If one day her brother is so brain-dead, maybe she will leave because he is hopeless and won’t suspect anyone.

July 9, 2024

Shen Yan sighed and didn’t persuade her or encourage her. "You are worried that you don’t know that person. It’s estimated that it won’t help if you go over, you know?"
"I know I will try my best to give him a lot of money, and it is not a problem if money can solve the problem."
Shen Yannai smiled in his eyes and said that although he had been married for many years, he was still no different from a child who didn’t grow up. How can some things be solved by money?
It’s like feeling deep. I think it should be clearer than him.
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Chapter 93 of the first volume gave me my second chapter of Xieyuan Powder Addition.
Yan Yan hung up and folded his arms on his chest. Looking out of the window, the night inevitably thought of the man who appeared in the whole club tonight.
For example, Xiao Jing said that she was not considerate of her husband as a wife.
But the man wanted all of them to die, and admitted that she was scared.
Washed out of the bathroom, Anyan sat by the French window, and that piece of single person sofa entertainment news pushed Anyan’s mobile phone to go in and saw the handsome face of Yu Yi.
I don’t know if it’s because the media is too good at capturing pictures or how to wear a well-tailored black suit and hold the woman in your arms with a cold face.
The background is that the banquet hall of a famous hotel in Wencheng is luxurious and tall, while the road behind them is light and shallow, sipping their lips slightly sideways, and their eyes fall on the back of Yu Yi’s departure.
The news headlines are naturally striking, and Mrs. Yu Jiashao is jealous, hurting her rival and breaking away.
An Yan glanced at the road again, and his eyes flashed back. Is this divorce doomed?
Xiao Jing didn’t sleep when he came back from the room. She waited for him to go to the bathroom and wash it before holding her head and asking him, "Didn’t you go to the charity banquet tonight?" What’s the matter with shallow roads and melancholy? "
Men’s short black hair is still dripping. It’s sexy that water drops slide from forehead to cheek and then drip.
He looked down at her and said indifferently, "You are what you see."
"I don’t believe it"
Xiao Jing took the towel in his hand and threw it at her as if it were handy. Even the words were "I’ll tell you if you wipe my hair."
The soft towel is a little wet, so I suddenly sat up and threw it back. "Then I might as well talk to her myself."
Xiao Jing was not annoyed at bending down to pick up the towel she had thrown to the ground and casually said, "Do you think she might tell you?"
Anyan just took the mobile phone to her hand and was shocked. Xiao Jing said that the right way is light and shallow, and she won’t tell her that things are light and shallow. She always seems to be smiling herself now.
She threw away her mobile phone again and looked at him with a straight face. "This towel is wet. Go find a dry one and I’ll wipe it for you."
Isn’t it just a hair brush? Before, she didn’t even say, she just went to the bottom of her ass. It’s best to wipe it and go to bed. That’s her purpose
He still went to get a dry towel. Xiao Jing sat by the bed. Because of the height difference, he stooped slightly. The woman’s soft fingers held the towel and rubbed it on his head.
A minute later, Yan Yan pursed his lips. "You said it."
Xiao Jing closed his eyes slightly like a very comfortable voice, "I haven’t done it yet."
Now the weather is not particularly cool, but the room is at a constant temperature. His short hair needs a little rubbing, but he doesn’t know whether to enjoy the strength of her fingertips or how to relax.
Section 6
After several minutes, he still didn’t move. As soon as his eyes closed, he slammed a white towel on his head and sulked, "Xiao Jing, are you fucking kidding me?"
The man took off his head towel and threw it aside. He turned around and looked at her sitting on the bed angrily. Her thin lips raised a little hard to see, and she slowly said, "I don’t think it matters if you listen to the story of the dog blood."
An Yan frowned and looked at him waiting for Wen, even if it was a bloody story, it was shallow and shallow.
"This evening, the representatives of the Yu’s group attended the scene with their girlfriends, and it happened that the little three and the main palace tore each other. The Yu’s girlfriend was pushed into a pile of broken tall glass fragments by the light road …"
When I heard the last sentence, I couldn’t help laughing. "Are you sure Ji Xiru was pushed lightly by the road instead of herself to gain sympathy?"
Xiao Jing looks into her and says nothing.
In fact, Yan Yan’s heart should also know that even if the road is shallow and not pushed, it must be her road that is shallow and shallow in the eyes of outsiders or the illusion created by the season.
"Well, after listening to the hexagrams, go to sleep."
As soon as the man’s voice fell into the room, he fell into darkness. When the bright light didn’t adapt to it for a long time, he frowned and looked at his place through the light outside the floor-to-ceiling window and said, "You were there. You should have seen clearly that the road was light and shallow. Did you really push Ji Xiru?"
Xiao Jing didn’t hug her in his arms for the first time this time and quickly answered her question, "I don’t know if I pushed it or not. When I saw it, the man was already in a pile of broken glass."
But the road is light and shallow. At that time, I looked at it with indifference and continued to be embarrassed and miserable.
The photo taken by the media is like being beaten across by Yu Yan, and it can be seen that there are scratches on the arms and back exposed to the air.
And the face buried in Yu Yi’s chest exposed a drop of unswept beads on his jaw.
I have pity on anyone who has seen that situation.
The bedroom fell into silence, and her mind was in a state of confusion, as if something suddenly flooded into her brain.
The man who slept beside her for a long time made a low voice, "Did your classmate bully you tonight?"
An Yan came with his back to his smell speech and didn’t turn around. He grabbed himself and was pulled a little. "How dare they bully me? That is to say, I don’t like being obedient."
In fact, she knows that with that group of classmates, sometimes the man who pops up suddenly