Another advantage of the game is that people recover quickly, especially when there is medicine and food to help. Now Sun Sheng doesn’t have any food in his bag, and he is reluctant to eat tortillas.

June 3, 2024

After a short rest, Sun Sheng has the strength to jump again. Sun Sheng doesn’t know if there are any obstacles in front of the theory of saving physical strength. Sun Sheng will not hesitate to make "monkey jumping" a luxury. Now he has calmed down a little and arrived at his destination as soon as possible. Sun Sheng feels it is necessary to adjust his way forward.
When Sun Sheng moved forward again, he was already more intelligent. He could run, never jump, never jump, never jump too high. Sun Sheng tried his best to avoid blocking his vines. Of course, those big and small ones were directly knocked off by Sun Sheng’s body. The environment in front of him was getting closer and closer to the rainforest. There were too many small vines to avoid. It seems that there is a lot of rain here. Sun Sheng secretly inferred that the small vines are also quite flexible. After breaking some, Sun Sheng will always slow down unconsciously. Sun Sheng didn’t even dare to think about all kinds of movements to avoid obstacles. If an audience watched in reality, Sun Shengxing might be shocked by this acrobatic skill!
In this process of continuous progress, Sun Sheng’s physical control ability and flexibility are all increasing at an incalculable speed. Sun Sheng’s pride arises spontaneously. "Genius also needs exercise. Isn’t there a saying that genius is 100% sweat and 99% talent? If you don’t pay this 100% sweat, it is still quite difficult to become a recognized game genius." I have to admit that Sun Sheng is really a bit … cheeky!
Sun Sheng’s figure kept shuttling through the Woods until …
"ah!" Sun Sheng exclaimed that as soon as Sun Sheng was in an instant, his head and feet were hung up. "Shit, are there any hunters here?" In Sun Sheng’s heart, it’s called that his natural and unrestrained posture was interrupted. How can Sun Sheng live up to the audience who admire him?
Sun Sheng is still shaking his head, and his head is a little bloodshot. I think Sun Sheng’s face should be turning red if he looks at it from another angle.
Sun Shengli looked down to see the noose hanging on his foot. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a vine, which was still very fresh. Looking down the vine, Sun Sheng could see from which tree it was coiled.
"How here timbo into fine? Can take the initiative to attack people? Am I wrong? " Sun Sheng is still in a free state and rubbed his eyes with his hands. Yes, this is a vine and there is no difference between other vines.
"Is it a master hunter disguised?" While Sun Sheng was still wondering, a vine suddenly moved not far away, and its branches and leaves rushed towards Sun Sheng with a sudden wind. This is a very thick rattan with enough thigh thickness. If it is allowed to draw Sun Sheng’s immortality, it will have to be folded in two with the bone. Sun Sheng hurriedly copied the jet and rushed to the rattan and broke it. The rattan roared from both sides of Sun Sheng with the wind and was cut by Sun Sheng for a while, but the juice from the fracture was dumped. Sun Sheng was full of anger, and Sun Sheng was a little breathless.
Sun Sheng hasn’t come to catch his breath yet, and there are two vines rushing at Sun Sheng. Sun Sheng is secretly cursing in his heart, "Why don’t I throw me off and whip me so viciously?" Your ya abnormal condition … "
Chapter 27 Ivy League
I didn’t idle my hand and didn’t dare to neglect the jet in Sun Sheng’s hand. Now it’s much more difficult for Sun Sheng to swing his sword, but only two vines have not been put in Sun Sheng’s eyes. Two vines quickly rushed to Sun Sheng’s hand. The jet flew over and the black Guanghua flashed and broke. Of course, Sun Sheng had another layer of "green paint". As a result, Sun Sheng confirmed that his skills were still quite high. While Sun Sheng was still complacent about his achievements, he was surprised to find those two. The vines that have been cut off by Sun Sheng have turned back. At the same time, several vines with different thicknesses have emerged in the forest. It is unfortunate to see their targets, and they are very hurt. Sun Sheng "No way, how can you do this to me? Is it because I got too much benefit yesterday? God doesn’t like me. Is this a curse?" Although I am cranky in my head, I dare not relax so many vines. It’s not that Sun Sheng can cope with the half-hanging swordsmanship he learned at random. However, when facing death, people can often burst out with high wisdom and great strength, just as Sun Sheng is no longer in the afterlife, and Sun Sheng reacts in urgency. If they smoke themselves, they will be passive. Won’t they hide? Now that we know the limited reason, of course, we must solve it first, so Sun Sheng stood tall and cut off the foot rattan with a howl, and Sun Sheng fell from it.
