After inheriting her father’s competitive nature, the more her father praised Tang Yi, the more uncomfortable she became.

July 9, 2024

After all, stern fathers seldom praise themselves. Why should they praise others?
Li Yun pursed her pink mouth and disdained to look at Tang Yi in the screen.
But at this point in the screen, Tang Yi has pushed the door of Linglong Tower.
Entering the first floor, he officially accepted the challenge of the northern theater.
A cold wind blew into the tower and stood on the first floor. Lin Zhonghu sat on the floor.
Linglong tower is covered with floor and floor heating makes the room very warm.
Sitting cross-legged, Lin Zhonghu Tang Yi took off his military coat and folded it and put it aside.
"Lieutenant Lin Zhonghu of the Tiger Brigade in the Northern Theater, please enlighten me."
Lin Zhonghu was in his thirties, and just now he sat cross-legged and rolled over.
More than one meter nine, strong as an ox.
The foot is wearing camouflage boots, while the pants are wearing a vest to show a strong muscle.
Wide face, big face, big face and eyes like two bells
Slightly dark skin and shiny body muscles give people a feeling of swelling.
He said that his voice was deep and he was full of gas, and his hands were full of fists. At first glance, he was a practitioner
"Tang Yi, the commander of Longying Brigade in the Central Theater, please give us your advice."
Tang Yi directly took off the camouflage outside to reveal the vest inside.
Stepping on military boots and stepping forward, the streamlined muscles of the front body burst out with all their strength.
Two eyes staring at the opposite Lin Zhonghu fuels after two people in more than 40 square meters exquisite tower.
Camera set up in every corner send two people’s images to the screen in real time.
Everyone looked at two people, and Lin Zhonghu ranked second among the six tigers in strength. He practiced his bones and muscles horizontally, but he was a child.
Although it is not as strong as tiger hard qigong, it is not weak. This time, the six tigers discussed that Tang Yi must give him a horse power when he came in.
So Lin Zhonghu guarded the building, which greatly consumed Tang Yi’s physical strength and found opportunities to leave some injuries for him.
Anyway, it’s only five hours. Even if the six tigers can’t stop him, they can’t let him reach the top floor. There is no problem at all.
From the first goal, Suo Lin Zhonghu is to hurt the enemy by 1000 yuan, even if it hurts him by 1000 yuan, it will be cost-effective.
When one enemy is fighting for seven or five hours, everyone’s heart is hanging with hard bars, and the head of Tang Yi, the strongest northern theater, is about to start.
"Brothers, I will tell everyone with my fist today that our dragon shadow warrior is the strongest."
A long whistle Tang Yi pounced on Lin Zhonghu, and this sentence he shouted to his brothers.
Chapter 223 Tang Yi Strategy
As soon as the battle started, the two men fought hand to hand.
The fist fights with the wind, and the fight is particularly fierce.
Everyone outside the screen stare big eyes.
Li is afraid to look, but she can’t help glancing at the corners of her mouth. It hurts when she looks at it.
Come is stare big eyes, it’s a rare master duel.
He is carefully observing every move and style and wants to get some inspiration from it.
The top leaders of the five major war zones can’t stop nodding, and they are worthy of being the king of soldiers in various war zones. Their strength proved to be overwhelming.
And there are three local captains who are also watching the contest. They are the southern theater, the dragon, the western theater, and the eastern theater of Wolf Warriors.
Three special brigade captains who also didn’t have serial numbers sat in the command room and looked at the first challenge in the central and northern theaters on the screen.
The captains of all the brigade instructors are all serious. They are competing with China soldiers. This kind of fighting stimulates their enthusiasm in their hearts.
On Li Lingtian’s side, there is a smile on his face. He still feels good about Tang Yi’s performance
In one hand, he didn’t directly use the interception technique, but used the former fighting technique to confront Lin Zhonghu.
First of all, this fighting skill is Tang Yi’s most skilled move now, and warming up is definitely the best choice.
Secondly, just learning interception is not skilled enough, and rushing to meet the enemy will definitely be very unsmooth.
It’s better to wait until the body is finished, and then try your best after finding out each other’s routines.
"Don’t let me down when six people target you."
Li Lingtian looked at the screen and Tang Yi muttered, while Li Yun pursed her lips.
Even my mother said she didn’t believe it. How can a ten-year-old child be so powerful?
Everyone has their own thoughts, but I’m afraid the biggest worry is Shandi in Longying base.
Staring at the screen, he watched you come, and I was worried about it, but I couldn’t be there with you.
Fist to the meat on the first floor is snapped.
So atrix lasted for more than ten minutes, and Tang Yi suddenly jumped out of the fighting circle and even retreated three steps outside.
Lin Zhonghu looked at Tang Yi with his fists in his chest at once.
A atrix Tang Yi showed all the wind, which suddenly retreated to the end and wanted to.
"The northern war zone is really undiscovered talent. This ability to fight is really admirable."
Tang Yi jilted to jilt his arm. Lin Zhonghu fought hard against himself. After the attack, he changed three punches for one punch.