Everyone is white.

July 8, 2024

Ma Gonggong, the supervisor of Dongjiang Department, put Ma Qiu in Lushun because Zhang Pan was involved in the three wars in southern Liaoning and always had to go to Lushun.
He thought that his distant relative could make more achievements in Zhang Pan.
However, Li Yuanqing’s main strategy this year is in Fuzhou, which means that the Lushun Department may grow into a dependency of the island.
The most important thing is that Li Yuanqing has now been promoted to join the ranks and is as close as possible …
Li Yuanqing smiled. "Ma Jianjun, Zhang Dage’s strategy is the Lord of Fuzhou, but the actual initiative is not in our hands now. It depends on Liu Xingzuo’s side. If everything goes well, it is natural that we should find another way."
Li Yuanqing said that although it was light, Zhang Pan immediately got the meaning of Li Yuanqing.
Li Yuanqing’s goal is to recover the state, but for Lushun Department, Jinzhou is their top priority.
Li Yuanqing did not force himself to tie them to his chariot and seize the initiative of this offensive, but left a lot of room for both sides.
Zhang Pan said, "If Yuan Qing succeeds in Liu Xingzuo, you can take Fuzhou and I can also take Jinzhou. By then, the situation in southern Liaoning will be even higher."
Li Yuanqing knew that Zhang Pan would never let Jinzhou go, just as Mao Wenlong never gave up Zhenjiang.
However, it is not difficult to attack Jinzhou, but if you hold it, it is the most deadly.
After thinking for a moment, Li Yuanqing said, "This is also a road. It is unwise for our army to force the Jin Army to die hard. The best way is to contain Zhang Dage in multiple lines. I have no problem with Lushun taking Jinzhou."
Zhang Pan couldn’t help but be overjoyed. "Yuan Qing is the best, but when do you want to do it?"
Li Yuanqing smiled. "At this time, when everything in our army needs to be prepared for the New Year, let’s wait for Liu Xingzuo’s news for the time being."
Zhang Panxiao nodded and looked at Chen Zhong again. "What’s your opinion, Mr. Chen?"
Chen Zhong knew for a long time that he would face such a choice. He said with a smile, "My department naturally listens to the commander’s orders and talks about these fashions at this time. I made an agreement with several military officers in Yuan Qing years ago that the minister of Guangluk Island, the Ministry of Health Island, would conduct joint drills. At this time, the time is ripe. I hereby inform you that the minister of Guangluk Island will conduct joint drills in the near future."
Chen Zhong’s words are a bit ugly, and Ma Qiu’s face is a bit ugly.
This is almost Chen Zhong’s statement.
Zhang Pan also made an offensive last summer. He really put Chen Zhongkeng in a light pit. How could there be today if Li Yuanqing didn’t lay down his life to save the two films?
Zhang Pan and Chen Zhong are old friends, but Zhang Pan also knows that it must be very difficult for him to get Chen Zhong’s support in this matter.
But Zhang Pan will not easily lose.
Although Lushun guards fought against other departments at some cost, the overall injury was not moved. After half a year of recuperation, his strength was even stronger than before.
He also wants to speak in front of Li Yuanqing and Chen Zhong with his military exploits.
The most important thing is that if Jinzhou is not difficult, and Li Yuanqing and Chen Zhongre wait for them in Fuzhou, it will be the post-8 Jin J’s vicious fight.
Now the overall pressure is still on Li Yuanqing’s shoulders.
Ma Qiu also wanted to come over and say with a smile in vain: "Since Mao Shuai has made arrangements, let’s try our best to act according to the plan and take the overall situation into consideration."
A good military discussion can end in a more tactful and gentle way, but there are three prison officers who make up for it in this "two peaches and three scholars" method.
Zhang Pan and Ma Qiu did not stay in Changsheng Island for too long, so they hurried back to Lushun in the afternoon.
Chen Zhong stayed, and the main force of his Guanglu Island Department will arrive in Li Yuanqing Changsheng Camp on Changsheng Island for joint training in the next two days.
