This is not big news. Then what is big news?

June 10, 2024

Just one day later, Real Madrid announced that head coach Benitez was leaving.
In the press release, Real Madrid thanked Benitez for his hard work in the team for more than two seasons and wished him good luck.
However, such formulaic warmth cannot hide the cruelty of the workplace.
Benitez was also the champion coach, and he was dismissed after less than two and a half seasons at Real Madrid.
The position of Real Madrid head coach is really difficult to do.
There are also some media who are dissatisfied with Real Madrid’s dismissal of Benitez. They think that even if the current situation allows Changsheng to coach, it may not guarantee that Real Madrid will avoid being the biggest joke from qualifying for the group, and no one will take over the hot potato of Real Madrid at this time.
Because everyone knows how bad the situation faced by Real Madrid is, it is too difficult to lead Real Madrid out of this death group, because their opponents are Chang Sheng, Lazio Chang Sheng and Real Madrid, but they are bitter enemies. How can he give up such a good opportunity?
At this time, coaching Real Madrid, once Real Madrid fails to qualify for the group, it is equivalent to forever engraving his name on the historical shame column of Real Madrid Club!
Who wants to do such a stupid thing?
Chapter 53 Winning the opponent
Facts have proved that we should never underestimate the huge and complex population of human beings.
The so-called Linda has a large population of birds, and naturally everyone has it.
There are people who are not afraid of death and feel good about themselves.
Although Benitez said with relief at the farewell press conference of Real Madrid, "I can finally say goodbye to my closest partner-‘pressure’ in the past two and a half years."
There are still people who have sharpened their heads and hope to become real Madrid coach.
Boas is such a person.
With many years of successful coaching experience in the middle reaches of the Premier League, he finally became the new head coach of Real Madrid.
But florentino didn’t really believe that he gave him a temporary contract for half a year.
Whether Yu renewed his contract into a formal contract depends on his performance in boas.
If Real Madrid can rejuvenate and upgrade in boas, it is not difficult to give boas a new contract, even if it is a five-year contract.
Now this half season is a trial period for boas.
Boas signed the trial contract and even resigned voluntarily, leaving Manchester City, the Premier League team that has coached for three seasons.
Fully reflect that social status of Real Madrid in European football.
Otherwise, how can someone say that "a player can join Real Madrid once in a lifetime"?
Otherwise, how can someone say that "few players can say no to the call of Real Madrid"?
This is the best explanation for the influence and attraction of Real Madrid.
Boas quit his job and accepted this somewhat harsh temporary contract, which looked very grovelling.
But others don’t feel this way.
On his first day as head coach of Real Madrid, he proudly said at the press conference, "I know what I am. It is very difficult, but I am confident because I have had such an experience."
Boas said that it is to beat Lazio.
He is not lying, but he has such a manager. When he coached Premier League team Manchester City, he beat Lazio 21 at home in the group stage two seasons ago in 21922.
Because it has just happened, it has only been two seasons, and it has not expired yet, so boas seems very confident and complacent.
He thinks that since he can lead a team to beat Lazio in a team like Manchester City, why not come to Real Madrid, which is stronger?
What about the away game?
I boas have such confidence!
After that, he held up the white jersey of Real Madrid and smiled in front of many reporters to show them taking pictures.
The next day, the two major media in Madali, Spain, Marca and AS, both published photos of boas in a prominent position.
Marca is a photo of boas holding a Real Madrid jersey and smiling.
The AS newspaper is a photo of boas when answering a reporter’s question.
The two photos are not the same, but they are very similar-both photos are full of confidence and confidence.
"Marca" newspaper commented that "boas’s confidence may be exactly what Real Madrid needs now, rebuilding the team’s confidence and recalling the dignity of the giants. This is the first step for Real Madrid to rise again. We look forward to boas and we will bring a new Real Madrid!"