However; Sunday was in a hurry to leave, but he didn’t know that his trip fell on the immortal emperor’s eye, but it attracted the misunderstanding of the other party, but he didn’t consciously situation on Sunday. The immortal emperor was scared to death.

June 9, 2024

If Sunday doesn’t care too much about the previous misunderstanding, although Sunday will leave, it can be said in general; Sunday will stay in this celestial world for a while, and he will follow the rules of the celestial world. After he has that misunderstanding, the celestial world needs to give him some’ benefits’; Then the two sides also revealed today’s incident.
And now this performance on Sunday; Obviously, I don’t intend to pick up the benefits handed over by the other party, so that; The situation will naturally have some changes.
Under what circumstances does Zhou Tiancai not want to take advantage of the celestial world? If it weren’t for Zhou Tiangen, he wouldn’t want peace talks, and if it were; That is for the immortal emperor; Naturally, it is a situation that can’t be worse.
If you want to talk to Zhou Tianken; Don’t say to appease Sunday, don’t say that they are absolutely going to have such a massive hemorrhage in the celestial world, don’t say that being directly packed and taken away by Sunday will not make the immortal emperor better than the original encounter such a thing; The immortal emperor should be very depressed.
But now; The immortal emperor is willing to take more benefits from him on Sunday. If Zhou Tianken takes benefits from him, then he says that he has a heart-to-heart talk and wants to talk to him on Sunday, so everything is easy to say. No matter how big the price is, he is willing to talk to him on Sunday. That is definitely a bad news for him.
Explain that when the army is under pressure; Whether he can sit still, the immortal emperor can talk to him when the time comes, and the price he needs to pay to help people intercede and explain the fire is definitely more than what the immortal emperor needs to appease on Sunday.
Institute; If you are willing to talk on Sunday, the immortal emperor is naturally willing, but since he is unwilling to talk on Sunday, then in this way; That immortal emperor will inevitably have to face the worst.
Kill Sunday
That idea is not unheard of by the immortal emperor; Just when the idea arose; The immortal emperor also directly and unceremoniously dismissed the idea.
If it is an ordinary person; The immortal emperor naturally doesn’t mind if he wants to die on Sunday. Even if the background is sky-high on Sunday, anyway, the immortal who knows this today is his hand. Then he will send some people with tight mouths to die and then move some fairy words. It is enough to hide this matter.
But Sunday is a’ saint disciple’ according to Sunday’s identity; His methods are available to the general sects, but they can’t root out anything for the saints. If you don’t talk about his roots, you can’t be sure that you can deal with Sunday. Then you say that Zhou Tianzhen is not his opponent. After he defeated Sunday; It is estimated that it is impossible to hide this matter from the past. When the time comes, don’t say what kind of revenge they will have after being known by saints afterwards, just say that they will deal with Sunday. Estimated that it is already possible to give up your life because of the saint’s hand.
Can’t be rough on Sunday; At the same time, if you don’t appease Sunday’s words, you will lose your life. The immortal emperor was depressed and almost didn’t spit out blood.
There is no way; It depends on the eye condition; Today, even if he humiliated his immortal emperor, he didn’t want to make Zhou Zai calm down, compared with his immortal emperor position; If you lose anything in your face, you will lose it.
"Big Fairy Stay" is very dull in all immortals’ eyes on Sunday. Since the immortal emperor directly threw himself in front of Sunday and hugged Sunday’s big uǐ, "Little Fairy didn’t mean to offend you, old man. Can’t you give Little Fairy a chance to atone? If you are willing to calm down, whatever the conditions are, don’t worry about me. "
Before looking at it, there was a domineering immortal emperor; All of a sudden, Sun threw himself in front of his face and held his big u to blackmail him himself. Sunday is a little calm.
To be honest; Sunday just wants to leave some other ideas; I really didn’t think about it on Sunday, but I didn’t think about it on Sunday; I just want to get away from this celestial world, but I don’t want to do this. Since it will scare the immortal emperor into an eye, this situation is that Sunday, in addition to feeling that it is such a big ulterior motive, it also raised a trace of greed at that time.
Sunday has; It can be said that if things can be cultivated; How much is needed on Sunday, whether it is the spirit root or the fairy beast, it can be mass-produced if necessary on Sunday. Say Sunday is Pangu’s richest man.
Logically speaking; Depending on Sunday’s worth, it’s not worth extorting anything from him just by looking at this fairy wealth root. Now that the immortal emperor’s eyes have already said such a thing, what can he say on Sunday? If you are not as good as the other party’s mind, blackmail the other party; On Sunday, I feel that the immortal emperor is afraid that he will not set his mind at ease. For the immortal emperor, he is too lazy to take care of it on Sunday anyway. The advantage of sending the door is that there is no reason to push it out.
That’s it; After listening to the words of the immortal emperor, Sunday pretended to be reluctant and sighed. Only then did he say to the immortal emperor in a Nai tone, "I want to go back to the celestial world early. Now it seems that the immortal emperor has misunderstood you. I am learning to plant spiritual roots recently. Do you have any good spiritual roots here?"
Although Sunday didn’t ask for it, the immortal emperor didn’t know the meaning of Sunday’s words. Immediately and at that time also responded.
Today is destined to be the fairy world, and those immortals are destined to have a vision. They usually look like majestic immortals; It is enough to surprise them by acting like that before, and there is no defeat yet; Since he still begged the other party to blackmail him, he listened to the other party asking for Linggen. At that time, all the immortals took a deep breath and were scared by the lion’s big mouth performance on Sunday.