Chen Zhong’s supervisor Zhang Qiliang also belongs to people who have no solid foundation. At this time, Li Yuanqing set a big tone and he dare not refute Wei Liangyi’s consultation to report things truthfully.
Late off the two army Li Yuanqing and Chen Zhong finally have a chance to sit together and talk.
Chen Zhong laughed: "Yuan Qing, don’t worry about Lao Zhang’s temper."
Li Yuanqing said with a smile, "Big Brother is his own brother. How can I be really angry with him? To tell you the truth, it’s a good move to take the golden state in all directions. "
Chen Zhongdao: "Yuan Qing, what happened to you this year? Why is your appetite so big suddenly? FuZhou this place is not good. "
He said with a long sigh, "Yuan Qing, are you really so sure about Liu Xingzuo?"
Li Yuanqing smiled. "Brother, I said I never pinned my hopes on Liu Xingzuo. Do you believe it?"
Chen Zhong couldn’t help but be stunned for a long time before he came to his senses. "Yuan Qing, do you mean to be strong and recover from the state?"
Li Yuanqing nodded with a smile and stood up, stretching his hands and feet, and his eyes grew cold. "Eldest brother, you must also feel that the pattern of Changsheng Island and Guanglu Island is too small, mainly because there are too few fields to feed us, and it is very difficult to let them live a rich life. We must get more land and the court needs us to have such achievements."
Chen Zhongzhong nodded his head. Of course, he understood Li Yuanqing’s meaning. "But Yuan Qing, are you really ready to be the main force in the future?"
Li Yuanqing smiled. "Eldest brother, let’s brothers naturally tell the truth. Frankly speaking, I never thought that the main force of Houjin would be hard, because our roots are not rivals. Just wait until March and April to wait for the spring ploughing in Jinzhou and Fuzhou."
Chen Zhong instantly recovered. "Yuan Qing, do you mean we should stay until the autumn harvest?"
Li Yuanqing nodded heavily. "Yes, Big Brother City is a prerequisite. The court will give us more expenses only if we have made achievements. Our brothers’ official positions can get higher and higher. Moreover, Jinzhou and Fuzhou have not stopped the people’s livelihood in recent years and can’t go like this again. I heard that the old slaves have moved to Jinzhou and Fuzhou, and the people’s minds are estimated to be in front of him."
Chen Zhong nodded silently and suddenly smiled. "The city is actually not difficult to recover. The defense of the city is not solid and indestructible. We must do everything we can to prepare for it, but we can’t give the latter a break. We have already prepared for the week when their main force is in a hurry."
Li Yuanqing couldn’t help laughing. "Knowing our eldest brother is also the reason, but there is another very important thing at this time …"
Li Yuanqing told Chen Zhong again about the plan of "borrowing grain" from Qu Jia.
Chen Zhongwen couldn’t help laughing. "This is a good thing. If we want this to work, can we still short him? 32,000, hey, hey, Yuan Qing, how dare you? We’ll make it to the end of the year if we get enough food. "
Li Yuanqing smiled. "That’s exactly what the eldest brother did. Let’s make success and never fail."
Li Yuanqing said, pulling out a dagger and pricking the desktop.
By the evening of the next day, the main force of Chen Zhong’s department had arrived at Changsheng Island one after another, and at this time, the Li Yuanqing people’s department had already gathered.
At this time, there are about 3,000 auxiliary soldiers in Li Yuanqing Changsheng Camp. Most of them are newly recruited, and they are young adults aged 15 to 4.
And Li Yuanqing Changsheng Camp, the scale of Chen Zhong’s soldiers here, is close to nearly 3,000 auxiliary soldiers, close to 5.
Li Yuanqing is already a participant at this time, and it is justified to add two thousand corps.
However, at this time, financial resources are limited and it is difficult to take care of Zhou for a short time. It is better to directly incorporate auxiliary soldiers to save consumption, but they can also be used as soldiers to practice.
So is Chen Zhong.
The two have already understood each other, and they need to say more.
Now the combined number of the two departments is close to 20 thousand, and if you add some army chores, you have to be in your early 20 thousand.
At this time, there is still more than one month from March, which will be the best time for war preparation and integration.