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July 11, 2024

Eyes finding Long Qingyu and Liao Hai and others still remain horrified. Obviously, they have not recovered from that shock.
Doubt looked up at the sight of the branches, and then doubt looked down at the ground. The silver wolf Long Qingyue was embarrassed to scratch his head. Was it that the silver wolf was shocked to death by his own "kingliness"?
Once again, I carefully saw a pink peach blossom in Baihui point of the silver wolf’s head!
Long Qingyue’s eyes showed horror for the first time. At least this silver wolf has the strength of first-order seven stars, and its head is harder than ordinary swords. It was killed by a peach blossom!
What a terrible strength!
Yeah, who did it in secret?
I wonder not only that Long Qingyue lurks in the dark, but also that I’m puzzled. I look at my hands and I have to shoot spiritual arrows in the future. Damn it, which one robbed him?
Liao Hai and others are also horrified. That is to say, Zhong Fei can kill people by picking leaves!
The strength is so afraid that it is not far from the sixth-order emperor’s spiritual master!
The strength of the whole Tianyuan mainland can reach the sixth order, and there are only a handful!
Suddenly there came a faint fragrance in the air, and a string of streamers flew in from a distance, only to find that it was a piece of pink peach petals when I stayed close.
In the sky, there was a faint pink light rain, and the fragrance was intoxicating and refreshing. If it weren’t for the corpses of Warcraft everywhere, it would almost make people dream.
Everyone doubts and looks up. What’s going on?
There was a clear crane, followed by a gust of wind blowing the branches.
A beautiful crane suddenly appeared in the crowd, and the crane stood leisurely with a slender and tall figure, with tall posture, long hair and light dancing, and white clothes beat snow.
They couldn’t help but stare for a moment, and their eyes sparkled with envy and respect.
Long Qingyue, on the other hand, has a slightly open mouth and an incredible expression. This isn’t a fairy tale, is it? It seems that TV plays are always played like this. It is the first time the world has seen such a scene, and she was still greatly shocked.
I always thought it was bullshit to travel around the world by crane.
The figure standing in the crane seems to bow its head and glance at Fang Qingyue gently, only to notice that the other person’s face is wearing a delicate silver mask, revealing a pair of long and narrow deep eyes, thin pink lips and white and beautiful.
"The girl is so beautiful and her hand is hurt. If she doesn’t treat it properly, I’m afraid I’ll leave a scar for you."
The man who came here has a warm, mellow and pleasant voice, which is obviously a male voice.
A small bottle made of sapphire fell into Long Qingyue’s hands just after it was thrown. The man sipped his lips and left a fragrant peach blossom fluttering in the crane.
I don’t know how Long Qingyue suddenly remembered a poem, Xue Hai …
Shaking hands, the sapphire bottle seems to have a slight residual temperature and breath of men. Long Qingyue just came to her senses and left her pie mouth. Is it necessary for a big man to make such a flower? Crane and peach blossom, so be careful of being struck by lightning.
It’s this beautiful man who passed by with soy sauce. Why would he save himself and give himself medicine with kindness?
By the way, who pinched this handsome man with soy sauce? Green songs drift across …
191 soy sauce handsome man (2)
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It took a long time for Liao Hai and other talents to listen to Liao Hai’s excitement and shouted, "It’s a quicksand island!"
Long Qingyue slightly raises eyebrows and quicksand island? Which one says that in a mysterious island, it is almost isolated, sacred and arrogant?
Liao Haixing Fen explained that "Liusha Island is located in the East China Sea. It is said that they are descendants of Elves with thousands of years of inheritance, but they are devoted to practicing and rarely participate in worldly affairs."
The nangongshan cloud asked, "Is there really a quicksand island in this world? I’m still the one who said, "
"Three thousand years ago, there were two major sects in Tianyuan mainland, namely, the quicksand island in the East China Sea and the Ghost Sect. These two sects were far from those secluded families. Even the Qingyun Sect in Qinglu Mountain was far less than that. If quicksand island was in the light, the Ghost Sect was like the devil’s evil and cruel killing people in the dark. Later, quicksand island rescued the people from the fire and water. The Ghost Sect fought for seven days and seven nights and finally won!" Everyone belongs to Liao Hai, who reads the calendar the most. At this time, he talks a lot, and everyone listens with relish as if those things happened in front of their own eyes. They hate that they were born three thousand years late.
