Twist a head to take a look at Jiang Qing, and abruptly press the anger to ease the tone. "Jiang Qing’s position on this matter will not change in a few days, just follow the procedure."

July 10, 2024

"Oh," Yan Shaoqing sneered. "It seems that you don’t know?"
"Know what?" Jiang Yuxian leng one.
"Know how your wife treats her own daughter."
"What do you mean?" Jiang Yu glanced at Chu Yuying sideways and frowned. "What did you do?"
"Brother Yan …"
Jiang Jiang took a deep breath and pulled Yan Shaoqing’s arm.
YanShaoQing unmoved from the coat pocket to pay out the diagnosis sheet, and leveled it with one hand and stopped in front of Jiang Yu’s eyes. "You didn’t know that slapping her right ear was going to be deaf?" Is it a father? "
His voice export several people are severely one leng consciousness looked Jiang Jiang in the past.
"Sister …"
Jiang Yu called a never say a word.
Chuyuying is frightened to disgrace is trembling lips want to talk Jiang Yu suddenly turned to "pa" a fan to turn my back to her directly plop on the table.
Chapter 99 Love is in the clouds
Several people have just prepared dinner.
The soup on the dining table is boiling hot
Section 19
Chuyuying shot into the fish soup with one hand, and her face was smashed on the edge of the porcelain dish. She froze for a second and screamed.
Jiang Hao got a fright and rushed to help her.
Jiang Yu also leng a look at her flustered face speechless with anger.
Jiang Qing stayed and took a look. Jiang Hao looked at Jiang Yu, who was livid, and then looked at Jiang Yu. Yan Shaoqing felt suffocated. Panic flooded from her heart. She plopped down on her knees and cried, "Dad, don’t kick me out of Jiang’s house. It’s all my fault. Mom, it’s only because of me that I slapped Jiang’s hand. It’s definitely not intentional. Don’t be angry. Don’t be angry, okay?"
"Hum!" Jiang Yu snorted angrily.
Didn’t pick up the conversation
How can he not be angry? !
He has never been so angry in his life!
First, I am angry that Jiang Qing can give birth to the idea of murdering Jiang Jiang. Second, I am angry that Chu Yuying could have done such a cruel thing to their poor daughter. Third, I am angry that Yan Shaoqing, a junior, could have questioned him so often.
And became a spokesperson for Jiang Jiang? !
He really felt sorry for Jiang Jiang, but this guilt didn’t let him ruin the family.
Feel tired
As the saying goes, it is difficult for an upright official to judge family affairs. It is the first time that he has felt so unbearable.
He can tell Jiang Jiang to drive Jiang Qing out of the house, and she can tell Chu Yuying to-
And that’s it.
Yan Shaoqing repeatedly put pressure on his expectations, but it certainly didn’t stop there.
Jiang Yu figured it out this time and didn’t look at him again. He directly looked down at Jiang Yaowen. "It’s dad. I’m sorry that you let you be wronged again and again at home. Jiang Qing, if you think about it, it’s like dad’s not saying a word …"
"Dad" Jiang Jiang suddenly interrupted him.
Jiang Yu looked at her expectantly.
"I’m all white." Jiang Jiang looked at him with an understanding but barely smiled and pursed his lips. "It’s my fault that this family has made trouble. Let me move out for a while."
"That’s not what Dad meant!"
"I’m white, too," Jiang Jiang looked at him lightly. "But this is the best solution."
Jiang Qing shook Chu Yuying’s handle. If she doesn’t want to be sure, there is always a way to stay in Jiang’s house. Chu Yuying is the hostess and official wife of this family. Naturally, it is impossible to be expelled from the house by Jiang Yu. What’s worse, Jiang Hao?
When he was in the third year of high school, it was the most important time for his studies, but he was often distracted by these bad worries.
The only thing she felt ashamed of was actually Jiang Hao.
He is too kind to appear too ungrateful.
Not to mention others, she has to think of this brother.
Take a step back and say Chu Yuying is her mother, too.
Jiang Jiang looked at her red-hot hand and half of her face and looked up at Yan Shaoqing. "Then I’ll pack my things."
Jiang Hao suddenly turned to call her.
It’s hard to twist your black eyebrows tightly with heroic spirit.
"It’s not like I won’t come back when I go out to live for a while." Jiang Jiang smiled at him and turned around.
Actually, there’s not much to clean up.
Soon she pulled a small suitcase.
Several people in the hall tried to see her without saying a word.
Jiang Jiang nodded at Jiang Yu and was about to leave Yan Shaoqing stupidly. Jiang Yucai suddenly came to his senses and said, "Wait a minute."
Jiang Jiang suddenly stopped.
Jiang Yu quickly took two steps to her and inquired, "Let dad see your ears."
"It’s okay." Jiang Jiang smiled. "I’ve seen it in the Fourth Hospital. Brother Yan said it would be fine in January."
Jiang Yu see her look insist on quiet a little sigh.
Added, "If you really don’t want to go home, you’ll stay in school for a while and wait for the day shift. I’ll ask Song to help you see and choose a community to buy an apartment for you …"
Jiang Yu took a look at Yan Shaoqing, held her arm and went to the side to gently persuade him, "Dad knows that you like the environment where Shao Qingqing can live in Yan’s house. You have to think about it carefully. Don’t focus too much on emotional studies?"
"Well" Jiang Jiang low should be.
"Is there …"
Jiang Yu hesitated and said, "You should protect yourself when talking about friends, understand?"
Jiang Jiang stupidly looked at him and nodded.
It’s not good for Jiang Yu to be a man and talk to her too deeply. Seeing that she is puzzled, she is still not at ease and confessed, "Dad means not to go out with boys for the night easily."
"I know what you mean."