Interesting. It’s getting interesting …

June 8, 2024

Li Laoda and Wu Laoda felt a lot of pressure on their bodies until Master Zhou’s spell came into effect, but this spell was not divided between the enemy and the enemy. Everyone in the warehouse was affected. The other party was slow and in a trance. At the same time, the two bosses also had no way to escape, but the two bosses looked at each other and took out a white ball from their hands, each crushing a fragrant smell and pestering them around. They could not see the black fog and immediately retreated.
Just like this, the two bosses, the most important people in this respect, have crushed the spell of bringing their own balls, and their bodies have failed.
-You can tell at a glance that the two bosses are prepared. Maybe it’s poor boss Sun who is really being calculated.
Boss Sun does have a suspicion of being calculated. At this time, he still doesn’t know the hiding place. Maybe it depends on the situation, and he slipped away. Maybe he wants to sneak up on his two bosses. At this time, the situation has changed a lot, and several masters can kill these soft limbs and force Boss Sun’s hand.
Of course, at this time, there is no mercy. Just now, those people who are flustered have been shot and killed. They are struggling desperately out of nostalgia for their lives, but Master Zhou cursed them as if they were caught in a quagmire and got out of it, and they watched the slaughter happen.
Bloody flowers bloom before their eyes. Although the murderer will never be killed for a day, this retribution will come too soon.
Duan Muming now pays attention to Wu Laoda ‘an, but pays a little attention to Master Zhou’s performance in others’ theory of killing or slaughtering. He has no interest at all, and he is not boasting about these people. He doesn’t have to blow off his strength to kill people.
Suddenly, fat thought that he had made that prediction by Wu Yueer, and it was normal for him to be swallowed up by people. This kind of trap has always been the most vulnerable to foreign enemies.
"who will be that young man who can subdue them?" Duanmu Ming is expecting to know that the Three Tigers in Nancheng are not so easy to collect and kill, and they are still young people … unless they have extraordinary strength and charm!
However, this evening is doomed to be bloody and busy. When Duanmu Ming looked on coldly, a bad feeling suddenly appeared in his heart. Was it Wu Yueer or Sharla Cheung who had an accident?
Duan Muming immediately got serious and looked at the situation. Li and Wu occupied the wind, and soon they could wipe out the ambush, but the biggest threat was still hiding in the dark as if they had disappeared.
What should we do? Go back to rescue Wu Yueer or stay here to protect Wu Yueer’s father?
This question only flashed in Duan Muming’s mind. He immediately made a decision-Huiyuan Wu Yueer. If anything happens to Wu Yueer, everything will be meaningless now.
Duan Muming’s figure disappeared. In the silent night, he kept his eyes closed and silently recited the spell. Master Zhou suddenly opened his eyes and gave me a sly smile …
There was a loud bang, and some crumbling houses finally collapsed. There was a loud noise, and Fiona Fang echoed for miles, but no one came out to watch the fun.
-No one will be so stupid. This is a famous underworld. Everything that happens in Wu Laoda’s villa is normal and dangerous! Even the nearby police stations turn a blind eye to these gang fires. It’s not that these small police stations can manage their faces and have an ambiguous attitude. It’s very dangerous to rush out, not to mention that they might be unable to please or stay in the station safely.
Suddenly, two pieces of rubble moved in the ruins, and a figure pulled up the rubble and climbed out a little bit. It was a woman, but her messy hair was covered with dirt, and her clothes and noodles made this beautiful woman look like an African refugee, but she was not funny.
This woman who climbed out of the ruins is of course Mrs. Wu. Fortunately, it was dark next to her and no one saw her now. Otherwise, Mrs. Wu would be furious if she paid great attention to her appearance! But now look at this, Mrs. Wu has neglected her appearance for the time being, and there are more important things.
Mrs. Wu herself had a feeling of surviving, and she recognized that the big Tian Feixiong was brave and resourceful, but she didn’t expect the other side to be very clever. The silver knife was not just a general weapon, but a treasure, not only sharp but more important. It was engraved with a miniature circle that could make the other side weak and effective for all races.
However, Tian Feixiong, who seems to be a bit clumsy, is a hidden person who knows very well the power of this silver knife and avoids the inevitable situation in exchange for a fatal blow to his body.
Think of Tian Feixiong’s powerful punch. Mrs. Wu still feels some dull pain in her lower abdomen. At the most critical moment, she decisively gave up the weapon force in her hand and retreated. Although the punch was not solid, nearly half of it invaded Wu Fu’s body. She and the big Tian Feixiong are pure fighters without power. After the body was greatly damaged, there was no counterattack ability.
