I’ve also learned a little bit of fur and fist kung fu in these three days. After all, it is impossible for him to give him fighting skills so soon.

July 6, 2024

The first is that he doesn’t have the skills yet, and the second is that he can still control power.
The most important thing is that fighting is the target of killing. He is a child, and he can’t learn it.
"Master, I remember that I will not lose face for you."
Xue Chuang is very sensible and nodded seriously. He will study hard.
"Master believes that force is a weapon for the strong to protect the weak, not bullying the weak. You must be good and not use it as a last resort, but once you use it, you must work hard to be a hero. I hope we can see your change next time."
Tang Yi looked at Xue Chuang as if looking at his younger self.
This remark was also given to him by a generation, and he also inherited it.
However, when we meet again, things are different and Xue Chuang has embarked on his own path because of many changes.
It’s always sad when everything comes to an end.
Fortunately, it’s only three days, and it’s changed dramatically here with Yang Han’s help.
Five acres of apple orchards are thriving and the old dilapidated houses will be repaired.
"I really don’t know how to thank you. I’m sure the Northwest Wolf will be very happy when he knows."
Driving a jeep away from the small town, Tang Yi still saw Xue Chuang’s face with tears in his eyes when he left.
Military families, they bear the burden of ordinary people, but they have to accept the death blow at any time.
Sister-in-law and Xue Chuang have really suffered a lot these years. I hope they can live happily from today.
"It’s just a matter of lifting a finger. I’m embarrassed to have done this little thing. Compared with you, it’s a drop in the bucket. Don’t I don’t know that you and my father, including Xue Chuang’s father, should all be secret special forces personnel. Your country has shed blood and sacrificed so that we can live now."
Yang Han is not ignorant of studying in the army for so many years, and she also guessed some clues.
But no matter what she says, Tang Yi will not answer, let alone admit it.
They are all absent from the five major war zones, namely, Dragon Shadow, Tiger Brigade, Wolf Warriors Brigade, Sword Brigade and Dragon Brigade.
Faced with the needs of modern warfare, it is also safe for them and their families to keep their side so secret.
After all, they are faced with vicious gangsters or cruel drug dealers. If they know about their families, the consequences will be unimaginable.
"Well, I won’t stop talking, can’t I? You and my dad are both in the same temper. I know the confidentiality regulations when I talk about my own troops."
Tang Yi’s silence made Yang Hannai sigh.
Yang Han, who grew up in a military family, has long been used to this state.
He is as silent as his father when asking the core questions.
"Sorry, I really can’t say."
Soldiers can be paranoid about the confidentiality regulations.
Even if this matter is not confidential, once it is included in the confidentiality regulations, it is equivalent to treason.
This is absolutely impossible for soldiers with loyal beliefs to make mistakes.
"By the way, how did you get out of here for a few days, but you drove my dad crazy? Can you tell me about it?"
I still remember leaving Yang Han once in the hospital.
Although she has been in that courtyard in the United States and Europe, she is well aware that it is heavily guarded.
Tang Yi actually disappeared there. How on earth did he get out of the street? The police car couldn’t find him.
"It’s very simple. In fact, I didn’t leave, but hid in the ceiling. I didn’t come out until they panicked and went out to look for me. I changed into a white coat and came out."
Tang Yi smiles, which is old-fashioned but effective, especially when the other person overestimates himself.
"Well, it’s no wonder that I still think you are Sun Wuhui’s seventy-two changes."
After listening to it, Yang Han couldn’t help but think of such a way because she was timid.
"That your troops trouble solved?"
My second father said that something happened to Tang Yi’s troops. He was in a bad mood and I don’t know what the situation is now.
"Half solved, but I believe everything will be solved."
Tang Yi looked at the Tiger Brigade and the Wolf Warriors Brigade in the distance. These two have come through. Then he will face a sword and a dragon.
But no matter what the road ahead is like, he must cut through the thorns.
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