What is Linggen? The celestial world may only be regarded as a rare object except Hundun Linggen; Generally, there are some strengths and forces, but that’s in the celestial world, and it’s in their fairy world. This kind of thing can’t be said that there is no such thing as spiritual roots, but it’s so precious; But it is definitely not what those celestial immortals can imagine.
Emperor Zhou Tianxian will behave like that; There are not many people in the celestial world who can see through this. Those immortals naturally don’t understand the immortal emperor’s performance. Now that the immortal emperor has made such a blackmail performance on Sunday, it has already made those immortals unhappy. Look at Sunday, since they ask for their celestial beings, there are not many spiritual roots. Those immortals immediately quit at that time.
Linggen is for the eye, a fairy in the celestial world; That’s definitely the spirit roots of Zhenjiebao. Not only can it help many immortals to upgrade and repair every year, but it can also increase the concentration of fairy gas in the fairy world. In the eyes of ordinary immortals; That’s not the average size.
A rude remark; Although things don’t belong to them, many immortals in the celestial world regard those spirit roots as their penis. When they hear that Sunday is like the fairy emperor pleasing those spirit roots, they immediately cast their murderous eyes on Sunday.
However; In those immortal hearts, they did not recognize that the immortal emperor would agree to hand over the spiritual root to Sunday; After listening to Sunday’s words; Not many immortals spoke much at that time.
Yes; The immortal emperor’s reaction surprised them. After listening to Sunday’s request for the most precious spiritual root in the celestial world, the immortal emperor replied to Sunday "Yes, yes, yes" without hesitation, since he was not angry and cheerful. Although I am a far cry from the wealth of the fairyland, there are so many trees in Linggen. Since Daxian needs them, just take them away. "
"Please think twice; Spirit root to me … "
"Shut up" when the immortal emperor heard that Zhou Tianken would accept his things; At that time, I was overjoyed that I would be willing to expose this matter on Sunday. No matter how costly it is, the immortal imperial city is willing to accept the fact that things will pass now. Since there are still people who dare to jump out to cause trouble, the immortal emperor naturally won’t be polite and direct. At that time, he rudely gave back the immortal who wanted to speak out to discourage him.
Although in front of Sunday; The immortal emperor acted as if he were so miserable, but that was because the immortal emperor mistakenly explained his brother on Sunday. If there was not a saint leader in the explanation, the immortal emperor would not have had the eyes to behave like this, but he would not have been so polite to those immortals in the celestial world.
Speaking of it; The immortal emperor is in the celestial world; That is definitely a general situation of a tripod character; No matter what kind of order the immortal emperor took, few immortals dared to come out and play the devil’s advocate. Now it is because the immortal emperor behaved so abnormally that some immortals came out at this time and tried to dissuade him. At that time, all immortals were almost clear because of one sentence. The immortal emperor has made up his mind to please Sunday, the’ explaining and teaching brother’; In such a situation, other people who don’t know its origin are afraid to say anything more.
“; You go to dig the flat peach tree in my backyard to please Sunday; Dispel Zhou Tianxin’s dissatisfaction with it, but the immortal emperor is bloody and even ready to take out his closet baby directly.
The name of the flat peach tree is from the journey to the west to the earth sphere and the earth fairy world; Although there will be no The Journey to the West, there is a congenital spirit root and a flat peach tree, but all creatures in the celestial world have an impression
Do you want to remember that the flat peach tree is not good for the celestial heaven, but every once in a while, you will have a flat peach party, which not only attracts all the small forces, but also borrows the flat peach; Many Hun monks were brought into the Heaven camp. Although the flat peach tree has no fighting ability, it is important. That’s definitely not weaker than the gods list.
Although it is different from ginseng fruit trees, it is generally the only innate spiritual root, but the flat peach tree is also quite precious. Except for luàn, who was pounded there by Sun Dasheng before the westward journey, the heaven usually guards those flat peach trees as closely as possible, not to mention that it has flowed out. Unless it is a strong person in the sacred land, even the pick Jin Xian can’t get close to the flat peach tree.
The reason why the immortal emperor can get a flat peach tree is because he belongs to the celestial heaven organization, which can be regarded as the confidant of the celestial emperor, that is, seeing that his hand has nothing to take, the celestial emperor gave him a flat peach tree that has been ripe for three thousand years.
At ordinary times, the immortal emperor almost regards the flat peach tree as a penis to care for ordinary people, not to mention moving; Even if you hurt a leaf, you will be severely punished, that is, because Sunday is a high-ranking disciple; The fairy emperor wanted to think about what he could get to impress Sunday because of the flat peach tree. Otherwise, he made this arrangement. It’s really impossible for the immortal emperor to give away his baby.
The original immortal emperor just mistook Sunday’s identity and regarded Sunday as the reason for explaining his younger brother. Only in this way can he recognize that Sunday has seen many good things, and it is difficult for ordinary things to enter Sunday’s eye, thinking about giving his baby flat peach tree to Sunday.
Actual; The immortal emperor didn’t know that he could get some benefits at will; Even if he didn’t take advantage of Sunday, he wouldn’t be willing to let him go. Sunday is unlikely to bother him again. It’s purely there to send something to Sunday.
On Sunday, I don’t want to; It’s that he got such a big benefit directly since he took the risk of identity recognition. On Sunday, he can’t even care about the danger represented by this matter, but he can get the benefit by focusing on this matter.