Ye Ran teased and said, "Be obedient and let the driver drive me. I won’t go anywhere. Will you wait at home until you come back?"

July 5, 2024

The warm breath hit him near the neck. Gu Lengchen wanted to dodge and lust. He loved her badly. She was like a spoiled little woman.
"Okay? You have the strength to make money, otherwise you can’t bear the embarrassment of the speed at which I spend money, right? "
Even cajoling Gu Lengchen finally nodded in agreement with his past trip to deal with the finished horse.
After he left, Ye Ran was left in the bedroom. She grabbed her cell phone and called Ye Zhenhai.
Ye Zhenhai has regained his former vigor and vitality since he had revenge. Every day, he runs the Yeh’s group on time, and in just a few days, he drags the Yeh’s group back from the edge of loss to the edge of steaming day.
At this time, he is sitting in the office and talking about new investment.
When he heard the phone ring, he turned to look at the screen and said, "Wait for me, my daughter."
Heshang expressed his understanding that he would have a casual rest first.
Ye Zhenhai entered the office lounge door and clicked to answer "Hello Xiao Ran".
"Dad, what are you doing? Are you busy? "
Daughter’s heart voice to Ye Zhenhai comfortable smile calm way "not busy this life dad spent most of your life, you don’t miss me, but your own dad can’t help you, you take care of yourself and sometimes go home to have dinner with dad."
"Good" Ye Ran choked that her father lived alone in a mansion, and she couldn’t bear to be worried.
"Xiao Ran Gu Lengchen? Is it serious if I am not next to you? "
"It’ll be fine when he has nothing to do. He went to the company and I’ll call you when he comes back later. I want to ask you if you really think about Aunt Yu Yao?"
"Considering that their mother and daughter had no money to be hospitalized, they had to sell Ye Tongming’s only real estate. That house was a birthday present from her father on her tenth birthday. Who would have thought that times had changed to this point?"
The father and the daughter talked about this matter, and their biggest heart in this life.
To live together for more than 20 years and say that you have no feelings is false. To be fair, Ye Tong is the culprit of the whole thing, but she is also the greatest humiliation for Ye Zhenhai in this life.
I want to see her, think of her, Ye Zhenhai’s chest churning, and I want to kill/vent my anger.
"Dad, Gu Lengchen and I will go back to see you in a few days. You are busy first."
Ye Ran’s speech ended the topic.
On the other hand, Gu Lengchen rushed to Jinling at a super speed. When he passed the secret office, the secrets took a sigh of relief. "The president is here."
"Show him the contract quickly and I’ll pour coffee for the president."
Several beautiful women split up and are full of energy.
Gu Lengchen’s face was as calm as usual.
The secret handed the contract to both hands and asked, "President, when can you work normally?"
"It doesn’t necessarily depend on the situation," Gu Lengchen replied faintly.
Mimi gestured with an "oh" mouth.
Gu Lengchen flipped through a4 paper and there was nothing wrong with the contract. He just signed it himself.
Suddenly, he suddenly remembered that sentence, raised his eyes and asked, "Which one of you called my home?"
The secret was so scared that he dared not look him in the face and bowed his head to answer, "It was me. I was too anxious to do that."
"got it"
Gu Lengchen left the office with leg lifts without asking anything else after handling the contract.
He blew up the pot when he left the front foot and followed the back foot.
The female secretary who called his family leaned against the table and told everyone that the president didn’t want to come to the company, but a woman answered the phone and told him that the president came obediently.