"Good husband ~"

July 4, 2024

When I had to shout softly, I was so ashamed that my neck was red.
"Hey, dear wife!" Ling Tian promised to smile all over her face.
This move was learned from the old man when he was lying on the old man’s wall in the mountain village.
This is how the old man tidied up the Qin widow.
Today really worked!
"People are screaming. I can’t stand it. Stop it!" Sue elegant shame to self-conscious suffering way
Er … Is this too ambiguous?
Words say that finish Sue elegant didn’t notice this words too easy to extrapolate.
Suddenly, Qiao face was too hot to lift her head.
Ling day although desperately but still loose Sue elegant feet hey hey say with smile.
"I’ll call it that later!"
"Bah rascal!" Sue elegant quickly took a red face and a white ling day to shrink her feet back.
The deer in my heart is still jumping around
"Hey, you call me a rogue."
"Then I’m sorry if I don’t really flow."
Ling Tian shine at the moment with both hands toward Sue elegant made a gesture.
Scared Sue elegant a scream quickly hands chest protector nasty way
"Stop it!"
"I have something to tell you!"
Chapter 12 Demolition storm
Ling day this just stop sitting on the bed looking at Sue elegant way
"What’s the matter, wife?"
Sue elegant see ling day sitting in bed suddenly heart jump charming body to suo suo.
This just qiao face looked at ling tianyi serious way
"There’s something wrong with the south of the city project."
"I want you to come with me one day."
Say that finish Sue elegant beautiful eyes looking at ling day with a hint of expectation and fear ling day refused.
She doesn’t know anything herself. Now, whenever something happens, she will think of Lingtian first.
It seems that there is a spirit in her heart to be practical.
Ling day after hearing eyebrows a young surprised way
"What’s wrong with the south of the city?"
"Is it Wang Xi’s little troublemaker?"
"That’s not true!" Sue elegant quickly shook his head and said with a sigh
"There are several gangsters who make trouble because of the compensation for demolition."
"Let the construction method go on"
Little punk?
Ling day eyes with a cold mountain.
"Rest assured wife"
"I’ll come with you someday."
"Who dares to obstruct my wife’s work? I don’t even know him."
Sue elegant powder boxing light hammer ling day chest a JiaoChen way
"Can you stop being so violent?"
"Be reasonable!"
"ouch!" Ling day suddenly fell to Sue elegant body clutching his chest.
"I can’t. I can’t."
"I’m seriously injured and can’t get up."
"It will be a night in your arms tonight."
"Bah, rogue, die for me!" Sue elegant a shy criticise ling day play into a ball.
It took four or five minutes to push Lai Yi out of bed and go to bed with the lights on.
Lying on the floor, Ling Tian’s eyes were confused and lost in deep confusion.
It’s strange that that’s what the old man did that time.
Then I slept in the Qin widow’s bed smoothly.
How did you finally get driven here?
It seems that I am still a poor student and need to lie on the old man’s wall several times to continue my studies.
After getting up the next day, Ling Tian followed Sue Elegant and went straight to the south of the city.
There is an old community with a room age of forty or fifty years.
The first problem of the project is to tear down these old communities first.
"Su Zong, you are here" is a self-serious, middle-aged man in charge of demolition.
Waiting for Sue Elegant here early in the morning.
"Which family has the biggest contradiction?" As they walked along, Sue elegant mouth asked