She doesn’t believe in love words or people, and she doesn’t believe that Long Ze will be willing to throw everything after he has tasted the sweetness when he becomes an emperor

July 4, 2024

Li Hui’s charming eyes, mother, brother and relatives in previous lives … These relatives proved this fact to her with their lives.
No matter people face the temptation of profit, they can extricate themselves.
An exception
Long Ze incarnate beautiful eyes tightly staring at the fierce a held her in her arms method check ecstasy from the lips.
Xiao Qing-er, I will get the throne before this meeting, and I will greet you openly, and then I will kill all those who oppose you and continue our unfinished journey in previous lives.
Believe it or not, I will let you know that you and I can do whatever it takes!
Long Ze swore at the bottom of my heart that every word was very serious.
Na Lanqing withdrew from his arms, his eyes flickered slightly and his head tilted slightly. When he was about to leave, Long Ze took her hand and put it on his lips and kissed her gently. "I will prove to you that even if I reach the highest position in the world, you are still the most important … I can give up the throne and everything to benefit you!"
Na Lanqing kept trembling in pain. Her eyes were astringent and her lips were pursed. "Ridiculous. What if I let you quit the throne fight?"
"I will if you want!" Long Ze answered quickly.
Na Lanqing couldn’t believe that she also asked Long Ze this question when she looked back a while ago. At that time, he was not so determined.
At that time, he seemed to have something to prove, and he had a strange attachment to the throne
At this point …
Kissing the back of her hand lightly, Long Ze’s beautiful phoenix eyes evoke a faint glow at the end of intoxicating spring scenery, like a peach blossom demon pouring the world into beauty.
"I don’t know if I can get you, if I give up the throne, I will be willing to accompany you to the old age!"
"I wish I could switch your company, but I have never had this opportunity. I pray you can give me this opportunity?"
Long Ze’s affectionate complaint in her ear disturbed all her thinking ability, and now she thinks calmly and feels hot in her heart.
It’s so hot that she can’t breathe. It’s so hot that she feels uncomfortable …
Long Ze held her in her arms and felt her loose heart. Her eyes were slightly narrowed, and black fog covered all her eyes. Her eyes were incredibly black.
Grind with a sly grin
"I don’t want to force you, but I hope you remember that there is someone waiting for you to choose everything except this life. I will definitely give it to you. If I don’t, I want you to take it … This is my oath to you. It is my Long Ze oath to heaven!"
Slowly loosened Na Lanqing Long Ze bowed his head and kissed her lips without a kiss, and then he stepped back. His beautiful face was crazy at all costs.
He smiled with satisfaction and charm.
Step back slowly behind your hands. "I’ll wait for you!"
Leaving these three words, Long Ze’s breath disappeared in front of him, and it was not until he left Nalanqing’s mind that he slowly returned.
Stretching out his hand and stroking his lips, her heart remained calm for a long time.
Fatal tender love words are still ringing in her ears, but she can’t help believing them.
From Long Ze, I hid all my breath in the dark and stared at Nalanqing. It was dangerous and black with a smile.
No hurry, no hurry.
It doesn’t matter if Xiao Qing doesn’t like men … Let him love himself slowly step by step … just as he loves him.
Just be upset, which means he has a chance.
Even if it is forced to reverse Xiao Qing’s sexual orientation, let him love himself … It is better to force him to reverse his sexual orientation and naturally love women when he is alone and miserable.
He doesn’t believe this evil!
Na Lanqing didn’t know that now she was a prey, and Long Ze was no longer so passive as to wait for her willingly.
Now he is constantly digging a hole to bury Nalanqing in it so that she can’t go anywhere.
Don’t solve the problem except changing your sex to someone who loves you.
Na Lanqing knew this. She knew that her heart fluctuated for a long time because of Long Ze dialect.
But I don’t know that all this was deliberately done by Long Ze.
Shaking his head, NaLanQing laughed and laughed. Forget it. Now it’s important to talk about it after something else.
Mei Wenhua died in the tunnel, and it was not known that Mei Ren ‘ai was taken away by Long Ze, which was about death.