The only pity is that Yang Lingtian Ziyuan’s body is not pure, there are too many magazines in China, and there are some inexplicable forces lurking in his body.

June 2, 2024

If the overseas islands can’t find a way to restrain the blood spirit, then after returning to Dayan Holy Land, everyone will have to directly touch the immortal blood spirit and Shao Hao to temper the purple pole body more perfectly with the help of the fire and water here. That is a good choice.
"It’s a bit like it seems that it’s not." Looking at it, I looked a little pale but calm. The young man with silver hair claimed to know nothing and finally showed an uncertain look.
Sun Ningyan’s guess is good. It’s a multiplication to blend fire and water to forge the body of God. At first, I knew that my body was not perfect. Yanglingtian really wanted to forge the body with the help of the huge water and fire here.
But at the moment when he entered the junction, he knew that his idea was a little poor-the middle of the island of ice and fire was not only the junction of two kinds of miasma, but also the source of miasma in the vast island. I didn’t feel it before I entered it. Only after Huo Ran found that the concentration of miasma here seemed to be one hundred times higher than that on both sides of the peninsula, it was no wonder that Sun Ning’s smoke was in contact with the edge, and then he was in a cold and toxic coma.
The majestic fire, water, fire and miasma surged in and violently tore at the body like a cold steel knife across the bone to peel off the flesh and blood, and the huge corrosive breath went straight into the bone marrow. Every nerve was constantly pulled. First, the fire burned, but it didn’t make the fire burn to the bone. Suddenly, the fire suddenly changed into extreme cold and poured directly from the top of the head.
Ten days later, the five elements of his body also automatically started to work, driving the surrounding fire, water and gas to rush into the body crazily.
At the same time, the dark sword also flew out automatically, and the silver-haired youth fluttered overhead.
Ask the heavens and ask the ends of the earth? What is the extreme of swimming?
Life is acacia and death is bitter? Sun, moon and security? Li Xing An Chen?
It seems to have disappeared for a long time, and the song of asking for heaven suddenly came.
Still low and desolate, it seems to be as straight as Huang Zhong and Lu from the ancient flood.
"No! ! !”
Listening to the familiar sound, a strange feeling suddenly welled up in Yangling.
The sound did not come from the depths of his mind, but seemed to come from the howling wind around him.
Only when? Trinity of yin and yang?
The dignified and irresistible sound continues.
Is there also a song of asking for the truth hidden here? Yangling Tianbo gently moved as if he wanted to open his eyes to find the source of the sound, but the heavy pressure made him blind and listen quietly.
Time passed quietly, and I don’t know how long it took, perhaps for a moment or for generations to come.
The silver-haired young man finally found the difference between two songs of asking for heaven. The sound coming from the wind did not have the power to make people unconsciously sink, nor did he see the ancient scene when he first heard the song of asking for heaven.
However, the same words and sounds seem to stir up some hidden information in the consciousness, and the blurred picture of dragons and phoenixes is gradually coming.
"This is ~ ~ ~"
Looking at Yanglingtian, it’s hard for outsiders to find purple halo and wonder, and it’s not from one leng at the same time.
"No, he should not be able to fix it now ~ ~"
Si Miao looked doubtfully at the silver-haired young man’s eyebrows for a long time, but at the same time, he suddenly seemed to think of something, like his eyes suddenly discerning.
"The guy who sent us in, he was 10,000 years ago. It must be him ~ ~ ~ It must be him. He arranged everything here long ago, and he sent us here on purpose when we came in."
Young people with white hair and silver hair float, and their long hair and clothes flutter in the wind like immortals.
Meng, Si Miao’s face was full of surprises and his eyes were staring at the middle figure.
Deep underground, a city that people have never touched.
Surrounded by stone walls inlaid with night beads, the city that should have been dark and unusually turned into a city that never sleeps.
A white jade statue stands in the center of the huge square in the center of the city.
Silence is to bear the worship of several people with a clear conscience without any indication that the idol suddenly trembled slightly.
The whole city followed gently shaking.