Jiang Lan want to mouth was stopped by him.

July 10, 2024

He wanted to see how the five elders would handle this matter.
If it’s like a swing, then he has to consider whether to take them or not.
Since master Jiang asked him to help the Jiang family, he also promised that he would not allow hidden dangers to exist.
Fortunately, the five elders did not let him down.
The elder first said
"Everything Jiang Lan and Jiang Yu do is with our permission."
"They are not greedy for Jiang’s assets and have not given Ling Tian any benefits."
Two elders followed by said
"The method of asset allocation has also been approved by us. Do you think we are one of them?"
Three elders sneer at a.
"I don’t know my last name if I’m fooled by outsiders."
"This kind of idiot gets out of Jiang’s house early!"
The remaining two elders didn’t speak. They walked beside Jiang Lan and Jiang Yu and protected the two sisters behind them.
Although the two sisters don’t need their protection, the two elders have expressed their attitude in words and deeds.
Seeing this, they suddenly exploded with anger.
It’s ugly to point the finger at the words spoken by several elders directly.
The more the elders listen, the colder their hearts get.
Jiang Jia …
I’m afraid it’s really going to break up
Fortunately, not everyone is on their side.
There are still dozens of people on their side.
These people are the real mainstay of Jiang Jia.
When the elder closed his eyes and opened them again, it was clear.
"One of the old duties of Jiang’s parents is to clean the door."
"that’s why people with strength and high strength can be elders."
"All these years, everything has been supported by the householder. We just ran errands and never really did anything."
"Now it’s time to use the waste heat."
With these words, the elder went straight to the group of people.
They didn’t know what the elder was going to do, but Yang Yanwu realized that it was wrong.
But he hasn’t come to talk yet. The elder has already started work.
The first man was smashed in the ribs by the elder.
Fell to the ground and vomited blood
Followed by the second and third …
The remaining four elders stared at each other and suddenly smiled.
"Let’s go"
"We are always in trouble with others because of the bad things in the ginger family."
"Since we have to bear the blame, let us old guys come."
Four people follow the footsteps of the elder.
Soon screams rang out in front of the warehouse.
When that group of people reacted, more than a dozen people were seriously injured by five elders and fell to the ground.
They’re not dead yet. Obviously, the elders still can’t bear to die.
But this trip has completely angered them.
"You dare to kill the ginger family at will!"
"You don’t deserve to be elders!"
"Kill them or we won’t get away without killing them!"
Yang Yanwu shouted and sneaked away toward the elders.
The elder never looked back.