Just now, I had to be more willing than excited to look forward to the future, and it was destroyed in the blink of an eye.

July 9, 2024

Montaigne was lucky to meet Yunqiaoqiao, a tianjiao girl!
Desperate, I got the idea of mutual destruction. I pulled Jinglan to the front and pointed a knife at her neck. "Don’t come here or I’ll kill her."
Jinglan trembled, her lips trembled, but she didn’t ask for mercy.
The pain in the old lady’s eyes is in her heart. "Don’t be ridiculous, second child. Let Jinglan go quickly and make a good compensation to the county Lord. It’s not that I’m desperate to save your life."
No matter how stupid she is, she will see that the child has done something wrong and will die if she goes like this.
Seeing that the tide has gone, I am in pain. "Mother, please help me. I want to leave here."
He’s so helpless that he can’t beat Yun Qiaoqiao, who is a loser.
The old lady was stunned. "Where are you going?"
"Anywhere will do. If it weren’t for the mountains and seas," blindfolded eyes were red and looked pitiful. "I can’t stay here."
The old lady was heartbroken. What evil did she do?
"The old woman of the county owner once begged the county owner to look at our loyal family for generations and let the children leave."
She can’t watch her son die!
Jojo said coolly, "Do you know what he did?"
The old lady was afraid to look her straight in the eye and felt guilty. "He … hurt the boss and forced him to marry his fiancee. It was his fault, but this is a family matter. I think the boss will forgive the second child."
She turned a blind eye to other things
Jojo’s eyes narrowed slightly. "What about his crime of trying to assassinate me? How to deal with the crime of treason when he colluded with the harem concubines? How to deal with the crime that he wants to support the new monarch to stand on his own two feet? "
Everything about this pile is a big sin, not that he can escape!
Old lady Meng shakes her body if she is hit by a bolt from the blue. Hold her poor old lady quickly.
The old lady was devastated and couldn’t believe it was a fact. "No, it’s impossible. How can I assassinate you?" Besides, he has never been away from the mountains and seas. How can he get mixed up with the harem concubines? "
This accusation is unacceptable to her!
Her son is not that bad!
Jojo can understand her feelings, but it doesn’t mean that she will ask, "Is there a Mrs. Wu in your house?" Where is she? "
The old lady can’t wait. "Cousin? What’s wrong with her? "
Jojo ha ha a smile "your cousin? Does the Yun family in Jiyang have relatives with the Mongols? I still know for the first time. "
The old lady wait for a while can’t react. "What’s with Jiyang Yunshi? I don’t know the Yun family. "
Jojo picked his eyebrows "don’t know? Is that still a cousin? She is the concubine of the first emperor of Jiyang Yunshi, who was very famous in those days. You should have heard of Yunguifei. "
The old lady was shocked and speechless. "Impossible. You must be mistaken. Her name is not Yun. How could she be …"
How do concubines leave the palace? What’s in it that you can’t hide? She’s afraid to ask!
Jojo said lightly, "Her name is Yun Wu and she is wanted by the emperor."
Mrs Wu? Cloud Wu? The old lady almost fainted when she was black at the moment. "No, no,no. There must be a mistake. Go and find Mrs. Wu."
The housekeeper came back soon and looked pale. "The old lady hasn’t found it, and she has looked everywhere."
Jojo had long expected some regrets "escape so fast"
It’s a pity that you must have smelled something to run so fast.
The old lady was greatly stimulated and her blood rolled "no"
With a scream, the old lady fainted.
Montaigne rushed over and hugged her panicked "mother"
Looking at his eyes closed and his face gray, his mother Montaigne was very afraid. "Please help my mother, please, Lord Ruyi."
Jojo made a gesture, and Jia Qige fed a Dan medicine into the mouth of the old lady, and then shook his head slightly after the pulse was half rung.
Montaigne’s heart sank. "How about Brother Seven?"
Brother Jia Qige looked nai. "I’m sorry that your mother’s anger and stroke have affected my ability."
"Stroke?" Montaigne’s eyes were black and his heart ached.
When he was sad, he came to his ear and shouted, "Montaigne, are you satisfied with what you did to your mother?"
Everyone looked at it and was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. I doubted and despised everything
Montaigne is even more incredible. "What did you say?"
Meng Da accused, "You shouldn’t have come back. You gave your mother a stroke as soon as you came back, you unfilial son."
Everyone is stupid to force "…"
Is there such a strange-headed man in the world?
This shirking of responsibility is really superb.
Jojo knew there was a wonderful thing in this world. He was always right and always someone else.
"It turned out to be a crazy brain, arrested and disposed of."
Be put like crazy to ruthlessly stare at jojo "and you don’t just throw your weight around with the emperor’s pet? You’re just an unruly witch. If the emperor doesn’t like you, you’ll be in trouble. "
"How do you like a woman? "Jojo is not angry at all." I can’t get enough of this weakness. "
You can’t hit her with a big face? "You pervert! Psycho! You don’t die a natural death! "
Montaigne can’t listen to it, and he rebukes coldly, "That’s enough. Kill yourself."
Besides, if you go to Montessori, you have to pay for his burial.
The face is bluish and ferocious than "what did you say? How dare you talk to me like that? "
Montaigne held her unconscious mother with a heavy heart. "The family can’t have an unfaithful, unjust, heartless and unfilial beast. You will die to clear the shame of the family."
He saw clearly that Meng’s family had a chance to struggle out of a mess when he was put to death and trapped in the mud.
Chapter 22 Lead bombing
Let him die? I hate to die in peace of mind, and so do they.