Hu Ling hid the soul and looked at Fang Qingyun. Fang Qingyun was still alive.

July 8, 2024

And look at his face. He won’t die for a while.
This makes it unbearable for Hu Ling to hide his soul.
Fang Qingyun must die.
Hu Ling hid the soul and turned his attention to Su Qinghou’s way, "The duke left Fang Qingyun for you to go."
It is cruel for Hu Ling to hide his soul and never be soft with the enemy. Now it is really an exception for him to take the initiative to let Su Qinghou live.
Xiaowu and the masters of the West Sea were very surprised. For the first time, they saw Hu Ling hiding the soul and let their opponents live.
This makes them a little unbelievable.
At this time, the drifting sound sounded again, full of anger.
"Hu Ling … the hidden soul must never let him go … how can you find it without me …"
Hu Ling’s hidden soul can be found all the way by this mysterious figure.
It is this man who is so weird that even Hu Ling’s hidden soul has never been seen before.
Hu Ling hidden soul growled "something you come out and Sue the duke to play a game! I want to see how capable you are! "
Sue light hou this just know Hu Ling hidden soul turned out to be this person.
Su Qinghou is full of curiosity and anxiety about this man hiding in the dark.
That’s why people hide in the dark, which makes people feel even more uneasy.
Sue gently dared him. He wanted to get this man out.
Su Qinghou told Hu Ling to hide the soul, "Mr. Hide the soul, although you are an enemy or not, you can’t call out a person who is afraid to come out because he is too tired to hide."
The humanitarian "Su Qing Hou … Jie Jie doesn’t have to provoke me to know who I am when you die."
Hu Ling hid the soul and no longer paid attention to the man. He once again said to Su Qinghou, "When the duke lets Fang Qingyun go, we’ll have a drink and then solve you and me completely."
Qing-yun fang also said to Sue light Hou, "Light Hou Xiong let me go. If you don’t let me go, I will commit suicide …"
Su Qinghou simply ordered Fang Qingyun’s acupuncture points again, which disturbed him. Fang Qingyun leaned against Su Qinghou’s shoulder.
Su Qinghou told Hu Ling to hide the soul, "Mr. Hide the Soul, if you were you, you would never leave your friends alone."
Hu Ling hid the soul and said slowly, "I have no friends."
Su Qinghou said, "But I have."
Hu Ling’s eyes narrowed as he said, "The Duke will be offended!"
Hu Ling Tibetan soul voice down body prey to Sue light hou.
Su Qinghou, Hu Ling, the hidden soul, can’t beat Hu Ling’s hidden soul alone. Now it’s even more dangerous to take Fang Qingyun, especially Xiao Wu and four masters of the West Sea, and that terrible person in the dark.
Hu Ling’s hidden soul has not yet come near, and two sharp palms strike first.
An attack to Sue light hou an attack to Fang Qingyun.
Want Sue light hou don’t abandon Fang Qingyun Fang Qingyun is a drag on Sue light hou burdensome.
Hu Ling’s hiding the soul is to make it difficult for Su to take care of both the light and the Hou.
In the face of the first two palms flying, Su Qinghou shook the sword in his hand, and the sword light flashed to attack Fang Qingyun’s palm-separated sword. At the same time, he flew up and kicked his palm and broke it.
Su Qinghou broke these two palms, and Hu Ling’s hidden soul was near.
How terrible it is to hide the soul in close quarters in Hu Ling? Su Qinghou knows better than anyone.
Hu Ling’s Tibetan soul hit Su Qinghou and Fang Qingyun in a flash.
Su Qinghou single-handedly took Fang Qingyun’s posture and martial arts display were greatly reduced, and he had to take care of Fang Qingyun. Fang Qingyun was half dead now, and if he was hit again, he would die on the spot.
Sue light hou sword broke two palms and grabbed Fang Qingyun left and right to hide.
Hu Ling hid the soul continuously and didn’t give Su Qinghou a breather.
Although Su Qing Hou Li has to deal with Nai’s dragging a person, especially in the face of Hu Ling’s hiding the soul, his opponent has to protect him with such a big burden, and he has a dead end.
Soon Sue was in the wind when she was young.
I don’t know if it was Hu Ling who hid the soul and showed mercy or Su Qinghou who just avoided Hu Ling’s hidden soul and brushed it from Su Qinghou’s armpit.
Su Qinghou’s armpit clothes were torn by Hu Ling’s hidden soul palm wind
Sue light Hou Axillary skin also dripping with blood.
If you slap Sue lightly, the bones in your armpit will be broken.
Hu Ling hid the soul and cried, "Sue the duke to see you one more chance! Otherwise, don’t blame me! "
Hu Ling hid the soul and let Su Qinghou go three times, which is considered as righteousness.
This seems unbelievable to others.