Qiandao Lake produces fish, so most of the specialties here are braised fish heads, steamed mandarin fish, stewed bamboo shoots, sweet and sour sparrows, pheasant pot, boiling fish fillets, precious crabs, cold wild vegetables …

July 7, 2024

It looks quite rich, but it’s a pity that it’s all Suzhou and Hangzhou. Everyone can’t eat it and barely eat it.
There are also some entertainment programs from 7: 00 to 7: 00 in the resort, including song and dance performances, magic performances and tea performances.
Shen’s father and mother prefer to be lively, so Shen Xintang said to go to the show.
A group of six people go to see the performance hall, which is not big but three meters high. The audience are all sitting around their round tables and can order a cup of coffee or ice drink or eat some melons.
Shen’s father and mother watched with relish, and even Shen Xintang unconsciously threw himself into watching the scene, which really had an atmosphere.
However, Shen Jiayang and Laoting left after watching for a while, and Shen Xintang still turned away to find out.
It is the early stage of lovers’ love, which is very suitable for bathing in the moonlight, walking by the lake and talking about charming love stories.
At this moment, a young man in Taiwan is performing mind-reading magic. He wants to invite the guest table to join him. When he asks if there are any volunteers in Taiwan, Hua Wenxuan sits next to Shen Xintang and raises his hand and gets up.
"Good that tall and handsome boy over there!" The magician pointed in the direction of Hua Wenxuan. "Please come to Taiwan!"
Hua Wenxuan walked to the stage according to his words, and the magician said to let him introduce himself. But before Hua Wenxuan could speak, the magician stopped him. "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, you won’t tell me who you are, so let me guess if your last name is Hua?"
Hua Wenxuan nodded and said "Yes"
"Mr. Good Flower, you should be from the sea, right?"
"You came with your family. There are six people, three men and three women, right?"
"Yes!" He takes a day off at night.
All eyes looked at Shen Xintang’s table, but they soon found that there were three people sitting at the table and they couldn’t help questioning the magician’s skill.
However, Shen’s father and Shen’s mother thought it was more amazing because the magician guessed it right.
Shen Xintang is a little disdainful because Hua Wenxuan is a celebrity at least. Maybe the magician recognized him? It’s not difficult to guess that it’s from the sea, because tourists who come from Shanghai and Hangzhou on weekends talk a lot about three men and three women. Maybe he noticed it before, or maybe.
Isn’t magic a distraction?
"Mr. Haohua came to ask you to write a sentence on this piece of paper, no matter what it is, but don’t let me see it!"
Shen’s father and Shen’s mother tut tut-tut. The magician has turned around with a pen and paper to let Hua Wenxuan write, and folded it so that the other party can’t see it.
Hua Wenxuan wrote it according to the words, then folded the paper and gave it to the magician.
The magician made a mark on the folded paper with a marker, then put it in a box and lifted the lid.
He left the marker on another piece of white paper. Youlong quickly wrote what he wanted to write. Then he folded the paper in the same way. Finally, he glanced at the audience and said mysteriously in the tone of Liu Qian, "Everyone, it’s time to witness the miracle! Please hit the light on the young lady at table 14. "
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☆, Chapter 214 Propose () ☆.
The lights in the field are on, and the high-brightness laser lights are focused on Shen Xintang. All eyes are shooting at her.
"Miss Shen Xintang, right? Could you trouble Miss Shen to come to Taiwan? " The magician looked at her eagerly.
Shen Xin Tang nai can get up and walk leisurely towards the stage.
Shen Xintang stood side by side with Hua Wenxuan on the stage.
The magician handed Shen Xintang the paper he had written and motioned for her to read it out.
When Shen Xintang saw it, he wrote, "Please help me. I hope I can propose to Shen Xintang tonight!"
Shen Xintang zheng didn’t know what to do at the moment. She glanced at the magician in wait for a while and turned her eyes to Hua Wenxuan, whose eyes smiled with a calm and carefree look.
"Read it!" The magician urged Shen Xintang way
Everyone in Taiwan is holding their breath and waiting for the show.
Shen Xintang glanced nervously at the stage and looked at the magician Ned for help. He smiled and said, "It seems that Miss Shen is nervous. It’s no trouble. Miss Shen, give me back the note I just put in the box!"
"What note? I didn’t take it! " Shen Xintang is at a loss.