The trees stared at each other and threatened to say, "Do you dare to say what I said?"

July 6, 2024

The trees opened their mouths and pushed him upstairs.
In fact, she knows in her heart that her heart has been pounding since she kissed her for the first time, and she doesn’t feel so disgusted with this feeling. Did she feel tempted unconsciously?
The car was driving, and the trees kept looking out of the window and turned her head around. "Be careful."
The forest was silent for a moment and looked up and asked, "Are you serious?"
Slowly, as dark and bright as her eyes, he gently lifted his thin lips "of course"
"Then let’s try it." She said that when Lin Sen was ill, she felt as if it had taken her a century to cheat her.
She will never believe that people will never like people again in her life.
It’s rare to touch such a person who is willing to like her, who is willing to treat her well, who is willing to spoil her and spoil her, so let her make a bold one-time choice.
As Ruoyan said, the emperor will give her as much happiness as he gives her pain. I hope Lin Sen will bless her in heaven and get the happiness she wants and longs for.
Good night, guys. Love you!
67 stand tall (one more)
"Zi …" The tire rubbed against the ground, and I heard it wrong. I came to an emergency brake. Fortunately, there were no vehicles around the mountain road, so he parked his car in the middle of the road and almost jumped up. "Woman, are you serious?"
The trees were startled and quickly calmed down to take back their eyes. "If you don’t agree …"
Section 6
"Agree to agree" leaned over and "bam" her forehead several times.
Excited, I stepped on the accelerator to the end. "I told you, jumping on my left eyelid early in the morning turned out to be a reward for my wife."
The trees hold back their smiles and look out of the window. The leaves of the mountains and mountains are all yellow and fluttering, but it all looks so beautiful.
No, now the leaves fall back to the roots, then spring is thick and thin?
When the car leans and leads the trees, there is a kind of mistress who is lifted up and proud, and she feels that her image is much taller.
From far away, I shouted that even the title was serious. "Grandpa Jin, we are coming to work."
No one responded and shouted, "Old man Jin, my grandfather said that you wanted me to bring another bunch of plum blossoms back."
The curtain in the room was immediately pulled out by Master Jin and shouted angrily, "How dare you?"
Trees said with a smile, "Grandpa Jin is joking."
The old man looked at the two men holding hands and snorted. "Little speed. I didn’t chase the girl yesterday, but I chased her today."
Look at the trees and say, "Girl, you should test him more."
"Old man Jin, do you believe I sent someone to turn you into a forest late?"
Old man Jin sullenly "rude little" turned into the house "come in"
Outside, it looks like a thatched cottage. In fact, there is everything in it, which is not only neat but also warm. The heating is accompanied by the fragrance of plum, and even the breakfast is very comfortable.
Old man Jin asked, "Girl, do you want to try this grass nest?"
The trees smiled and said, "Good."
Leaning at the old man’s hand, there were some weeds hanging in the dark, and the corn-bread was very disgusted with knocking out the trees and reaching over to "can’t eat"
Old man Jin was dissatisfied with "Afraid of my poison?"
Raise your eyebrows and look at each other is to say that you know yourself.
The trees secretly tugged at him and said to the old man, "I think it’s quite good. In fact, it’s the most nutritious. It’s good for the elderly to eat it."
Old man Jin was very upset when he was rejected, but he didn’t give such a good thing to everyone. The old man didn’t want anything.
With a straight face, he said to the trees, "There is a shovel outside to bury the fallen flowers at the bottom of the tree."
Pour and anger "Do you really do this kind of chatting?"
Master’s bad taste "I don’t want you to do it, but I can’t help but want to appreciate how it works when you are dressed so beautifully."
The trees pulled him "I should have done what I promised yesterday"
Pour gas "that line I’ll do to let her stay in the house" said really get up and walk away.
Lin Mu wants to talk to the past. After all, he promised to be his girlfriend. Of course, should he fulfill his girlfriend’s duties? Share weal and woe. This is the most basic situation. He also wants to work for himself.
Master Jin grabbed her. "You are sitting in the house."
"Grandpa Jin, I …"
"hmm? Yesterday, I said that you would do whatever I asked you to do? "
Trees have to sit with old man Jin for dinner, and then go out to see the tilt together when he has finished eating.
He took off his coat, sunglasses and white shirt sleeves, and swept the floor flowers into a ball of shiny leather shoes. They were still as clean as new, and white plum blossoms hung over him, which made him infected with the purity and dyed a wisp of fairy dust as if he were a hazy stranger.
Even the old man, who is used to seeing the world, lamented that "a small family harms the world."
The tree walked over with his coat. "You’ll catch a cold like this."
Leaning to Lin Muxin is very obedient.
Old man Jin didn’t really want to bury the flowers. He just wanted to cure the unruly. Before he fell, he couldn’t move. Now he has a soft spot. Well, it’s good that old man Jin himself praised this discovery
"Girl, you go to the mountain over there and install some spring water. We’ll make tea in plum blossom later."
"There are mountain springs here?" The forest is curious to ask
"Of course, I’ll take you there." The hand holding the trees can’t wait. Fortunately, the old man Jin woke up and forgot that it was a beautiful place. No one is a good place to date.
Wait for twelve o’clock
You are the hostess here (second watch)
It’s a unique world that seems isolated in a ravine, just like crossing a season, suddenly from cold winter to warm spring, and the spring water is tinkling and foggy like a fairyland.
The trees looked at the place where there was still ice, and the green grass could not help but sigh, "This world is fantastic."
"I found this place first. You like to give it to you?"
The forest despised him. "Are you a steamed bun?" Send it if you want? It’s so brazen to say anything.