The surge of emotion has already tasted bad.

June 7, 2024

She had thought about this day several times, but she never thought it would come so suddenly.
"Thank you, Emperor!"
She thanked him from the bottom of her heart.
Mo Qianyu "hmm" a.
Bian Fengying’s ink face became as heavy as eyes.
"Prepare a wing for the girl to change clothes at night." Mo Qian Yu Shen ordered the doctor to be dumbfounded.
At the end, he told others, "We’ll start at once when we get dressed at night!"
Before the doctor orders, "Night Girl, come with me!"
It was dark when I was ready to leave.
There are people outside yiguang.
Markey came in the same way as before, except for a few who continued to look for Yi Min’s guards and a few eunuchs who died in an avalanche.
The bodies of these people who lost their lives have also been found. According to Mo Qianyu, the Ministry will take them back for a good burial, including Shen Yanxue.
Because there are several wagons that need to be moved out to transport bodies, it is difficult to buy new cars at the foot of the snowy mountain for a while, and Qianyu has rearranged a wagon staff.
Because of the strange thousand feather carriage, the biggest night away from the neon spirit sisters were arranged to ride with him
The prescription of Qiaodai antidote has been found in yiguang. Because of the need to hurry, Zhang Shuo needs to arrange a strange thousand feathers on the road. Duan Wang told him that he could help if necessary
Feng Ying Mo and Huo An are in the same car.
Qiaodai is alone in the car.
Night away from it is clear that this arrangement is devoted to thousands of feathers.
Obviously, he already knows that neon spirit is neon spirit, and she is her.
In everyone’s eyes, neon spirit is his woman. Although she has recovered her daughter, others are just not women.
So he can’t put neon spirit in that car, but let her ride with him, and he obviously wants her to ride with him, so he has to ride with three people
It’s better to stay with her.
In addition, arranging Huo An ‘an in a car with Feng Ying Mo even has no meaning. Huo An is someone else who can be monitored by the same car.
Of course, Qiao Dai’s arrangement is also intentional. She is the only person with low status who rides alone in turn.
Mo Qianyu may have thought of detoxification for her after eating the antidote.
Holding the neon spirit, the carriage left at night, and before sitting on the strange thousand feathers, she reached out and pulled her into her arms.
Move suddenly and eagerly let go without any psychological preparation.
The neon spirit is still here.
She tried to get up in a panic, but she was tightly wrapped in her arms.
"Don’t move …"
The scorching breath clings to her ear, and the night is full of shivers.
Edge neon spirit was shocked by this sudden scene startled looking at two people.
Night from the frown stretched out his hand and pushed devoted to thousands of feathers or want to break free from his arms.
Mo Qianyu clung to her life.
"Don’t move just hold for a while …"
Dark mute with a hint of imperceptible low gas night away from slightly stiff body will not move.
Those people outside also have Che Fengying and Mo Zheng, who are about to bend down and step on the carriage, consciously glanced at the dragon chariot not far away.
The wind rustled through the window curtain and raised a corner to see the inside.
Because the sky is dark and the line of sight inside the carriage is very unclear, but the outline of that light and shadow is …
What do you think? How do you look like a man hugging a woman?
Phoenix shadow ink pupil a folding of the original step on the carriage shaft foot suddenly slipped and the whole people planted.