"Call" slowly spit out one mouthful Han Chen quickly woke up from the state of uniting.

June 1, 2024

With a smile on his face, Han Chen muttered to himself, "I didn’t expect to be able to win the spirit-gathering realm so soon. It’s not easy."
At this time, Han Chen also stayed in this castellan mansion for half a month, and sometimes he lived a very free life here. Although he was called a bodyguard, this large castellan mansion was heavily guarded inside and outside, and no one could come in.
But the original Han Chen thought so, too, but suddenly one night, outside came the sounds of shouting and killing, and then Han Chen was also attracted by these sounds, that is, he quickly put on a black clothes and then slowly went out.
Of course, Han Chen is also a little cautious at this time, so he is also observing from a distance. Although the moonlight is a little dark, Han Chen’s vision is completely able to see what is happening there.
Buzz …
See at this time there bursts of earth breath suddenly diffuse to then also heard a scream and then a terrible ratio.
"It seems that this time I have come to the master." The face remains the same. Han Chen is still hiding his breath. Looking at that black figure with a familiar breath, take it slowly.
"It’s him." Han Chen’s face remained the same. He recognized that figure, which was the black dress person he had seen in the inn in the bonfire city before.
"There is a lot to see this time." Han Chen responded that he was going to watch the drama there.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Suddenly a few broken wind rings suddenly appeared, and then Han Chen also saw that Xue Chuan and others also appeared there, far away from a few rings.
"Are you from? Dare to break into my castellan mansion at night "is Xue Chuan speaking.
Although the sound of "to kill your duke" is a little small, Han Chen can hear it clearly.
"Good. In that case, someone will arrest this assassin for me."
Then the two sides entered into a scuffle.
See at this time, from afar, the breath of the earth suddenly blows and bursts of explosions are like firecrackers, but every time a few soldiers of the castellan’s mansion fall, they are torn by life and death.
"This guy is really too fierce." Seeing the dead bodies all over the ground, Han Chen not only took a deep breath.
"What person?" But at this time, the black dress person is a cold voice, and then a white light shines on Han Chen.
"Hum" cold hum a soul force quickly spread to the earth and then it is to resist the white light.
A gold iron landing ring Han Chen eyes looked at the ground is to see filar silk leitian.
It turns out that this hidden weapons is poisonous
"Ha-ha, my friend, you are poisonous. hidden weapons attacked me. It seems that some people can’t explain it." Han Chen’s faint voice came.
"Hum, how are you? So you also take refuge in the castellan mansion. "Seems to recognize Han Chen’s eyes, which are full of murder.
"Ha ha, I’m just playing in this castellan’s mansion" responded Han Chen but shrugged his shoulders and looked at the black dress person. His heart was also a little surprised to see that this guy was a master of gathering spirit. I didn’t expect that now he is a master of gathering spirit in the early days, so the speed of uniting is simply appalling.
"Play? Well, just watch me and I won’t kill you. "The dense smile came from the black dress person’s mouth.
"Ha ha, you are so cruel, how could I let you hurt people’s lives again?" Han Chen laughed coldly, and it was the black dress person who started to swing around quickly.
"Well, since you are going to die, then I will be merciless. Today, you will die with these guys." The black dress person’s eyes are cold and the whole body is exploding, and then dozens of flies appear in his hands, which immediately cut his breath and shot away at those people around him.
"Ah …"
"Ah …"
Flying a knife soon, some people with low strength are quickly killed by a knife.
At a time when there are only a dozen people left in the field.
"Han Chen brothers, the duke is practicing this guy. Let’s stop it for a while. After the duke finishes practicing, this assassin will die." Xue Chuan said coldly.
"In that case, then we will stop it." Han Chen’s face is also a little chilly for a moment. When the whole body is full of vitality, it is ready to make moves
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Buzz …
Han Chen’s face is also a little gloomy. His black dress person is going to assassinate Ye Juntian. If that’s the case, he can observe that Jun Ye Day is really not a good thing during this period, but look at it now. The black dress person seems to be going to completely slaughter the Lord’s mansion.
Han Chen is also determined to go out for such a cruel person.