After all, many vines were intertwined with Sun Sheng’s feet, and they snapped to listen to Sun Sheng’s sweat pores exploding. If it hurts so much, Sun Sheng adjusted his sensitivity to the lowest value at the shortest time. When Sun Sheng landed, there were also two obstacles, but when Sun Shengjian did not pose any threat to Sun Sheng, Sun Sheng fell to the ground with his head pointing, but Sun Sheng still did something to protect him in the process, but this also threw him off. Sun Sheng didn’t dare to remove his dead branches and rotten leaves. When I got up, I climbed to a place where I couldn’t see the vines. There were more vines behind Sun Sheng’s figure, and so many vines were being drawn from Sun Sheng. It is estimated that even pressure can crush Sun Sheng.
Rattan moves much faster than Sun Sheng. When Sun Sheng had to climb to the ground and escape, he had to swing his sword from time to time to chase after him. Although he was in a hurry, he could protect himself. So he slowly reduced the vines and finally let Sun Sheng see the dawn of victory. "Come on!" Sun Sheng encouraged himself while climbing. Finally, the number of vines behind him could no longer pose a life threat to Sun Sheng. So Sun Sheng found a gap, got up and severely cut the sword in his hand to the vines in front of him. It seems that he also knew that he didn’t take advantage to resist for a while, and then he retreated. Sun Sheng wiped his forehead sweat. Just now, such a short journey has consumed almost all Sun Sheng’s energy. Fortunately, he finally rushed out and was temporarily safe.
Looking at the ground, the rattan was left by himself to commemorate Sun Sheng’s hand-scraping. Now it seems that this is the most common kind of rattan with green vines with oval leaves and green juice flowing at the fracture. There is really nothing special, but this is definitely not the general rattan, otherwise it will not take the initiative to attack Sun Sheng.
This should be the master trap technique of the tree monster, but it is not like this. Sun Sheng can get such a result. Like most games, in Freedom, monsters not only have animals but also plants. These vines should be one of the plant monsters. Sun Sheng carefully walked to the place where he was trapped, and cast a "eye-catching" effect on the distant hovering tree. The result confirmed Sun Sheng’s guess that attacking himself was a second-class plant monster called Ivy, which would be difficult to find if he did not pay attention to his skills, because these ivy vines were mixed with other ordinary vines.
"It’s really troublesome. Can you bypass it? Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah. This can’t be done. If you run away like this, what level will you play? But I didn’t see the experience of cutting off so many vines just now. It seems that it’s not easy to kill a monster. "Sun Sheng doesn’t lack the courage to fight, and Sun Sheng doesn’t want to turn back in the face of his five-level vines.
After a short rest, Sun Sheng took out his precious tortillas and put them in his mouth. "I don’t know if the fire is broken in this game and then I can barbecue in the wild. It should be a good enjoyment to barbecue in this forest." So I thought that Sun Sheng’s life and endurance would soon return to full value.
Sun Sheng walked slowly to a place not far from the tree vine with a sword in his hand. According to Sun Sheng’s estimation, the ivy vine should be a monster that won’t take the initiative to attack people. Just now, he was hanged by it and attacked it because he hurt it in the process of advancing. It’s a shame to guess how it came about …
Sun Sheng watched his feet carefully for fear that a rattan monster was hiding in this unremarkable dead branch and rotten leaves, and he was ready to attack himself. Sun Sheng was not sure about his guess. Slowly, Sun Sheng approached an ivy vine, and it was two meters away from it, but it didn’t respond. Sun Sheng breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. The best way to completely kill a rattan monster was to find and destroy its trunk. Sun Sheng followed the ivy vine and gradually thickened it, and from time to time, he looked for it from those ordinary trees.
Finally, Sun Sheng came to a towering old tree and said that it was not too towering. Looking at the roots, he couldn’t see the roots. At the top, he could vaguely see a little golden glow of the sun coming from the dense leaves. The tree was also four or five meters in diameter and coiled around its trunk. It looked quite ferocious. The roots of ivy were crisscrossed on the ground like classical abstract art, but it didn’t delay Sun Sheng from starting work on it. After all, such scenery was rare in reality.
When Sun Sheng raised the jet in his hand, there was still no response to this ivy vine, as if knowing that even if he resisted, he could not escape being killed and resigned, as if waiting for Sun Sheng’s massacre. "Since you have resigned yourself, I am even more welcome!" Sun Shengju raised his sword and struggled to cut the ivy vine. In an instant, two pieces of thick green sap were broken from the root and gushed out from the fracture. Sun Shengshen added more ink and color, and once the sap was sprayed, it changed to flow.
