Su Wan clearly saw a smile on the woman who looked exactly like her.

July 10, 2024

The woman hugged Zou Yi body directly in the previous step.
Su Wan is still a long way from Zou Yi at this time. If that woman really did something to Zou Yi …
Su Wan’s eyes are slightly red, and she finally doesn’t care about anything and runs directly towards Zou Yi and that woman!
The speed of Jiangsu and Anhui is very terrible. She almost turned into a light and instantly appeared beside Zou Yi. It is almost an animation or special effects occasion to achieve speed. Zou Yi was directly pulled behind him.
She looked coldly at the woman in front of her.
Although it is made up, Su Wan can feel that this woman is the beauty who made up her before.
The woman chuckled, "You really are from the Special Operations Bureau."
"Even I can’t surpass this speed," said the woman, directly taking her wig from the beginning.
Su Wan has a feeling of seeing a bald head, which is very strange.
The woman raised her hand and said, "I know there are two special operations agents around you. I can’t escape at all. You should just catch me."
Old three and old six quickly caught the woman before.
Su Wan was relieved and turned to look at Zou Yi. "Are you all right?"
Zou Yi shook his head "nothing"
"Thank your lover," the woman or man shrugged and said to Su Wan, "I just took him to the building and he directly found out that I was fake, otherwise we wouldn’t stay in the parking lot and be caught by you."
"I asked him how he found out that I was fake. Guess what he said?"
Smell speech Su Wan turned to look at Zou Yi.
That man’s make-up skills are really perfect. Su Wan just saw that woman, and there is no difference between her and her. It’s like being carved out of a mold.
At this time, the woman’s voice is exactly the same as that of Su Wan.
Zou Yi can see it?
The woman chuckled, "He said I’m different from you."
Su Wan leng one.
Although everyone does have their own unique steps, the difference is very slight. How can Zou Yi distinguish this?
Perhaps I saw Su Wan’s doubts. Zou Yi said, "I can hear your footsteps."
Su Wan Zheng
There was an indescribable feeling in her heart, sour and sweet, as if tears could flow at once
She stepped forward and hugged Zou Yi waist light way "thank you …"
At this time, her brain was white and she couldn’t think of words to thank Zou Yi.
Zou Yi stretched out his hand and touched the Su Wan head.
Next to the old frowned slightly at embrace together Zou Yi and Su Wan head glance to one side.
While the woman who was caught chuckled. She leaned into the old man’s ear and said, "Do you want Su Wan? I can help you oh … "
Old three coldly said, "mind your own business."
Chapter 256 Danger score (7)
Chapter 256
On the way home, Su Wan’s face smiled a little uncontrollably
How rare it is to meet a man who likes himself so much in this world, and this kind of good thing happened to Su Wan.
Zou Yi some nai can’t stand smirking Su Wan "Wan Wan, are you so moved?"
"Of course, this is not something that ordinary people can do." Su Wan said with a frown. "But if they can find your side, they can find my father’s side. Shall we go to my father’s for dinner tonight?"
Zou Yi nodded "good"
Just then Su Wan received a call from Su Ding.