"Then I’ll buy a ticket and you watch and buy some food."

July 11, 2024

Gao Gebi made an "ok" gesture, pulled the mask to the bridge of his nose and ran to buy popcorn.
There are few people in the dining area. When she comes back, Mu Yunze will line up in the team. He is surrounded by several girls back and forth, which makes his figure more and more magnificent.
Mu Yunze’s good-looking girl is the person next to the hexagram. Even if the sound is lowered, he can hear the other person talking about his good-looking face. Zhang Jun’s face becomes smelly.
Singing a little without the meaning of clearing up before, watching the excitement from a distance, Mu Yunze inadvertently looked back and saw her joking.
He squinted his eyes and suddenly came out of the team and went straight to the front of the team. He patted the first one. A gentle smile on a little girl’s shoulder immediately made the little girl lose her mind.
"Hello, miss, my wife is pregnant over there for a long time. There is no place to sit outside. Can you let me buy a ticket first and I will take her in to have a rest?"
Chapter 63 Mr. Mu, let’s dance.
The president’s adult is gentle and can’t stand singing. What’s worse, she’s a little girl she’s never met.
Good-looking and gentle, so close to your wife, so what if you cut in line? You are good-looking, and you are what you say.
So the president successfully cut in line, easily bought two movie tickets at the front, and came towards singing. His eyes showed a sense of pride and a little show off his charm.
Singing coolly, he said, "Is it worth showing off what you got from selling men’s colors?"
MuYunZe shape a stiff corners of the mouth take a smoke.
Singing loudly and getting out of here.
As luck would have it, after she entered the stadium with MuYunZe, she found that the girl sitting next to MuYunZe was the girl who had just asked MuYunZe to jump the queue to buy tickets.
The girl is about twenty years old, and the flower head is a little baby fat. It looks quite cute. When she sees Mu Yunze tired, she smiles and says hello. "What a coincidence!" She takes a glance and sings "Is this your wife?"
Mu Yunze doesn’t really like to communicate with strangers, but just now the other party helped him after all.
Who thinks this little girl is naturally engaged? She hasn’t been in tune since she sat up. After a while, she asked them how many years they had been married and what constellation they were.
MuYunZe falls between two stools should face expression has some indifference, but can’t reduce the girl’s enthusiasm.
Mu Yunze is also the first time to see such a poor eyesight. Later, the popularity of the community was out of breath. On the contrary, she didn’t have any meaning to sing this journey. Mrs. Mu was quite vocal.
Is she a little relieved?
"Do you think I talk a little too much?"
The girl said for a long time that Mu Yunze didn’t respond, took a sip of drink and moistened her voice before continuing, "I think you look familiar. Last year, our school invited a mechanical alumnus to give a lecture. The alumnus named Mu Yunze Senrui Technology CEO was famous, so I took a long look and felt that you looked like his wife or the entertainment circle. My favorite actress was old and beautiful …"
Speaking of which, the other party suddenly paused and slowly moved his eyes to sing. Thanks to the dark singing of the cinema light and wearing a mask, she didn’t see it clearly at first sight. When the light came, she planned to take a second look, Mu Yunze had already left with singing.
When the field light darkened again, there was no trace of them.
The little girl looked puzzled for a long time before she murmured, "How can people come to this grand theater with so much money to take their wives to see movies?"
It’s not kind to laugh when you come out of the theater to sing. Her smile is very real. The lines of laughter in the corners of her eyes overlap, her cheekbones are raised, and her eyes are full of smiles.
Mu Yunze flicked her forehead. "Are you just watching?"
"this!" Singing "Let you release hormones at will"
MuYunZe smiled and rubbed her head. "I don’t like it. I didn’t respond at all just now."
Gao Ge glanced at him coolly. "I’m calling the atmosphere to give you noodles. The instant noodles, keyboards and durian skins at home are all ready. Choose one for yourself."
"Can I change it?"
MuYunZe suddenly close to the lips almost stick to the singing earlobe.
She was sensitive and wanted to hide from MuYunZe, but she hooked her waist and wouldn’t let her move.
She clenched her fist and pretended to be calm. "What do you want to change?"
Mu Yunze’s lip angle evokes an evil radian and sticks to her earlobe. "You lie on the bed and I kneel on you."
Sing …
She suddenly felt a little white. Just now, the girl didn’t recognize anything. MuYunze was so cold that people collapsed. Now it’s just a handsome rogue uncle who recognized it in front of her!
Manager mu, are you cold?
Although I didn’t finish watching the film, both of them became very happy. When I passed a square, I didn’t know what was going on in the square. There was a music square in the speaker, and men and women danced and sang together. Suddenly, I grabbed Mu Yunze’s arm and said, "Stop the car! Stop the car!"
MuYunZe missed parked the car on the side of the road, just want to reprimand sing two words, the other party pushed the car door MuYunZe also don’t care, don’t chase the car quickly.
"Let’s go dancing"
Singing and shaking Mu Yunze’s wrist is a rare coquetry. "I haven’t danced with you well."
"Dance? Here? "
Mu Yunze screwed up his eyebrows and flatly refused "Do you want to jump? Let’s go home and jump."
"It’s boring to go home with more than two people. It’s this kind of place where there is atmosphere and no one knows us." Just dance one dance and then we’ll leave, husband ~ "
Singing is rarely coquetry. Once you sprinkle your jiao to MuYunZe, it’s hard to resist, but you can’t say anything on your lips. It took you a long time to say "just one"
Singing suddenly bent his eyes with laughter.
When she took MuYunZe near, she realized that this was a social dance held by several companies. Because it was an outside activity, there was no admission restriction. She bought a mask at the door and could enter the venue. She sang and picked two half-face painted masks, handed MuYunZe the black one and wore the gold one herself.
Her eyes were long and narrow, and after wearing a mask, they immediately looked charming and dazzling. Mu Yunze was accidentally provoked by a harsh eye, and the light dimmed. In Mu Yunze’s urging, he put a black knight mask on his face and took her hand into the field.
Outside the dance floor is a row of long tables and chairs with cut fruits on the surface. At this moment, everyone is resting, and there are already several young men and women sitting there.
There was soothing music and romance on the field, and the atmosphere was unexpectedly good with the lights flashing overhead.
Mu Yunze sang when he made an invitation gesture to her, and suddenly remembered the story that Mu Yunze told her about the mermaid princess during her escape from reality.