"finished?" Sun Sheng doesn’t believe that his experience value has really increased a lot after reading it. "It’s really simple and not challenging at all."
Sun Sheng doesn’t know that killing an ivy is very simple in his own opinion, because he has the skill of "eye-catching". With this skill, Sun Shengcai can find its trunk without causing ivy attacks. If he is placed in a player with no reconnaissance skills, it will never be as simple as Sun Sheng’s. Because there is almost no difference between ivy and other vines, it is difficult to identify it, let alone find its trunk and destroy it.
Sun Shengke didn’t think too much, but seeing that killing an Ivy League is not low in experience points, he should stop and kill it!
Chapter 20 Ambush
Now that you have it, it’s almost a waste of experience. If Sun Sheng doesn’t want it again, it’s silly. Sun Sheng uses his "eye-catching" eyes to look around at the vines, regardless of whether it’s ivy. Let’s say it’s beautiful first. There are a lot of ivy here. That’s a lot of experience! Now Sun Sheng has reached Level 15, it has become relatively difficult to upgrade. If you want to get the experience value quickly, you can choose to kill those monsters with high experience. The higher the experience, the more difficult it will be to kill. Therefore, in general, the upgrade of players like Sun Sheng is a bit slow, but there are also special circumstances. For example, those teams that are very good together can kill senior monsters with high efficiency. Up to now, Sun Sheng has been working alone to find someone to join, or he can fantasize when he has nothing to do. Sun Sheng is lucky and just came out of the village and met such a "peaceful" tree monster species "This is a chance that God gave me. If I don’t take it, I will be damned!" Kill the monster, no one will say anything, but Sun Sheng’s idea is a bit unkind. How can he be condemned if he doesn’t kill?
But don’t aim too high, it’s better to be down to earth. Sun Sheng didn’t immediately kill the ivy. Let’s cut this off first. Besides, he just hung up this one and dropped a piece of linen. Sun Sheng took two pieces of corpses. Finally, Sun Sheng’s unique autopsy took out the vines and finally dug up a stick named "tree core". Left and right, I didn’t know what it was. Sun Sheng would no longer throw it directly into the bag. After all this, Sun Sheng was amused. What he did was really. It is said that the style of plucking and skinning is not skinning, but even the bones are torn down. "Well, this kind of thing can’t be known to others, otherwise it will affect my glorious and great image in the hearts of beautiful women!"
Sun Sheng walked slowly through the trees, constantly looking for new targets, and finding and killing monsters with the support of "Eye of the Eye" was not very difficult for Sun Sheng. One ivy tree after another died, and Sun Sheng was excited by Sun Shengjian. Although he was attacked by ivy from time to time, he failed to set off any big waves when Sun Sheng resolved them.
Suddenly Sun Sheng smelled a very attractive fragrance, which was fragrant but not greasy, and there was a charming feeling in the light elegance. "Did I find any exotic flowers and herbs?" As soon as I smell this fragrance, Sun Sheng fantasizes about the unknown benefits. There is no way for anyone to think about the danger first. Some special plants in the game are indispensable precious medicinal materials for making some medicines. Although there are no high-level players refining Dan medicine, it doesn’t mean that there will be no future, especially when the players’ level is generally high. Making Dan medicine is a very profitable career. If Sun Sheng encounters any precious plants this time, he can make a lot of money by collecting them now and waiting for the future market to be good. Anyway, the medicinal materials will not deteriorate in the school.
Sun Sheng focused his attention on his nose and walked forward looking for the fragrance.
"It really smells better than my tortillas." Sun Sheng sniffed and sighed. Poor Sun Sheng’s eyes have been narrowing because of unconscious intoxication, so he didn’t see several vines sliding slowly around the trunk like snakes in the tree next to him, while their rattan tips were slowly creeping towards Sun Sheng under the cover of dead branches in the grass. This performance is obviously not kind to Sun Sheng, but at this time Sun Sheng still knows nothing about it and is still looking for the source of fragrance.
The fragrance is getting stronger, but it still feels elegant, which further affirms Sun Sheng’s guess that this unseen plant is a treasure. "Don’t all the treasures in the novel have a very special taste?" I think this taste is very special. "
Just as Sun Sheng sighed, a tree vine suddenly attacked behind him, and quickly pushed against Sun Sheng’s back. Alas, Sun Sheng was attacked by a tree vine in the middle of his back without knowing it, and he flew forward involuntarily. Sun Sheng felt a violent shock and then jumped forward to the ground. Sun Shengcai felt the severe pain in his back.
