Qiu Wen knew Qin Lan’s temper, so she didn’t ask any more questions. She asked Qin Lan about it and let her handle it.

July 8, 2024

After practicing boxing and washing, Qin Lan’s heart changed into a clean clothes, and she became a small man in cloth, while Chong Shuang and Chong Xi also wore men’s clothes, and then the three men left from the back door of Wangfu.
Zhanzhou is the main city with the largest area and the largest number of counties and towns in the five northwest States. There is also a big green bud lake, and many streets are wide, just as Zhong Yi told Qin Lanxin before, Zhanzhou is also very lively.
Qin Lan walks in the streets and alleys of the main city with emphasis on double happiness and a pair of curious eyes, and asks questions before he meets anything he has never seen before.
Soon, the locals guided three people to the biggest city in the city, and people came and went very crowded and lively.
Because of too many people, Qin Lan’s heart was lifting her feet to go inside when suddenly the clothes were caught by someone. Looking back, she was a dirty seven-year-old boy with a face as black as coal and a pair of bright eyes looking at herself timidly.
"Big brother, do you want to buy food? My family has wonderful dishes. "The little boy seems to have got up a lot of courage and said to Qin Lan’s heart.
"Get your hands off me!" Heavy double gently glared at the child’s princess dress is not what people can pull.
The little boy was scared and relaxed quickly, but he still stared at Qin Lanxin and the three of them expectantly.
"What strange dishes do you have at home?" Qin Lan smiled gently and said
Maybe it’s because the child is so thin that she is too young to talk, for fear of scaring him.
Seeing that Qin Lan was so friendly, the little boy was about to lose his courage to come back again and said with a little courage, "It’s sand beet!" "
He said this improperly, and several passers-by couldn’t help laughing when they heard it.
At this time, a kind passer-by stopped to look at Qin Lan’s heart and said, "Don’t be angry with this little man, this child is teasing you! Who are you? Don’t hurry back and don’t make trouble for your adults! "
Although Qin Lan-xin is dressed in cloth, it is obvious that ordinary people can’t afford to wear good cloth. This Hei Hai is obviously a poor family. Children say that sand beets are rare dishes. Isn’t that a lie?
"Sand, why are you running around? Go back with dad!" At this moment, an equally black, thin and tall man squeezed into the crowd. He glanced at Qin Lan with some apologies and fear, pulling his own heart and leaving.
Qin Lan felt very strange that she had sand beets when she heard about beets in modern times. Perhaps it was out of curiosity that she quietly turned around and followed the father who left in a hurry, and then found their small food stall in a remote place.
A food stall is actually two baskets, one large and one small. Just now, the father sat back behind the basket with a blank face.
"What is this?" Qin Lan looked at the things in their baskets strangely and asked, by the way, pick up one and watch it carefully.
"Ah-this little man … what did you say?" The black-skinned father seems to be surprised by Qin Lan’s heart-he won’t be asked today.
"Brother Liu, the little man asked you about the dishes in the basket!" The stall owner on the left selling spring leeks said with a kind smile that maybe this blind cat of Liu Dage can really hit the dead consumption today.
"food? Oh, this gentleman, this is sand beet! " Black rod Han some unprepared to answer a way
"Sand beet? What is it? " Qin Lanxin has been cooking for many years, but she has never seen this kind of sand beet in modern times. It should be a special vegetable in the Wei Dynasty, just like red and spicy.
Qin Lan’s guess is right. This sand beet is an edible vegetable unique to the sandy land in the northwest of the Wei Dynasty. It grows all year round and enjoys heat resistance and high temperature. Like cactus, its roots don’t need much water. It is the most vigorous plant on the edge of the desert.
The leaves of sand beet are dark green with serrated edges, which are thick, hard and prickly. Therefore, most of the leaves are dried and fed to livestock, and few people eat them. The fruit produced by the roots is bigger than that of white radish in the plain. In winter, the yield will be lower because of the cold weather, which is the most common vegetable in the homes of local people in northwest China.
However, you can’t eat it raw, you must cook it before you eat it, and it tastes sweet. Because it is common, local people rarely buy it from outsiders. Even this kind of easy-to-live sand beet can’t be sold in five northwest States.
When the black-skinned man saw Qin Lan’s heart asking about his stupidity, he wouldn’t say anything, saying that this sand beet is a common vegetable in northwest China, which can be cooked and eaten after washing and peeling, and it tastes very sweet.
"How much are you selling this sand beet?" Because it is the first time to see fresh ingredients, Qin Lan has an exploration heart and plans to go back and try it.
"A basket of ten pence!" Black rod Han hurriedly said
"What?" Qin Lan seems to have some doubts that this basket is not small, and I don’t know how the two fathers came back here and asked for a basket of ten pence. This is too cheap, isn’t it?
However, Qin Lan, a black and thin man, was afraid that the business could not be done. He quickly said, "It’s okay to give money to this big basket and six pence to the small basket!"
"This is too …" Double and double happiness are amazing.
"It’s expensive, then …" Black-skinned Han gritted his teeth to say another price, but Qin Lan waved his hand to stop him.
Look at the father’s shabby clothes. The little boy looks like wearing a fig leaf. He has to hear them say that the price of sand beets is not good in his heart. One day, she will let the northwest people have a good life of food and clothing.
"I’ll decide the price. There are many people in my family who need to buy food. You are a sand beet. I’ll give you ten pence a catty to find a carriage to weigh the food and move it!" Qin Lan smiled at the black rod Han and said to Chong Xi behind him.
"It’s male!" Say that finish heavy xi turned to hire a carriage first.
At this moment, people all froze when they heard Qin Lan’s words. The little black-skinned boy suddenly got up and seemed to look at the vendors on the left and right sides of Qin Lan’s heart in disbelief. The vendors were all about to drop ten pence a catty of sand beets. This man is crazy!
Oh, my God, today, Brother Liu is really lucky to meet a sucker, or it will be easier to fool outsiders if they think it’s strange, but it’s too easy to fool!
"This gentleman, this leek is also cheaper than five pence a catty. Do you want it?" Then sell leek boss took the opportunity to say
"Look at your leek. It’s not bad. Give it to me!" Qin Lan heart said with a smile
"Grandpa, I have late spring vegetables here. Do you want them?" Another vendor next to him also leaned in and asked with a smile.
"Give it to me, too!" Qin Lanxin said
By the time Chong-hee and the coachman arrived, Qin Lan’s heart was surrounded by layers of vendors. They all took their own things in their hands and tried to sell them to Qin Lan’s heart. Qin Lan felt good and bought them all.
By the time the three people finally left the vegetable market, the carriage was already full of all kinds of vegetables, pulp and food, and it was really "full"
While watching Qin Lan’s heart leave, the vegetable sellers naturally have beaming faces. This morning, they were all lucky. The price of vegetables was four or five times higher than usual, and some people were stupid enough to buy them home.
"Do you think there is something wrong with this little boy who buys food?" This help fine vegetable vendor squatted together and said
"You really dare to ask for a price. That little brother is not stupid. He is kind. You really think that he can’t see that you are asking for a high price. He is pitying you!" A tea stall owner who watched the whole process said
At the edge of the city, these vegetable sellers look like rags from poor valleys. It’s hard for anyone to see that the tea stall owner has been here for a long time or some people will look at people.