Li said that the other party was dumb and cold, and before he turned to leave, Li did not forget to leave the last sentence.

July 11, 2024

"Damn it, damn it, I’m not done with you. I won’t let you go."
Linda Gao didn’t react until Li disappeared and roared.
"Madam, please calm down first. I have a way to help you out here. The little comrade-in-arms named WU GANG is our new security director. What can we do if we do this?"
Cai Li quickly lowered his voice and said in Linda Gao’s ear that the idea was mean and cunning when Hu Sanyou worked out the calculation.
"Do it at once. I’ll send him to prison."
After hearing this, Linda Gao’s eyes were full of anger. Since soldiers pay attention to war friendship, she has done Tang Yi’s comrades-in-arms
Chapter 335 Confession again
When the sun rose slowly, the noise in the city resumed again.
The news of an explosion in the busy streets spread all over the streets.
The Gao clique’s ban on Yang Han became a hot topic, and all kinds of words spread like wildfire.
It is said that Yang Han and Proud Tian are a couple, and there will be a ban order because of the couple’s disagreement.
It is also said that Yang Han is the illegitimate daughter of Chairman Gao, who was frozen because of the first attack.
Behind all kinds of gossip are irresponsible ostentation and obscenity.
Tang Yi stepped into the hotel and walked all the way back. He thought a lot.
There was a lot of trouble last night, but it didn’t help Yang Han, even though it was evil.
It is also because of his feud with arrogant days that Yang Han has worked so hard to make a new play go up in smoke.
I’m afraid not only Faying will make her bear huge debts, but Tang Yi can’t bear to think of it here.
"Knock, knock, knock"
Before coming to the door, Tang Yi hesitated or knocked at the door.
Soon the door hit Yang Han in front of him.
In a white dress, she is a little lazy, and the thick dark circles represent that she has not slept all night.
"It’s so good to have you back. I was worried about your accident."
See Tang Yi Yang Han squeezed out a smile and finally assured that she would let Tang Yi in.
"Are you worried that I will be beaten?"
Tang Yi sat in the chair and looked at the messy room. It seems that she has been busy talking.
"I’m afraid you’ll kill a proud man. It’s not worth it."
Yang Han sat down on the bed pulled a still have some wet hair and said
"Don’t worry, I didn’t touch a finger. The tank squashed his car."
Tang Yi told the story from beginning to end. After listening, Yang Han also shouted.
"This kind of person should teach him a hard lesson. If it is a war, he can be shot on the spot."
Insulting soldiers is definitely not a joke, it is a legal responsibility.
After the soldiers, Yang Han also felt enjoyable.
"But I still can’t help you."
Tang Yi nai looked at Yang Han. He really blames himself now.
What people around you don’t have a good result? Does this Dreadwind life affect friends?
"So what? Bowing your head is the soul of the army. If you bend, I will look down on you. Since last night, many friends have spoken. Although they have not helped much, it is also a comfort. Well, at least I have a few sincere friends over the years, and I have already dealt with everything in the company."
If the big shareholder keeps his mouth shut, all the hard work will be done, not to mention the screening.