"It’s a good thing that I adjusted my sensory sensitivity to the lowest value, otherwise it wouldn’t hurt me to death!" Sun Sheng wanted to get up on his stomach, but Shuteng didn’t want to give him the chance.
A thick tree vine jumped from the grass with a whistling wind, and Sun Sheng smashed it. "If I smoke this, I will not live!" This vine is too clever, isn’t it? It knows how to sneak attack and ambush. Is this still a plant? " It’s hard to believe that these strange things that attacked Sun Sheng turned out to be plants. Fortunately, when Sun Sheng was hit just now, the sword slipped in his hand and was gripped by Sun Sheng and didn’t fly out. Otherwise, Sun Sheng’s fear of partying is really strange now.
Sun Sheng turned and lay on the ground, waving two swords one after another, and cut off the vines to save the day, but the cut vines hit Sun Sheng, which still caused him to lose a lot of blood. However, Sun Sheng was surprised by the sight before he got up and didn’t complain, so he forgot the danger behind him.
Just now, Sun Sheng was drawn by a tree vine, which made him fly four or five meters away, and he was drawn here. In front of Sun Sheng’s eyes, it was a very thick tree vine, saying that it was very thick and not too big because its diameter was exaggerated by nearly five meters! It is so thick that it can stand upright without being entangled in a tree like other vines. Perhaps it is still entangled in a dead tree. Sun Sheng hasn’t seen it yet and vaguely. Sun Sheng can still see a human-like face from the trunk, but it’s not as obvious and delicate as human beings. There are so many branches scattered from its trunk that it covers most of it. It is scattered radially into the forest like a spider’s web. Shortness flies like a dragon in the water, and what scares Sun Sheng most is that their tips are all pointing at themselves! At this time, Sun Sheng believes that if he moves a little bit, they will show their offensive with thunder and fury, and the vines behind Sun Sheng are no longer hiding. All the lines are densely distributed in the line of sight, which obviously cuts off Sun Sheng’s retreat.
At present, the situation is tense, and Sun Sheng’s nerves have always been very thick. Sun Sheng doesn’t dare to move a single tree or two vines. Sun Sheng is not afraid, but if so many trees and vines are drawn like this … Sun Sheng knows that he didn’t hide things and went home, and it is better to commit suicide by these trees and vines like balls before he dies.
Sun Shengli stood still, and those vines danced and didn’t attack. This is the most depressing thing. If you want to attack, you can attack it. If you hang up and go back to the village, but like now, Sun Sheng is under great psychological pressure. Who can stand such a large group of things that can kill people at any time? After a while, Sun Shengshen had already broken out in a cold sweat, and even shuriken was trembling gently. "This is really not a human suffering!" Sun Sheng cursed the super ivy in front of him in my mind. "Do you really think you are a dragon? Do you really want to wait for me to commit suicide? Ok, ok, you don’t start work, right? I won’t let you die as you wish, and I will make you pay the price. "Thought of this, Sun Shengli clenched his sword in his hand and gave himself courage to lift his feet, so he will move forward.
Chapter 29 Escape
Sun Shenggang lifted his right foot, and the dead branches and leaves twisted in front of Sun Sheng. The trees and vines seemed to be aware of it, and they bullied Sun Sheng into many. Looking at these many terrible trees and vines, Sun Shenggang just gave birth to confidence and courage, and more than half of his horse was killed. "I still hope to get out alive before I die, but if I die now, it will be a foregone conclusion. A wise person like me should not be impulsive to die now or it is a little early. What I have to do now is not to kill but to wait and look for it." Sun Sheng found himself an excuse with sufficient self-recognition reasons to take back the foot that he had already taken off, for fear of arousing the vigilance of trees and vines not far away. Although Sun Sheng was still sweating, the posture of taking back his foot made Sun Sheng feel very uncomfortable, but in order to save his life, Sun Sheng endured it, but God gave Sun Sheng a big joke. Sun Sheng’s foot was successfully taken back, but when he stepped on the ground, Sun Shenggang breathed a sigh of relief, a dead branch snapped out of Sun Sheng’s foot, and immediately Sun Sheng bared his teeth and attacked Sun Sheng.
Sun Sheng shouted bad luck, but he didn’t care so much for the time being to save his life. Fortunately, this rattan attack seems to be testing, and it is not as fierce as Sun Sheng expected. For a while, Sun Sheng will be able to withstand it, but after all, Sun Sheng is now in danger, and he dare not be careless at all, otherwise he will definitely not even know how to die in this environment where he can die at any time.