Someone laughed. "The girl didn’t graduate, but Dr. Yan is already twenty years old. Can you not worry?"

July 2, 2024

A crowd is ha ha a laugh.
Jiang Jiang and Yan Shaoqing were out of the hospital.
A gust of wind blew, and she felt a little cold and hugged her arms.
Yan Shaoqing took off his coat and put it on her body to raise my hand and stopped a taxi.
"Your car is in the hospital?" Jiang Jiang woke up after sitting in with him.
"No" Yan Shaoqing smiled and said, "Danjiang Port" to the driver in front.
The driver glanced in the rearview mirror and woke up, "It’s quite far."
"Go?" Yan Shaoqing asked
"Go" The driver smiled heartily. "I don’t care where you decide to go by car."
"Well" YanShaoQing should be a.
Holding her arms tight, Jiang Jiang asked in a low voice, "Is it still cold?"
"Not cold," Jiang Jiang looked up at his path. "What are we going to do in the port?"
"Love" Yan Shaoqing’s thin lips covered her ear and her voice was incredibly soft.
Jiang Jiang blushed at one leng.
Watching him close at hand, Zhang Jun buried his cheek in his arms.
Yan Shaoqing’s steady and powerful heartbeat clearly reached her ears through a layer of clothes.
Bang, bang, bang …
Let her all be quiet one by one.
Danjiang port is the largest port on the edge of Yunjing city. After more than an hour’s taxi ride through the city, the neon night scene finally arrived.
The night wind is cold, the day is lively and noisy, and the port is also quiet and quiet, with brilliant lights left.
Jiang Jiang was led by Yan Shaoqing and walked straight along the dock.
It wasn’t long before I saw a yacht lit by lights in the berth.
After a long glance, Jiang Jiang felt that the length should be about 40 meters, and it looked quite high and warm. The lights in Huang Liang filled the whole three floors, and the beautiful reflection was quietly parked on the water, sparkling, beautiful and dreamy to the extreme.
"Come," Yan Shaoqing helped her to step over.
The man who had been waiting for a long time said "eat first"
The "good" man smiled and greeted Jiang tiaoyi to prepare dinner in the kitchen.
The sea breeze is naturally cold at night in spring.
Yan Shaoqing didn’t take Jiang Shao to blow cold air outside and took her directly to the master room on the first floor.
The flowers are fragrant.
Jiang Jiang stared at this scene and felt deja vu.
Many meters of dichroic roses are blooming in the light.
Her eyes rested on the center of the room, and the milky white quilt of the big bed was surrounded by rose petals in a heart-to-heart pattern.
Yan Shaoqing hugged her waist from behind, and her thin lips on one side of her cervical fossa got her judo "Do you like it?" Give you a wedding night. "
Jiang Jiang didn’t speak and kissed his lips on the side of his head.
Touching and passionate
Yan Shaoqing’s suit jacket fell on the soft and colorful carpet, and Jiang Jiang’s backpack also fell on the soft and colorful carpet. Even two feet moved and kicked down several bottles of rosa multiflora.
The vase rolls along the carpet and makes a crisp or dull collision.
Yan Shaoqing held Jiang Jiang down on the soft big bed.
Fragrant petals pounced on a face of two people.
Yan Shaoqing gasped at her, only to find that Jiang Jiang’s hair was petal-shaped and her face covered her eyes and lips.
Jiang Jiang was just about to reach for Yan Shaoqing’s thin lips and cover them.
Kiss her soft lips through the petals
Jiang Jiang just took the eye petal in one hand and looked at him stupefied. The petal fell out from her fingertips lightly.
Her hands clasped Yan Shaoqing’s neck
The body was crushed and twisted in haste. Yan Shaoqing’s one-leng kiss attacked her like a storm.
The yacht has gone and the whole world is very quiet.
Jiang Jiang buzzed in one ear and clearly heard his voice in the other.
Breathing, Adam’s apple rolling sound, sucking sound, clothes swaying sound, vase collision sound, leather shoes landing sound she seems to be dying.
All these sounds are intertwined, and her world is chaotic.
Turbulent, turbulent, ambiguous, hot …
Jiang Jiang wan to feel that he was about to be kissed until he suffocated. Yan Shaoqing let her go.
Turn over and lie flat on her side.
Jiang Jiang listened to him and said, "Take a bath and eat first."
The room was quiet for a second. Jiang Jiang lifted his foot and kicked him angrily.
Yanshaoqing dumb voice low laugh.
Very pleasant.
"Can you stop being so annoying?" Jiang Jiang bit his lip and didn’t good the spirit said.