin Tai a lesson, but also gave him a new chance. The lion king’s old man has good intentions, good intentions! "
I can see you, Qin Taizhen was placed a lot of hopes by the Dragon Family. If there is no Tang Qing jumping out, it is not an exaggeration to say that he is the first in the northwest.
"Flatter! The old man is busy as a host and has no time to listen to your flattery! " Tang Qing said contemptuously.
"That is, let him and brother Tang get together and beat him up!" Shuang’er demonstrated with a small fist.
"This family, is all some what person! The little girl who is a little older also looks angry. " The old beard didn’t dare to compete with him, but only slandered him in his heart and said nothing.
During the conversation, I saw the figure of the lion king emerge in the air, with a dazzling golden robe and a serious face. With a slight sweep of my mind, the unique coercion of Godsworn was slightly released, as if Tianwei had come. The whole stadium, suddenly became very quiet.
Because it was the first day, the lion king was particularly concerned and even personally came to the town. There was no vain mobilization before the war. After repeating some well-known rules, the lion king in a golden robe directly announced the preliminary round of the northwest region-the official opening of the gong.
As the highest leader in the northwest, the lion king will certainly not announce the players’ match list like the announcer. Just like the opening of the Olympic Games, the head of state often leaves with a shout, and then it is time for the athletes to perform.
After a brief announcement, the stadium supervisor announced the candidate for the first match: Ghost Zong Qintai offered Miao Feng to the Northwest Military Camp!
Qin Tai and Miao Feng ‘ang let them in amid the cheers or cheers of thousands of people around.
"I depend! Is there such a thing? " At first sight of Qin Tai, Tang Qing immediately exclaimed.
! #

Chapter five hundred and eighty: Variation (I)
Chapter five hundred and eighty: Variation (I)
When Qin Tai appeared, the reaction of the people around him would not make him happy, and even some busybodies greeted him with boos, regardless of his identity. This kind of gloomy psychology is very common, and it seems that only such an occasion can make fun of a child. Anyway, so many people, ghosts can only endure.
On the contrary, Miao Feng has been unanimously welcomed by everyone. In Chena, the reputation of the army is quite good. Since Miao Feng is recommended by the Northwest Army, his identity is naturally enshrined with the army. Not to mention the military and civilian family, it is much cuter than that Qin Tai.
"That is Qin Tai? How dare he play? "
"Yes, this guy was dazzled by the master of three changes, and finally knelt down on the spot to make amends, but he didn’t go home and think about it! As the largest gate in the northwest, Ghost Sect won’t be the only one who can get it, will it? "
"It’s really hard to say, the ghost clan ranks at the bottom of the six big doors, but it’s hard to say that it’s only a false name."
"Words can’t say that, Qin Tai’s strength is still strong, and there is no way to take three changes. Anyone who changes is the result. If compared with Brother Jiedan, Qin Tai is the first in the northwest, which is indisputable. "
"It’s as true as it is. Have you fought him?"
"Hum! Of course I didn’t, but if you want, can you challenge it? "
"This is boring. Qin Tai is better than me, but that doesn’t mean he is the first in the northwest!"
"Yes, yes, is it better than Yan Longhou?"
"This ….. if than avatar, I’m afraid the duke …"
"It’s no use saying these things, see Miao Feng. I think Miao Feng has a good momentum and is recommended by the army. It should be no worse than Qin Tai. "
"Well … and read on. It’s just that I feel that this Qin Shaozhu is not quite the same as that day? "
"Didn’t listen to somebody else say, Qin Tai epiphany! The news released by Ghost Spirit Zong himself said that Qin Tai’s cultivation has reached a higher level, and he is already at the moment when he can try to have a baby at any time. "
"Yes, I also pretty said, if that’s the case, that a humiliation has become nature! It is … "
"Nature? Nature also depends on who is right! If it were you, it would be hard to say that it has been completely abolished. "
"You … I didn’t say myself …"
"Then who are you talking about? Look at the way you envy and hate, obviously it is a villain mentality! "
"You just mean mentality, you shameless …"
"Good good, see somebody else! Good Qin Tai is your brother, and the ghost clan is your relative. Can you get along? "
After the noise, it gradually quieted down. Qin Tai and Miao Feng in the field have also looked at each other from afar. Just after Jianli, they will start the first fight …
Miao Feng is not tall, but she looks particularly lean. Perhaps staying in the army for a long time has worn away many monks’ posturing, which has led to many soldiers’ unique coldness. Its cultivation is also in the late stage of Dan, and it is only one step away from perfection.
With the unique bright and clear style of soldiers, Miao Feng looked Qin Tai in the eyes, without the slightest timidity because of his status. He held his fist as a gift and said, "Miao Feng of the Northwest Army, please give me some advice."
Qin Tai YinYin smile, didn’t immediately answer the words, looked at his opponent up and down.
As we all know, Qin Tai’s position as a young master is just a default, and it has not been publicly publicized for ghosts. If put in the past, this little Lord call is not wrong; However, because of the previous accident, no matter whether Qin Tai really gained benefits from an epiphany, his position as a young master may not be recognized. Miao Feng’s intention, Qin Tai, of course, understands that it can already be regarded as a push to stab his heart with this name.
The light curtain does not block the sound, and the discussion around Qin Tai can be heard naturally. However, to Miao Feng’s surprise and even disappointment, Qin Tai didn’t mean to get angry because of it, but he had kept that somber smile, as if none of this had anything to do with it.
This kind of feeling makes Miao Feng wary. To be honest, in his view, although Qin Tai had a good reputation, he could not make himself feel afraid. People in the army, whether soldiers or monks, follow a simple truth: "No matter how famous you are, you will never know until you fight!" With the performance of Qin Tai that day, although the avatar is good, if it is really a life-and-death fight, Miao Feng will judge himself, and the winning percentage will be in the number of four or six. Even if he is slightly inferior, he is by no means without a chance to win.
At this time, it is completely different. Qin Tai seems to be a different person. The whole person exudes a strong sense of coldness from his bones. Miao Feng looks at him and feels a sense of poor breathing. It seems that I am not facing a living person, but an evil ghost, eyeing my own soul.
"The monks in the army are really different."
Miao Feng secretly shocked, Qin Tai opened his mouth, and the cold voice was like an awl, which was breathtaking. Pointing at Miao Feng, Qin Tai added his lips and sneered: "If nothing else, blood gas is much richer and more heroic than others. It’s perfect for raising this ghost. "
When this was said, Miao Feng suddenly became furious, and her brow was full of anger, just like a drawn steel knife.
It is an open secret that ghost spirits are raised by ghost spirits. However, in this public, especially in the elite’s arena, and belong to the same country or even a region of the monks, Qin Tai should release such resolute words, which really makes many monks dissatisfied.
Although the Elite Club is competitive, it will be ruthless, and there will be times when it is wrong or helpless to kill people. But that’s usually a last resort, and it doesn’t make people feel unacceptable. Like Qin Tai, he openly declared that he wanted to kill his opponent and feed him with ghosts. It can be said that he had no scruples and was very arrogant, and he immediately made public anger.