I don’t want to be honest from beginning to end. Although I didn’t see joy in my face, I didn’t make trouble. Instead, I even made trouble.

June 4, 2024

In the middle of eating and drinking, Lian Li suddenly patted the table and shouted "Lian Che! Lian che! Come here! Come here quickly! "
They were all startled. Even Che was talking in front of the village elders. Smell speech got such a fright that it was inexplicable in the past.
Lian Li pointed to his river "kneel for me!"
They are one leng.
Zhang Lizheng frowned. "Brother Lian, what are you doing?"
Even the vertical yin test smiled and stared at Lian Che. "I told you to kneel! Kneel! What! Did a boy’s tail go up in the sky after he got into the exam? I’m telling you, even if you win the top prize, you’re still your first uncle! You always listen to what you are told to do! Even if you don’t win the top prize like this, we don’t even have this fortune at home, and you don’t have this life! "
Joe’s family has been having trouble one after another, and he has been making trouble all day. He has been very upset in his heart and can give him comfort as much as he can.
Seeing that even Fangzhou’s family is getting better and better every day, his heart is sour and jealous. Although he also came to eat noodles today, even Fangzhou’s family didn’t respect him as an uncle, just like a stranger, he was not far away, alienated and indifferent. The more he thought about it, the more angry he drank two glasses of wine, and he couldn’t help it.
Even when che turned pale with anger, he bit his lip and said nothing.
Sitting not far away, even the sea should discourage my father, but he just sat there motionless and pretended to be scared and at a loss.
In my heart, I secretly hope that my father will scold me a little harder, so that even Che can’t help talking back. Today, there are many people and things, and once he goes out, his name will be damaged. Let’s see if Dr. Ding will accept his disciples.
Someone had already gone to tell the guests that Lian Fangzhou and Lian Zelian Fangzhou were busy and hurried over. When they saw the sea not far away, they stared at him coldly.
Even the heart of the sea is nervously looking forward to jumping around, hoping that even if she loses her discretion, she suddenly feels two cold and sharp eyes like a sword. He is surprised and looks back. Even Fangzhou has withdrawn her eyes and kept walking towards Lianli.
Even in the sea, I felt uneasy and guilty. I wanted to think and got up and followed the past.
"big uncle!" Lian Fangzhou heard Lian Hai’s face flush with his hands and kept cursing Lian Che’s heart.
Finally, even Che has not lost his discretion, and he has never said anything inappropriate, which makes Fang Zhou feel distressed and relieved.
"fangzhou is coming!"
They are not relieved.
Lian Li is even more annoyed with these people when he sees this. What does this mean? Is it amazing that she even came to fangzhou? He’s afraid of her!
"You’re just in time!" Lian Li sneered at the evil spirit and said to her, "My old family is not without rules. You said yourself that even if he won the top prize, even if he worshipped the emperor as a master, would you be able to deny me as a big uncle?" Ah! Do you dare not listen to what you keep saying? You are an old nephew no matter how good you are! Here’s the root. I want to put aside my old troubles and have a different surname! Don’t be surnamed Lian! "
Even his eyes were red and he said that at the end of the day, he gasped for air and patted the table.
They all froze. 558 Chapter 558 Big uncle was drunk.
Lian Fangzhou suddenly smiled gently and said, "Uncle is drunk and full of words. Let’s go back and have a rest quickly!"
"Who said I was drunk! Never drunk! Not drunk! " Even standing patting the table cursed again.
Even Fang Zhougen ignored him, even if he scolded her himself, and said to everyone, "Tell me if Uncle is drunk?"
They woke up from a rude awakening and nodded.
"Yes, yes, even my brother must be so happy today that he got drunk carelessly!"
"Even the younger brother is not good at drinking alcohol. He loves to talk nonsense before he gets drunk!"
"I can’t blame him for his troubles at home. I’m not happy in my heart. I’ll vent it after a few drinks!"
"It’s all because I didn’t take care of him. If I had known, I wouldn’t have let him drink so much!"
Lian Li was so angry that he shouted, but everyone was talking. Who could hear him? Who else can hear what he said?
Seeing that even the sea has come, even Fangzhou smiled faintly. "Cousin, you’re just in time. Look, uncle is so drunk. Help him go back and rest!"
Lian Hai’s face was reddish and he was eager to explain to Lian Fangzhou why he had to smile and promise to help Lian Li because there were too many people.
Even the mouth is still cursing and struggling. Where will you go?
Jane and Lian Ze winked and Lian Ze smiled, "Uncle, let’s take you home!"
Said Jane, two hands-on forced Lian Li back.
