"But …"

July 7, 2024

Ling day eyes fell on Qin veteran array eyes grinned.
"If I were you, I’d just break your eye when I found out I couldn’t get stuck."
"Without that array of eyes in your hand, the power of law can be fully exerted."
Can it still be like this?
Qin Lao leng leng
"But then … won’t the array be broken?"
"Who told you?"
Ling Tian asked
Qin Lao wanted to say that it was so, but he opened his mouth but still didn’t say it.
Yeah, I am, right?
Maybe … Is it really like what Ling Tian said?
The thought of being easily broken by Ling Tian shook his heart.
How about giving it a try?
Anyway, this kill array can’t get trapped in Lingtian.
What if it works?
Qin Lao bit his teeth and crushed his eyes.
At the moment when the eyes were broken, there were many dangers around.
Qin Lao was ecstatic.
"It’s really amazing!"
This is the kill array should be powerful!
"Hahahaha Lingtian thank you!"
"Don’t worry, I will definitely bury you when you die!"
Looking at ecstasy Qin Lao ling day corners of the mouth a smoke.
"Are you too happy?"
Qin Lao sneer at what he was about to say when he suddenly saw Ling Tian put it on the ground lamp again, and his face suddenly turned white.
"Stop it!"
As ling day foot light suddenly broken.
Just emerged, the murder disappeared instantly.
It’s like it never happened.
"You …"
Qin old heartache clutching his chest almost gushed out old blood.
Meiyuan, this kill array, not only spent a lot of his efforts, but also spent his half-life savings.
That’s it. Make Meiyuan your own stronghold.
And most of the savings went to buy the materials for making that floor lamp.
He didn’t spend much on that eye in his hand.
That’s why he can give it a cruel try.
But now the whole array is ruined!
"I’m going to kill you!"
Qin laohong focused on ling tianchong.
At the same time
Small building
Zhao Jinlai and others have fallen to the ground.
The root that shakes the heavens is not that they can resist.
But in just one minute, ten of them were put down by the boss.
The only good news is that they are still alive.
"Winner and loser"
"Since we lost, we can talk."
"I hope you can give us a good time after so many years of brotherhood!"
Zhao Jinlai closed his eyes in despair.
Other brothers and sisters also gave up resistance.
There’s no way. There’s no way to fight.
They all lost without even touching the corner of their eldest brother’s clothes.
Eldest brother don’t try so hard to look at them commanding said slowly.
"Wouldn’t it be a pity to kill you?"
"I’ll give you a chance to be loyal to me and I’ll pretend that today never happened."
Boss, the words sound just fell and he got a sneer from property.
"You are dreaming!"
"I lied to our brother for so many years and still want us to be your hand?"
"What a big face you have!"
The words instantly angered the boss.
Chapter 1329 Not to be taunted!
"Since you want to die, I will be you!"
Boss, a flicker came to the front of property and made a sudden snatch and patted him on the head.
"Old five!"
Zhao Jinlai and others cried out in grief