The result is that I can’t control my emotions, and I don’t want to kill people to vent.

June 5, 2024

His eyes and mind are in disorder, he doesn’t know who he is, he knows where he is going, and he doesn’t know what the name of that place is, and he doesn’t know how to move forward only by his subconscious mind.
In the fight, the two men suddenly jumped up at the same time and listened to a bang, and the cargo ship buckled the water.
Collateral face male zheng cried the big hate a slap to the ghost.
Seeing that I was about to be hit, I let the ghost hide in the past.
The man with the gills is not weak in kung fu, but he is a famous figure in Tongcheng and is called "Lord Yan"
But he is not an adult, and his surname is Yan, not Yan. Because of his fierce face, people in once upon a time in america gave him that nickname.
Tongcheng is located in the eastern frontier fortress. Whether it is geographical conditions or the city’s materials are extremely poor, it is really that it is bitter and prosperous.
But it’s true that Lord Yan adheres to the principle of people, but the government will take anything with extra food to the street and distribute it to those in need
The good man "Lord Yan" is a good man and a great man. He can afford this name, but it is such a good man who was robbed by ghosts when purchasing materials from Tongcheng Mansion.
Can he not be angry, annoyed or hated?
The ghost burst into laughter. "You are good at kung fu, but if you want to hurt me, practice for another ten or twenty years!"
Lord Yan angrily launched an offensive again.
Nai was swept by the ghost before he issued a palm force, and the fan reached the floodplain near the waters, and suddenly the whole person became a drowned rat.
Ghost is going to kill people, but at this moment he seems to be interested. Lord Yan played a cat-and-mouse game, as if it were interesting to die alone.
Yan’s adult quietly immersed in water to mobilize the scattered qi and slowly restore the capability.
"Make moves! I am waiting for you! " A lake blue gown on the ghost beach swayed with the wind.
Lord Yan’s eyes are wide open.
At present, people have killed him so many people, but they are as careful as an innocent person. He suddenly leaps out of the water and repeatedly urges the true qi to attack him.
"Brave, then I’ll play two more tricks with you." There is an extreme sense of sen cold in spoken English, which makes people shudder all over.
When he spoke, he saw Yan’s population spray blood and fall on the beach.
"You … you are human … want me to … want to mess with my cargo ship?"
Yan’s adult trembled and stood up, full of blood, and his face was almost distorted because of his severe pain.
"I am a person?" Ghost eyes dew confused mumbling "I am a person? I don’t know that I just want to kill people. There is no reason for me to just want to kill people … "
"You’re crazy … you must be crazy …" Yan’s adult said every word, and then proceeded with the palm force.
Ghost YouSen smile "I’m crazy? How can I be crazy? " Raise my hand against a piece of gravel, and then attack Lord Yan’s mouth with eyes.
"Wow," a blood spurted from the mouth again and several teeth fell.
Watching the scene and listening to the cold and crazy language, Liancheng’s eyebrows screwed tightly.
If it is crazy, it can be so crazy. Devil II.
Mind your own business?
Looking down at her eyes and left shoulder, although she has been on the road for several days, she has taken pills for invigorating qi and enriching blood and made a special medicine from an iced fruit. The skill is multiplied, and the injury is healed, but occasionally there is a dull pain.
She knows that the wound is healed, and the muscles in the body are still growing. If you accidentally pull the muscles, I am afraid that the wound will crack if you recover. Chapter 13 meets.
It’s a long shot, but it’s impossible for her to risk her …
As soon as she hesitated to pledge, Yan’s adult was full of resentment and prepared to take out something from her skirt. When the ghost suddenly fled, Yan’s adult was stuffed into her skirt and held in her hand.
Listening to him, Sen Leng "wants to make hidden weapons!"
As he spoke, Lord Yan felt a sharp pain when he was pulled out of his hand.
When I looked down, five hands had been broken, but this was just the capacity of the people in front of him again.
Blow his forearm to pieces immediately.
The ghost’s deep and quiet spirit is moving. Lord Yan’s bloody bones, which have been stabbed by the waste arm, stab into his chest and pierce his viscera.