59 Chapter 59 Xu Jing debut!

June 6, 2024

"If you say that Sun Zhiyuan plays later, it is important to take care of him …" Xie Xiaofeng gently told before the scene.
A few people secretly nodded and laughed. Hey, hey, you were so crazy just now. I hope you won’t fall into our hands later …
The audience cheered the two teams on stage in turn.
Linglingkou explained, "We see that our two teams are full of energy in the face of loud battle songs, and they are going to have this peak confrontation today."
"One of them is the strongest people’s association in the country, and the other is a recognized professional competition team. The collision between these two teams is bound to be a vigorous scene. So is this the strongest contest for the professional team of the people’s association? Well, whether I think they will bring us the most gorgeous performance in today’s game! "
"It’s interesting that they are the most proficient in the mode, but none of them are at the top speed of the game today, so I think maybe today’s game will become a bigger stage rehearsal for them. Let’s wish these two teams that they can play perfectly today!"
Soon the game bell rang.
The Luo Qingtian in the backhand party team looked at this time sitting opposite and waiting for a few people to say, "Xu Jing, come out this game."
Although I saw the speed mode exercise of the flurry team in the past two days, Luo Qingtian can’t guarantee whether they have come up with real strength in the first game a few days ago, so Xu Jingtai also has the intention of testing a few people in the flurry team
Xu Jingwen should come out even though he is going to face these teenagers, but he is not afraid at all!
The first emissary of the night baby in the classic mode of China is also confident in this speed contest!
Xie Xiaofeng several people saw Xu Jing coming out from the opposite side, and his face was slightly coagulated. They knew that this Xu Jing was the first night baby player in the country and it was this Xu Jing who won the only game from the madman team two days ago.
This shows that this Xu Jing also has a great understanding of the extreme speed mode.
Slightly silent for a moment, Xie Xiaofeng slowly got up, and he was ready to come by himself.
On the other side, Xu Jing frowned slightly when he saw that his opponent in this game was Xie Xiaofeng, but his face was even more fighting. It was his long-cherished wish to compete with this famous chief cool running god!
"oh! We saw that Boss Xie was going to make a move in the first game! It seems that the flurry team pays enough attention to this game, and their opponents are also quite weak in this game. This can be seen from the appearance of Boss Xie himself! " Commentary john young said
"Backhand party players want to come to this game. Everyone has remembered this teenager through these days’ competition. Here I’ll introduce a Xu Jing player who is the first night baby god in China! Will he play his best role in this game? Presumably, everyone must be looking forward to it as I am at this time! "
The name "country first" is not scary. On which role it is, whether this role is outdated or not, but it can be comparable to the Chinese people. This represents the most amazing strength!
And the night baby is the most popular role in the eyes-this Xu Jing can raise her to the first level of the country. I have to say that this strength is really horrible!
Taiwan referee announced the game.
The two men who have been waiting for a long time have chosen their own equipment! Xie Xiaofeng took out what she was best at, the witch Nana! And Xu Jing also sacrificed the night baby there!
In the mount, the two players are surprisingly the same, both of which are the most popular frozen wolf kings!
Nana, the night baby witch, is also a powerful gliding character. In this game, these two characters collide as if to show everyone who is the master of gliding!
Bureau sprint!
At this moment, the two little girls on the Wolf King’s Shoulder became the queen of the track. Their eyes were focused and their expressions were serious. They all seemed to know that their opponents were very strong in this game, so they were going to try their best to run further on the track!
Even though the two men are very strong in this game, they dare not be sloppy because they know that their opponents are not weak either! In this contest, whoever makes mistakes will lose first!
Sprint over and start skills!
Soon both of them have come to the 10,000-meter section! The audience saw that a fault about four meters long suddenly appeared in front of Xujing track …
Surprisingly, there are no obstacles in this fault, but the audience soon found that there are two surface springs standing side by side in a two-meter flat area in front of this fault! These two springs are further ahead, and first of all, three missiles are coming obliquely head-on!
The first of these three missiles is located at the front and the second route is near the edge of the screen, and then the second and third missiles crash into the field at the back and right of its tail. The audience can see through the big screen that at this time, there are three star squares side by side on the top of the three missiles across a track position, which appear on the track after the player is bounced by the missile.
After being bounced by the spring, the player will fly off the ground at a rocket-like speed. If he encounters any obstacles during the flight, some dangers will easily occur. However, the spring route here is three star squares, which means that he will directly touch these star squares after being bounced by the spring.
Players naturally don’t have the possibility of directly hanging people after touching the star squares, but because the star squares have an elasticity and the star squares here are located in the square, it is very likely that Xu Jing will be directly bounced in the square fault by the rebound force of the squares after touching these star squares!
The speed of the spring track is so fast that it is easy to react. If it is not the case, it is very likely that Xu Jing will be in danger later!
The audience in the line of sight at this time brought up a point of anxiety, staring at the night baby who is about to step on the spring in front of him.
59 Chapter 59 The road ahead is unknown
Thousands of pairs of eyes look at the night baby riding the frozen wolf king ahead, and now he has stepped on those two springs!
The audience saw the night baby flying at a speed that was almost invisible to the naked eye after stepping on the spring in front! After being bounced by the spring, she almost wiped the tips of the three missiles and flew out!
It’s a good thing that the audience didn’t touch those three missiles. Otherwise, the track behind will be forgotten …
Then, after avoiding the three missiles, along the gap above the head of the farthest missile, the night baby suddenly hit three star squares! The sharpness makes people worry about whether the forehead of Night Baby cracked in this collision …
Then the night baby fell rapidly under the elasticity of the square, and at this time, there was still five meters in a flat area in front of it, which looked like it was going to fall into the fault and could not get out!
I don’t see that night baby hit the jump button before falling into the fault! So the audience saw that the night baby was still falling rapidly and suddenly jumped forward at this moment! The jumping position is just towards the flat paragraph in front!
"good! ! !”
There is nothing more exciting for the audience than to see the resurrection exercise, and it will be more difficult to reverse the situation after the spring force. However, it is unexpected that Xu Jing can actually pull back the original mortal situation. I have to say that this person is really powerful.
However, when the audience was all about to land in Anping, john young almost screamed and shouted, "Look, everyone! Xu Jing player track! "
They smell speech heart a surprised quickly looked forward along his voice in the past.
I saw two side-by-side missiles sticking to the ground in that flat place at this time! Seeing that the night baby will be hit by those two missiles if it falls in this flat area!