I don’t know how many eyes and ears have been placed in the palace. This is a brother.

July 5, 2024

He took a conscious look back at Jiang Yuan, Jiang Yuan limped and shook his head desperately. She didn’t do it.
Damn it, why is the emperor so well informed?
Full of beautiful things frowned and looked around. It was a small suburban courtyard, which was quite remote.
It’s actually good to place the secret passage exit here, but it’s already been discovered.
Seeing that she is still in the mood, she feels despised again, and anger rises from the bottom of her heart.
"Su Linlang, we meet again, and this time you can’t fly."
Although I tried to calm myself down, I couldn’t hold back my anger for more than half a year.
Su Linlang, a girl who hates his guts and gnashes her teeth, really hates it.
She gave him a heavy blow, and the emperor’s pride was defeated by her
How can such hatred be tolerated?
Full of beautiful things, I glanced back at him for half a year, but I didn’t see him. He was actually old, and he was always well maintained. His head had no white hair. At this time, the emperor dyed silver at the temples.
Is it hard to be an emperor?
"Hello, what a coincidence."
Her casual and relaxed tone, lazy and indifferent attitude show that she is not afraid
Jiang Yuan was forced by the whole person. Aren’t you afraid of being beheaded because of her careless attitude towards the emperor?
She had never seen such a person look unaffected by the emperor as usual.
This is particularly eye-catching. Maybe this is to attract Du Guye’s special qualities.
Duguye was shocked in his heart, but his face didn’t show. He cried, "Uncle Huang, let her go."
The emperor didn’t good the spirit stared his one eye, had expected that he would be like this.
When it comes to Su Linlang, he always smokes.
Everyone is younger, everyone loves the emperor, and he is not angry and used to the Duguye school.
"Ye son, if you press her over, I’ll pretend nothing happened."
This is the biggest package for him, but he won’t be polite after crossing this line.
Du Guye shook his head firmly and looked at the beautiful things with deep affection. "She has come a long way to treat her father. How can I bite the hand that feeds me?" What’s more, she is the daughter I love, and if anything happens to her, I won’t live. "
The emperor turned white with anger and stared angrily.
"Are you threatening me?"
What did Du Guye feel cold when he thought of what he had done, and what was it to monitor the Jin Wangfu for information?
He asked himself that his father was frank and had no other thoughts, but he was very angry at being treated like this.
"Dare not in the eyes of the emperor we are all chess can be sacrificed at any time …"
This is too harsh. The emperor turned black. Jiang Yuan got a cold war and quickly interrupted him. "Stop it, the emperor is not like that."
This is crazy. This is the emperor!
But DuGuYe terrier neck is not willing to bow the atmosphere is very stiff.
Full of beautiful things, clear cough, attracted all attention before smiling. "Did the emperor spend a lot of time calculating this?" No wonder you’re so old that your hair is white. Tut tut, it’s poor. "
Chapter three hundred Heaven and man are chess.
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Did you talk like that? Everyone can’t stand the emperor, let alone send "take" on the spot.
A group of palace guards peak sexually surrounded Duguye holding full of beautiful things to retreat. The guards of Jin Wangfu rushed to fight into a ball.
Full of beautiful things suddenly a captivating smile "emperor I advise you not to behave in such a way or else …"
She laughed at Guri’s strange and inexplicable chills.
The emperor knew that she was scheming and secretly prevented "otherwise what?" You want to poison again? I forgot to tell you that everyone had prepared a special antidote in advance. "
After eating once, he has come up with a solution.
Su Linlang’s poisoning is very high, but there is more.
Full of beautiful things and the pie mouth smile is meaningful.
"Emperor, don’t be afraid that everyone will get tired of me not being poisonous this time."