But at this time, when Li Yuanqing made a speech, she dared not disobey the little face and blushed. "I propose a toast to you."

July 6, 2024

Said the busy filled the glass respectfully Li Yuanqing motioned to drink off one by one.
Li Yuanqing smiled and drank all the wine in the cup. "It’s all from our own family. Don’t be polite. Sit down, both of you. You should eat more and tonify Nellie. You are too thin now. I don’t like it."
Two women are ashamed and happy, but they dare not refute Li Yuanqing’s meaning and respectfully sit beside Li Yuanqing.
Staring at two pretty faces as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade, Li Yuanqing’s nerves gradually eased.
As the old saying goes,’ people are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong’
Before his humble position in Li Yuanqing, he didn’t have the resources even if he wanted to be impeached.
But at this time, his brilliant achievements almost cover the whole story, and no one is jealous. How is that possible?
Especially in western Liaoning, the pay accounts for 90% of the pay in Liaoning, but it’s been more than three years now. Have you made any achievements?
But it’ s not surprising that Li Yuanqing and Dongjiang are Lien Chan and Lien Jie, and someone stumbles.
And with his status rising more and more in the future, there will be some things that I don’t know
Now it’s just a small test, just now.
Thinking about Li Yuanqing is more and more relieved.
The main reason is that he has never paid enough attention to the situation in the DPRK at the military and political levels. Now that everyone else has put a knife on his chest, how can he do nothing?
A familiar face suddenly appeared in Li Yuanqing’s mind.
To solve this dilemma, he must first carefully test the meaning of Sun Chengzong, the boss of Liaodong.
Chapter 5 Sun Chengzong in person
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Have read son and located with drank a little wine Li Yuanqing mood gradually lang.
Two women will clean up here. Li Yuanqing was about to write a letter to test Sun Chengzong’s attitude first.
At this moment, a QinBing hurried to report that "General Sun Ge is old and has arrived at the dock now."
"Huh?" Li Yuanqing couldn’t help frowning. "When did it happen?"
QinBing busy way: "just ahead brother just received the news"
Li Yuanqing nodded his head and suddenly revealed a smile. It’s not that he’s in a hurry. I’m afraid it’s even more urgent than him.
"Inform the general officers of all ministries to go to the dock immediately to welcome the old man to visit Changsheng Island."
Sun Chengzong’s visit to Li Yuanqing, Changsheng Island, can better perceive his eagerness on this matter.
In terms of surface Li Yuanqing naturally dare not have the slightest neglect.
In less than a quarter of an hour, the main officers of the various ministries of Changsheng Camp have been tied up and led a group of people to gallop in the direction of Nanxinkou Pier in Li Yuanqing.
Sun Chengzong also don’t worry, smiling looking around the scene, especially the note on both sides of the coast brick ship back and forth.
"Beizhi Li Yuanqing sees the old pavilion and the old pavilion is healthy."
Li Yuanqing respectfully said hello to Sun Chengzong after kowtowing.
Behind him, the generals of the Changsheng Camp instantly fell to their knees. "See the old pavilion and the old pavilion for good health."
Sun Chengzong smiling with the wave "yuanqing please you generals please".
Busy Li Yuanqing got up with a smile and respectfully came to Sun Chengzong’s side to help him personally. "Ge Lao, why are you here at this time? There are still a lot of ice floes in this freezing sea, which is very disturbing. You should have said a humble job earlier to meet you. "
Sun Chengzong smiled, "Yuan Qing, you and Mao Wenlong did a good job in Zhenjiang."
Li Yuanqing busy way: "I want to apologize to you first about this humble position. The thing is that Mao Shuai was suddenly prepared for this humble position. At that time, I didn’t have time to report to Ge Lao face to face. Please forgive Ge Lao for being ignorant of the rules."
Li Yuanqing said this bluntly and looked like a child who had made a mistake.
Sun Chengzong’s face smile is not even worse. "Yuan Qing’s incident will also prevent your life from being affected by the battle report of Changsheng Camp. I received the Zhenjiang battle a few days ago, playing beautifully, playing my morale and playing down my prestige."
On hearing Sun Chengzong’s words, Li Yuanqing had a good idea in his heart. He smiled and said, "It’s windy here in the old dock, so please move to the official hall. There are many things to ask you."
Sun Chengzong came here this time without pomp. There were two clippers and more than a dozen Qinbing guards to wait on a page, which was not like official ostentation and extravagance.
Li Yuanqing also realized that it must be that Sun Chengzong heard the words from the capital and wanted to personally come over to test and appease his Li Yuanqing mood.
Guanting nave main table has put a dozen exquisite dishes Li Yuanqing personally served beside Sun Chengzong.
After eating a little full, Sun Chengzong smiled and said, "Have you received the news from Yuanqing Jingli?"
Li Yuanqing busy way: "to tell you the truth, old BeiZhi just received this news, and he was almost not angry with these turtles and grandchildren."
Looking at Li Yuanqing actually scold out the dirty words in front of him, Sun Chengzong couldn’t help laughing. "Yuan Qing, I knew you couldn’t stand this injustice. This just came and found out your situation."
Li Yuanqing busy way: "Ge Lao, you can want to humble yourself in this matter. I’ve been fighting hard for the emperor in recent years, even if I don’t have any credit, but these officials are so discredited. I really can’t swallow this tone in my heart."
Sun Chengzong smiled and nodded. "It’s human nature to celebrate this kind of thing. Anyone who listens to it has the same reaction, but you can’t give up and lose your heart because of this. But it’s unwise."