"Everyone continues to eat and drink well! Come back when my family is a scholar! " Even Fang Zhou greeted everyone with a smile, and Zhang Lizheng and Li Shu also helped to say hello.
They all smiled and said yes, and even after worshipping Master Ding Taifu, Cong Nian was sure to get a scholar back! In two years, you will be the winner and champion! When the time comes, you have to put on a three-day banquet and set up a stage to sing a big drama!
Even Fang Zhou smiled and promised.
Everyone cheered and exaggerated with a smile, and it was hilarious again.
"Fang Zhou! Fangzhou! " Even the sea hurried a few steps after even fangzhou quite a bit embarrassed way "my dad he is so sorry! I will definitely talk about him when I go back! I didn’t know what to do when I was scared just now. Fortunately, you came! "
Even Fang Zhou felt that Lian Hai’s face was unconsciously cultivated so thick! It is natural for him to say these words, but she can’t help blushing a little.
She took two steps back to show her indifference to him in vain. "So that’s it! I think so, too! How can my cousin say that he wants to see Cher and my family jokes! "
"Fang Zhou-"
"cousin!" Even Fang Zhou’s tone is as cold as ice without any temperature. "Don’t treat everyone as stupid! Don’t have you as a wise man in this world! I have something to do, so I’ll go first! Uncle is very drunk, cousin, let’s go back and take care of him! "
Even fangzhou finished lifting her feet and walked to see it, too lazy to look at the sea again.
Even in the heart of the sea, I stared at her figure disappearing into my eyes and couldn’t help secretly complaining about my father’s meddling.
Even Fang Zhou sneered in his heart. Is this a formal face-breaking? You can say that in front of everyone! Good. Then don’t blame her for being cruel!
The next day, Lian Fangzhou, Jane, Lian Ze and Lian Fangqing sent Lian Che to Ding Taifu’s house.
Generally speaking, after being admitted to the Tong Sheng, they will go to the county school to continue their studies. Some people will continue to study in the county school if they are good at taking the scholar’s exam, but most of them will study at home and go to the county school for assessment. By the way, discuss one or two.
Since Lian Che worships in Taifumen, he naturally doesn’t go to the county to study, but lives in Dingfu for one year, so he can only go home when he has something important at home in Qing Dynasty, Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year.
Even Che is reluctant to go, even Fang Qing is reluctant to go. Third brother has always been the best with her. Although he can’t play with her every day after school, he still lives at home every day. It will be several months before he can see my girl again, so there are some tears.
I don’t even give up when I read it. I sip my lips and suck my nose, and I want to cry a little.
Even Fang Zhou and Lian Ze looked funny and distressed, and they had to give a good comfort before they got together.
I was about to go out, but even the sea came, saying that I was going to visit my friends. Please give him a lift from Fangzhou and them.
Even Fang Zhou sneered indifferently in his heart. "The carriage can’t take so many people. Our family doesn’t like to have outsiders! You know what? I’ll have someone prepare another carriage for you to give you a ride! You should not thank me! "
Even the sea face suddenly froze speechless.
Of course, his purpose is not to visit friends, but to take this opportunity to "drop by" to send Lian Che Ding Taifu’s house to visit Ding Taifu. That’s true!
Even Fang Zhou’s half-sarcastic smile makes Lian Hai feel like hiding. It’s a rare opportunity to miss this village, so there is no such store!
Lian Hai gritted his teeth and said earnestly to Lian Fangzhou, "Fangzhou, can I send Che Er to Ding Fu?"
You really want everything in your face!
He wanted to touch his own light, but he said it was so nice to see him off! Ha ha!
"No need!" Even Fang Zhou raised an eyebrow and remained indifferent. "We have enough people to send Che Er. We don’t want to bother our cousin!"
Even Fang Zhou wanted to say "don’t bother". On second thought, she dared to say "don’t dare" for fear that others would dare to say "hinder"!
Even the sea didn’t expect her to be so rude. She was so angry that she endured the airway "Fangzhou, I’ll tell you the truth!" I want to take this opportunity to visit Dr. Ding! After having obtained the provincial examination in June, it will be of great benefit if you can get a little guidance from Taifu Ding! Fangzhou, I am your cousin, and it will be good for you if I pass the exam! "
The implication is not to go too far.
Even Fang Zhou doesn’t care to do things. It’s not us, but you. What’s the point of saying this at this time? You’ve never been a reliable person!
Lian Fangzhou said, "If you want to visit Dr. Ding, just go by yourself. No one has ever stopped you from going for any good or bad, cousin. To be honest, we never thought that we would benefit from you one day!"