"At the same time, quicksand island suffered a heavy blow and suffered heavy losses, so later they gradually faded out of the world of mortals, and stopped asking about the world. Many people flowed and the sand island disappeared. In fact, it has been there …" Liao Hai sighed and continued, "Even today, quicksand island still occupies a very important position in the minds of the people. It is sacred and inviolable! They are like the just light of the gods protecting other people! "
Liao Hai’s eyes showed a trace of envy. "The Golden Wing Crane is a unique symbol of quicksand island. It is definitely not low to have the status of Golden Wing Crane."
They suddenly looked at the far man disappear direction in the heart secretly envy.
Long Qingyue and others will simply tidy up the silver wolf body and dig out the crystal nucleus and wolf skin before starting again.
When they arrived at the foot of the Black Tiger Mountain, they found that the foot of the mountain was full of people, and Nangong Ling and others had already gone to one side. At this time, Nangong Ling’s face was flattering Ye Miner, and it seemed to please Ye Miner.
Ye Miner looked faint and disdainful, glancing at Nangong Ling, but I don’t know what Nangong Ling said. Seeing Ye Miner suddenly charming and laughing is really charming.
Long Qingyue and others walked past Nangong Cloud, and after some probing, they realized that it was very easy to get lost or be ambushed by Warcraft once they went in. Nangong Lingxian sent a 10-person pioneer team to spy on the situation, but the pioneer team had been in for half an hour, but it didn’t come out.
But look at the nangongshan ling sample didn’t show any concern, as if he didn’t live and die those people.
In a short time, I saw a figure stumbling out of the black tiger mountain with a full face of blood, ragged clothes and hoarse voice. "Madam … our brothers were ambushed by Warcraft and killed by hateful Warcraft …"
Nangong Ling frowned unhappily. "Then can you see how many Warcraft are in it?"
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"The fog inside was so heavy that we were ambushed before we could see clearly …" The man fainted with a sad face and a serious injury without saying a word.
"Waste!" The nangongshan ling nu way also severely kicked the man and said to the people behind him, "Go in again for twenty people."
Behind them all looked at each other and did not move the nangongshan ling see no one easily nu way "do you want to rebel? Don’t even care about talking too much? If you can’t do it well this time, you still want to get my royal salary? "
Fifty or sixty of the 100-man team insurance led by Nangong Ling are body guards, and the remaining half are mercenaries recruited by the Royal First Order. These people are more arrogant and have less respect for the royal people than ordinary people.
At this time, when they heard Nangong Ling’s words, they stared with anger and their faces were full of anger.
Nangong Ling is afraid of her own identity. "What are you looking at? Just give the twenty of you in quickly!"
Even if those people don’t want to, they still follow Nangong Ling’s words. Be careful and alert and walk towards Hei Hu Valley.
"This person is too hurt to die!" Several guards carried the man who escaped from the Hei Hu Valley seriously injured to the side for treatment. Only when they saw this did they know that the man was almost out of breath.
"Four brothers and four brothers!" Next to a middle-aged man with a kind face, he cried anxiously, feeding the man a few healing drugs, but it didn’t work at all.
Nangong Ling disdained to hum a "one who died without waste".
"You! Nangongling, don’t go too far! " The middle-aged man rushed out with a furious face and grabbed Nangong Ling’s chest collar with one hand. "Take out the best healing medicine or I’ll let you pay for my fourth brother!"
Nangong Ling was shocked and immediately shouted, "Somebody escort!"
In Nangong Linglai, when the fifty body guards tried to start work, more than 20 mercenaries also pulled out their swords and looked ready to start work. Although they accepted the Royal First Order, it doesn’t mean that they are royal slaves and can be driven by slavery at will!
Along the way, they have almost reached the point where they can bear all kinds of bad humiliation to Nangong Ling.
The middle-aged man’s eyes were wide open. "What about the best healing medicine? Can you take it out or not?"
Looking at this tense scene, Long Qingyue sneered in his heart and deserved it! Nangong Ling is so stupid that he doesn’t look at what this place is. Is this the palace he wants?