Ye Zhenhai pushed aside the food in front of him and lost his appetite to continue.

July 4, 2024

"Mom and Dad, she has a bad name. Colleagues know that we are sisters. Everywhere I go, people point fingers and throw people to death."
"Because of this?"
Ye Zhenhai doesn’t understand Ye Tong’s breaking into the entertainment circle. She has been listening to the gossip for several years. She has turned a deaf ear and now she talks about the Ye Ran scandal.
"What’s more, Dad? Look at the photo, sister. She’s not only entangled with President Gu, but also cuddled with other men. You’ll lose all your face no matter what you do!"
Ye Tong handed the mobile phone screen on and showed the ambiguous photo that she deliberately found an angle to capture in the afternoon.
"Is this … a misunderstanding?" Ye Zhenhai looked at it for a long time before he was sure.
☆ Chapter 14 Warm breakfast
"It’s just that you think it’s a misunderstanding that you can’t tell the good from the bad. Ye Ran, after all, has entered the social work. It’s not that simple child who didn’t have a deep life. Girls can’t do anything with money and fame these days."
Yao Zhanfang’s contemptuous look reveals malice and disgust under his eyes.
"I’ll talk about it when I find out, but it’s not like you to cry like this because of a mere scandal."
Ye Zhenhai put the mobile phone in turning tables and turned it through the disc to return to Ye Tong.
Ye Tong had enough trouble and whispered, "Dad is also your daughter, and I feel guilty when you do this home."
"Dad knows that the company would have gone bankrupt if it hadn’t been for your help, but he can’t be proud of himself. Dad wants you and the Xiao Ran sisters to help each other, not just quarrel. Think about it yourself."
Ye Zhenhai sighed wearily and turned and strode away from the restaurant.
Yao Zhanfang pulls Ye Tong’s eyes and stares at her. Her eyes are red and her heart is breaking into pieces.
Touching Ye Tong’s head and whispering, "Xiao Tong, you lied to your parents and didn’t object to telling your mother the truth. What happened?"
Ye Tong sniffed and said indignantly, "It’s not Ye Ran. Who is she tossing with? I remember I once said that I like Gu Lengchen."
Yao Zhanfang took a new look with his hands. "Oh! You don’t wake up, mom forgot to be busy these days, and your uncle left behind in the company. "
"Do something you can’t get Ye Ran that little bitch to succeed. If she is seductive and scheming, we will be finished crying and can’t find the north."
Ye Tong was so excited that he lost his temper and stamped his feet.
"A good mother will help you prepare for Ye’s anniversary and keep my baby girl happy."
Yao Zhanfang held Ye Tong for a long time before Ye Tong burst into tears.
The darkness gradually disappeared and the sky was a fish-belly grey in the east. In the morning, the mist in Xinghai City curled against the colorful clouds, and it was as beautiful as a fairyland.
Ye Ran and Tang Tang each slept soundly and horizontally with a furry blanket around their waist.
"Ding Rinrin … Ding Rinrin …"
The alarm clock keeps ringing. It’s time for the owners to get up.
Ye Ran rolled over and fumbled for the alarm clock with his eyes closed.
Roll lazily and stretch your long legs beside you. Tang Tang is still awake in a daze.
"Ah, you killed me." Tang Tang whined.
Turned a supercilious look and said, "Can you not be so exciting in the early morning?"
"You go and make breakfast, I want to eat mixed noodles" Ye Ranling.
"Why don’t you go to the lazy bag?" Tang Tang replied.
"I haven’t served me since you cooked. You should practice your hands or you won’t be able to cook when your brother Bing comes back. That’s embarrassing."
Ye Ran got up, picked out a dress, and chattered to her mouth.
Tang Tang nai is obedient and obedient, wearing a nightgown and went to the kitchen.
There is beautiful and beautiful music in the horizontal villa, and the kitchen is buzzing with range hoods.
A beautiful day from a beautiful morning
When Ye Ran was beautifully dressed and dressed, Tang Tang just cooked breakfast.
Ye Ran smiled and took a deep breath. "Wow, the craftsmanship is still good. Why don’t you stay here with me later? I don’t want to be too happy when someone warms the bed and cooks every day."
Tang Tang simply refused to "find a husband if you lack a warm bed. If you have a husband, you have a shoulder to lean on and a person who gives advice and thinks about countermeasures."
"I didn’t say I couldn’t come when I was eating." Ye Ran bowed his head and couldn’t wait to be buried in a bowl.
Point two people go out together and lock a room to be quiet.
Their offices are different. They go outside the villa area, and one of them calls a car and runs in the direction of the company.
When Assistant Song saw her, she felt as if she had seen a savior. She said, "Editor-in-Chief, it’s too difficult for us to interview Ye Tong. It’s really sad that half of our lives were lost."
Ye Ran didn’t speak and smiled softly.
When the assistant saw Ye Ran’s face, he often continued to ask boldly, "Editor-in-Chief, you and Ye Tong are half-brothers. It is reasonable to say that your personalities should be similar, but why are you indifferent to the world when she is irritable and arrogant?"
Section 43
Ye Ran pursed her lips and had to say that the assistant problem stumped her. Apart from congenital factors, it may be more acquired factors.
☆ Chapter 15 Willing to believe her
Ye Ran tugged at the bag over his shoulder and glanced at Song Assistant indifferently. "You don’t want to ask for leave? Why haven’t you brought me the fake note yet? "