Although Tian Feixiong was injured with strong weakness, his hair was definitely not so fast. This moment was enough for him to kill Mrs. Wu several times.
It was Mrs. Wu who had already arranged the cause, Tian Feixiong, to get up the courage to rush over and try to kill her. She pressed the hidden secret button again, and after a violent shaking, her house finally collapsed. If it was not at the most dangerous moment, Mrs. Wu was unwilling to launch this last move.
The collapse of the three-story villa is not natural. Mrs. Xiao Wu has her own way out, but Tian Feixiong is not so lucky. Although he is superior in strength, his strength has been seriously eroded. It is doubtful whether he can escape.
This place can’t stay. Who knows if there will be another attack on the Wu family? It won’t be just this place. There is nothing important here. Mrs. Wu decided to move quickly. Of course, her daughter still has to find it first.
Just when Mrs. Wu just walked out of the ruins and took two breaths, a strange figure was flying rapidly in the distance at night, which surprised Mrs. Wu. This man was extremely fast and had a pair of rare wings. Although Mrs. Wu had also been exposed to some powers-her husband was-it was the first time that such a person had seen it.
People blink of an eye, and it’s a woman and a beautiful woman. A pair of purple wings and long purple hair make this woman look very rare.
I don’t know whether the bearer is an enemy or a friend. Mrs. Wu immediately became alert. Although she knew that the strength of the other party was much higher than hers, she didn’t expect that this woman didn’t even look at her. She made a tour of the ruins and then looked around to make sure that she flew away in one direction again. Mrs. Wu was greatly relieved and wondered who this woman was. What are you doing here? Lvses(;
Chapter 49 When it’s all over ()
Duanmu Ming is trying to speed up his speed, but although his strength has been promoted to the rank, the road ahead seems to be always far away and he can’t walk all the way. His speed is really not very fast
Worry in my heart is getting worse and worse. Duanmu Ming yelled at me, tearing my clothes, and my muscle strength soared to 3%. It’s already very fast. Now he is more like a gust of wind blowing across the silent street. Although this way of traveling is much faster, it consumes a lot. At this time, Duanmu Ming can’t care so much. There is an idea in his heart to get to Wu Yueer and Sharla Cheung as soon as possible
Wu Yueer’s family Duanmuming had been to the road he knew, but it was furtively looked at several times in the distance. This time, it was "daring" and he was still a few hundred meters away. Duanmuming saw it from a distance, and Wu Yueer’s family was in ruins. When he became nervous, a chill suddenly surged from the bottom of his heart and he woke up. More importantly, Duanmuming and Wu Yueer’s spiritual connection had not been broken, which said that Wu Yueer was not in danger for the time being.
Duanmu Ming took a deep breath and slowly slowed down his fast-running figure to look at it carefully near the ruins, huh? It seems that someone suddenly turned around and saw a figure flash by in a corner not far away.
Although the other party moves quickly, he can still see clearly that Wu Yueer’s mother is also his future mother-in-law-Mrs. Wu, but she is a little too miserable now, and she may be embarrassed to come out herself, and she certainly doesn’t know that she is hiding now. If she goes to meet her mother-in-law for the first time like this, the two sides will definitely be very embarrassed or pretend not to know anything. Anyway, she can find Sharla Cheung herself.
Gather together and be calm and calm. Duanmu Ming will get the spirit first, and get along with Zi Jilian because Duanmu Ming and Sharla Cheung have the longest intercourse times at most, not to mention the improved master-slave contract. Duanmu Ming must first make sure that Sharla Cheung’s position is not long, and he strongly feels that Duanmu Ming’s heart is not far away. He soon feels that Sharla Cheung’s position is about 1000 meters away from here and Wu Yueer’s breath is almost there. They should have met so Duanmu Ming is much more relieved.
With a jerk of his feet, Duanmu Ming disappeared like a shell, hiding in the dark in the distance. Mrs. Wu wait for a while looked at his feet and they were blown to pieces by the explosive force.
-What day is it today? Who are these people?
Looking for Wu Yueer and Sharla Cheung, two people, Duan Muming, quickly marched across a virtual shadow in the street. Don’t say that the quiet people in the street are busy now, and I am afraid no one will see that his actions are the most dazzling.
But how do these two chicks smell more and more going to remote places? These two little girls won’t be desperate to meet any powerful opponents. Think of the second turn. Sharla Cheung has a B-level median strength. If even she can’t cope with it, the other party should be close to or reach A-level strength. But if there is such a strong power, the distance is not far. Duanmu Ming should have felt it, so they will never meet people whose absolute strength exceeds that of Sharla Cheung.