"Eldest brother trouble you"

July 3, 2024

Master Hong’s eldest brother Hong Cheng is now a parent of Hong, and his strength is a little weaker than Master Hong’s.
He nodded and followed neatly.
Over the years, Hong Cheng has been hidden, which is a card for the Hong family.
Hong Cheng restrained his breath and made as little noise as possible so that he could fool the group.
But he didn’t know that he had already been discovered.
But those people didn’t care. Two or three people looked back and pretended not to find anything.
Soon these people came to the courtyard behind the hall.
The yard is overgrown with weeds and the trees are flourishing.
It looks like a desolate scene.
The man who spoke before quickly walked to an ancient well and squatted down as if to confirm.
Nodded at others after a moment.
"Right here.
"Then go."
One person responded, but no one else refuted.
One by one, these people jumped into the ancient well and kept coming to the ground.
Hong Cheng didn’t dare to check it until everyone was in the well.
He didn’t see anything after watching it for a long time.
Those people are very strange. Even though Hong Cheng has the strength close to Master Hong, he still dares not rashly go.
He quickly returned to the hall and told Master Hong about it again.
After listening to Master Hong, the eyebrows became more dignified.
Even in the Hong family, it is not always when he speaks that others will listen and occasionally disagree.
But these people seem to have great faith in that young man.
Not only did he have no doubt about what he said, but his action was higher than Hong’s.
The strength is not strong, but he doesn’t even pay attention to the mid-term of shaking the heavens. There are many people but they are extremely United
Who the hell are they?
Master Hong has never encountered such a strange situation.
I’m not sure about the origin of those people at the moment
It is better to wait and see if it is rash.
Thought of here, Master Hong will stop paying attention to those people, no matter what their goal is, just be yourself.
If it’s true, then let’s talk about it.
Master Hong doesn’t know that he is experiencing strange situations and is performing continuously in other places.
Ling Tianhe and Zhou Zhenghao also met a strange man.
The man is very young, less than twenty years old, but he speaks quite maturely.
"You don’t have to be so vigilant. If I really wanted to be bad for you, you would have died just now."
"What a big breath!"
Zhou Zhenghao’s cold words to young people are very different.
It’s a big talk for a guy who just turned into a god in the middle of his life.
The young man leng leng put his hand to his mouth and sighed.
Then a loose expression.
"I told you, I brushed my teeth on purpose when I left the door. How can I have a breath?"
"Didn’t your adult teach you not to lie casually?"
Zhou Zhenghao’s eyebrows jumped wildly.
He’s almost thirty, and he called Brother Ling Tian because Ling Tian is better than him.
There’s nothing to be ashamed of.
But this guy in front of him is even lower than his realm, and it’s just a bite of a child?
Pretending to be old is an immortal monster?
Zhou Zhenghao is now bursting with confidence and decided to teach young people a lesson.
But haven’t start work was stopped by ling day.
Ling Tianchong shook his head.
This young man is so strange.