An Yan sat in a daze in the chair after accepting the interrogation and record. After knowing that she was Mrs. Xiao, the police station’s attitude towards her was a 360-degree change and served her with good water and tea.

July 7, 2024

Xiao Jing, when the time comes, Zheng Xi, the Duke of the Zheng family, almost came from the hospital. His wrist was bandaged into a big dumpling and he watched them come in in tandem.
When I saw Zheng Xi picking up her wrist, I couldn’t help laughing. Zheng Xi glared at her. It was very fierce. "Labor and capital won’t let you squat. Labor and capital have been mixed up in Wencheng for two years!"
Xiao Jing frown more malicious eyebrow eye has a thick YinZhi.
An Yan was actually not afraid at all, but when she heard Zheng Xi pick it up, she quickly got up from her chair and rushed to Xiao Jing’s arms two steps later. She looked at Xiao Jing with a grievance and pointed at Zheng Yue. Xiao Xiao complained that "my husband is bullying me!"
"Let me stay in this place for dozens of minutes in vain. I wear skirts. There are many mosquitoes in this place. I have been bitten by several red spots."
The person in charge of the police station raised his hand and wiped his sweat. There is really nothing in their police station. Besides, good water and good tea, Mrs. Xiao is too good at gossiping about right and wrong.
Zheng Xizhi didn’t hold back and didn’t look at Xiao Jing. He almost thought that his hand was not broken. He greeted Anyan’s face. "Labor and capital haven’t hit a woman in this life. Do you fucking want to be the first?"
The first volume Chapter 19 Xiao Jing is really that woman and man?
Xiao Jing hugged the woman in his arms and took a step back. He took the shawl handed by Qiao Luo and surrounded her smooth and white shoulder. His eyes skipped Zheng Xi’s pick-up and directly said to a police officer, "I took the rest of the officer Lu and left it to lawyer Shen."
An Yan is a little reluctant to pull the cloth. "I don’t want to wear this in such hot weather."
I wanted to take the shawl, but as soon as her hand touched the shawl, she was held down by a man’s finger, and her face was as handsome as a knife. There was no expression and her words were very pale.
Zheng Xishi walked up to Anyan and looked at her, then turned her eyes to Xiao Jing. "Are you her husband?"
It’s not surprising that he doesn’t know An Yan, but Xiao Jing is a representative of the floating society in this city now, and it’s hard not to know him with this recognizable face.
Section 12
"Zheng less at a young age, I’m afraid I don’t want to be your old lady chanting every day and you should also don’t want to play with women outside-"
Xiao Jing paused for a long time, holding Anyan’s finger, forbidding her to earn or move, and continued to say, "I won’t pursue this matter with you, just let it be. We still have to leave in advance."
In fact, Qiao Luo had already reported the situation to Xiao Jing as early as the route, but he didn’t say anything.
When Xiao Jing finished speaking, Yan also smiled defiantly at Zheng Xi. Zheng Xi looked at Yan’s neck and then faintly revealed that the red color seemed to leave traces after being mercilessly loved.
In fact, Xiao Jing said it was wrong. Zheng Xi picked up a girlfriend who liked to play with women for almost a week or two, but he lived for more than 20 years. He only pulled a girl’s hand and didn’t even kiss a woman’s lips, but he was simply romantic.
But … Zheng Xi took a look at his bandaged wrist and chest, and the tone didn’t spill out. I couldn’t help but get a little louder. "How do you tell a dirty lie like this woman? I learned it today, but I didn’t pursue the injury with me. It was me and she was unscathed!"
An Yan immediately frowned and said, "My spirit has been hurt. Besides, he ruined my plan to go shopping this afternoon."
"Small ye I haven’t said you mind your own business you his mama have the face to accuse me? !”
Xiao Jing frowned and pulled Anyan behind him, glanced at his wrist watch and bowed his head to Anyan. "After all, your bodyguard didn’t ask him to apologize to Zheng Shao, huh?"
Yan Yan glanced at Zheng Xi and the fierce bodyguard behind Zheng Xi. This person looks stronger than Jerry Liau, not to mention that the two small minions just met in the whole club are not at the same level.
Zheng Xi picked it up but ignored it, regardless of the police chief’s persuasion, pointing to Anyan and taking the baggage and take the journey. "You apologize to Xiaoye, and I may still think about it."
The man bowed his head and attached himself to Anyan’s ear like a lover whispering, "Let’s get this over with and go home for dinner, huh?"
Over the years, she has been practicing everything in a perfect way. She decided to close her finger at Jerry Liau and said, "Jerry Liau, you go and apologize to Zheng Shao. Xiao Jingxian and I will go and you will take my car back later."
Finally, Anyan stared at Zheng Xi and said with a smile, "Didn’t anyone say that your name is very girly?"
Before Zheng Xi picked up, Nai Qiaoluo and Jerry Liau stood in front of him. Nai Zheng Xi picked up and gnashed her teeth. She looked at Xiao Jing and took Anyan’s fingers away from her heart. It was not a taste.
Steps outside the police station
Qiao Luo once again refused a company executive’s request to see Xiao Jing, but in front of him was Xiao Jing holding Anyan’s hand and walking towards the car. Anyan tried to take off his shawl all the way, but he was opposed by men.
At dusk, I seem to hear a man’s hoarse and vague voice. He said, "Don’t worry, no matter how much trouble you have caused now, I will admit it."
Everything happens for a reason, doesn’t it?
And the rear Zheng Xi picked up behind Qiao Luo, clutching his wrist and asked, "Is Xiao Jing really that woman and man?"