In the camp, Phoenix Shadow Ink put the night away on the cushion, pulled over the bedding, covered her, stretched out his hand, stained her face, and gently followed her hair to her ear, then sat and looked at her.

May 31, 2024

He knew that she was not sleeping, but she was awake, although she closed her eyes and did not move.
You don’t want to face him, do you
In normal times, he had the means to force her to face him, but tonight he didn’t want to.
She is too weak to lie there like a paper man.
The bloody nose was full of blood, and he remembered his arm.
Bitten by himself, his wrist was still dripping with blood. He frowned and tore a robe corner to entangle it.
"It’s getting late. Let the slave wait on the emperor and go to bed."
Another camp Huo An stood motionless in the camp with a negative hand, and the figure carefully suggested.
The emperor has been here for a long time since the crowd dispersed and returned to camp.
He knew that the emperor had something on his mind.
In fact, he probably knows what it is
What’s done is done, and this is not the way.
"The emperor …"
Just as he was about to repeat his bedtime request, the emperor suddenly turned around and said, "Did Huo Anzhen do something wrong?"
The pale dumb eyes seemed to bear the thousand-year-old wind and frost, and Huo An was shocked at that moment.
I don’t know if I responded to the emperor at the moment, but I was already raising my sleeves at him.
"Return it"
Huo An’s eyes trembled and his mood moved greatly.
Maybe it’s because he is always around. He knows this man better than others. Sometimes he really feels sorry for him.
For example, at the moment, he is very distressed.
"The emperor …"
The emperor sank his voice.
HuoAnDe back out.
In the camp, there is only one person who is devoted to thousands of feathers. With a wave of his sleeve, the candle in the camp goes out "poof"
The original bright camp was instantly plunged into darkness.
Devoted to thousands of feather tall figure mask in a dark still did not move.
He was wrong.
This time he was really wrong.
Originally, he took all the advantages of the right place and the right time, but he personally ruined it.
But tonight, the man in black was sent by him.
He just wants to solve the doubts in his heart.
Who is the man in black and what is the night departure? What’s it got to do with Phoenix Shadow Ink? Or what are the three of them Who is the child who leaves the womb at night?
Once he was dressed in black as Phoenix Shadow Ink.
Later he found out it wasn’t.
Because in the snowy mountain, men in black and phoenix shadow ink appeared at the same time.
And after the avalanche, the men in black even attacked him. He almost died at the hands of the men in black, and I heard that Fengyingmo was at the bottom of the ravine with them at night.
So the two of them should not be the same person.
But he can’t understand whether it’s the night away from an ungrateful person, but the phoenix shadow ink kneels for seven days and seven nights regardless of life and death, and the black man resolutely jumps off the cliff and follows life and death.
This made him have to doubt that Feng Ying Ink and the black dress person must be in some direct way.
And that kid.
In fact, the sudden abdominal pain in the carriage at night during the day, Feng Ying Mo said that it was because of a slippery tire that forced Zhang Shuo to make a diagnosis and treat, and he felt strange.
Several people reacted subtly, and he suspected that the child was still there.
He had two plans when he was camping at night.
A plan has people burn insect repellent incense containing slippery substances in each camp.
He thought about it. Anyway, in everyone’s eyes, he doesn’t know if the night child is still there, and he won’t be suspected by them.
If it’s really not here, it’s insect repellent.
If it is still there, it can not only expose it, but also destroy it conveniently.
Although cruel, no one knows his mood.
The original night away from the existing husband and wife with Phoenix Shadow Ink has made him feel uncomfortable every time he thinks about it.
But in the end, I want to get that woman, but I still have the wind in my heart.
So he said he didn’t care about it and said he would let it go.
But even if he doesn’t care about this, he can’t accept that this woman has flesh and blood with another man.
This is a world that no man can accept, right
Besides, he is still an emperor.
But at night, when the woman was really invaded by this fragrance and sweated in his arms, he shook again when he grabbed his robe and cried out to him.
He loves her more than his heartache.
So he didn’t hesitate, he announced that the king would come, and he asked Wang Li to go, although he knew that it would take a little delay to let the incense burn more, and her child would definitely slip away.
This is his first plan.
Because I can’t bear to fail alone.
And the second plan is men in black.
Also because of being seen through by one person.
The speaker, Jun, hangs the beam on the top of the sky, pricks the stock with a cone, and is bigger ~ ~
Thank you [Youlan 66] [18691699] for kissing flowers ~ ~ Thank you [wwspyl] [Failed] [Shell Baby] [Quiet and poised] [An onion wih a garlic] [Little Daisy Chou Chou] [Smart little stupid fish] [UIUI 53] [Lanyueliang 13] [Long stream]
Realizing that there was a figure wandering outside the camp, Feng Ying Mo got up.
Slim shadows reflected in the tent curtain, and he knew who it was.